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Iraqi Kurds’ Unwillingness To Negotiate With Baghdad, Indicates They Are Banking on Foreign Support

Statements coming from the Kurdish regime in Northern Iraq, which appear to reject recent overtures made by Iraq to negotiate a restoration of the automatons status quo in Kurdish regions in North Iraq, indicate that the Kurds are not acting alone in their provocations against Baghdad. The following statements were Tweeted from Kurdish leaders in […]

America’s Shadow War In Africa – Editorial

America’s little-known war on terrorists in Africa is becoming more perilous as the U.S. deploys growing numbers of troops to the continent’s most lawless regions, including the part of Niger where four special operations soldiers died in an ambush last week. The escalation is occurring with little public debate — and, some military experts say, […]

Kurdistan Accuses Baghdad Of Planning Oil Field Seizure

Kurdistan authorities have accused the central Iraqi government of planning to seize oil fields in the autonomous region. Baghdad is amassing military power in two areas south of Kirkuk – the center of the oil-rich region that is formally part of Iraq but de facto controlled by the Kurdish government. The AFP separately quoted an […]

How the West is Trying to Recreate Myanmar’s Crisis in Thailand – Editorial

Media platforms either directly funded by the United States government or by their political proxies in Thailand, including US-funded Prachatai and Khao Sod English, have begun investing increasing amounts of energy into fueling a currently non-existent sectarian divide in Thai society. They are concentrating their efforts in promoting the activities of a small anti-Muslim movement […]

Kurds On High Alert As Iraqi Forces Mass Near Kirkuk

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) has deployed thousands of troops around the disputed oil city of Kirkuk for fear of an attack by Iraqi government army and militia, a senior official said. “Thousands of heavily armed peshmerga units are now completely in their positions around Kirkuk,” a top aide to KRG President Masoud Barzani posted […]

This Is What Americans Heard During The Mysterious Cuban Sonic Attacks, And Why Experts Don’t Buy It

Multiple neurologists and experts have told The Guardian that the mysterious “sonic attacks” upon US diplomats in Cuba are likely just a case of mass hysteria. The extensive Guardian report is based on research and interviews with top neurologists and medical experts explaining that the likeliest explanation for the strange and inexplicable symptoms reported by […]

Netanyahu Congratulates Trump for ‘Courageous Decision’ to Decertify Iran Nuclear Deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday congratulated U.S. President Donald Trump for his “courageous decision” not to recertify the nuclear deal with Iran. “He boldly confronted Iran’s terrorist regime,” Netanyahu said. “If the Iran deal is left unchanged, one thing is absolutely certain. In a few years’ time, the world’s foremost terrorist regime will have an […]

Iraqi, Peshmerga Forces In Standoff In Disputed Kirkuk

Thousands of Iraqi troops were locked in an armed standoff with Kurdish pehsmerga forces in the disputed oil-rich province of Kirkuk as Washington scrambled to avert fighting between its allies in the war against Daesh terrorist group. The peshmerga said Saturday that Baghdad had set a deadline for their forces to surrender positions they took […]

Gold Rush: Russia Stockpiling Bullion Like There’s no Tomorrow

The Central Bank of Russia has recently been buying bullion at an unprecedented pace. According to Argentine financial expert Gabriel Rubinstein, this policy is aimed at protecting the Russian economy in the event of crisis situations, including against dollar-related “manipulations” by the US. “Countries stockpile gold for strategic and defensive reasons; for instance, in case […]

Armenia: With EU Deal, Romancing Both Brussels and Moscow

Moscow appears angling to reinforce Armenia’s shaken commitment to the Russia-centric economic space, the Eurasian Economic Union, ahead of a key deal between Armenia and the European Union. On October 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin gathered together in Dushanbe with leaders from nine post-Soviet countries, including Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, to discuss goings-on in the […]

Blackwater Founder Asks For AG Probe On Obama ‘Unmasking’

At least one prominent person caught up in the Obama administration’s “unmasking” effort — American businessman Erik Prince — is calling on U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch a formal investigation into the Obama administration’s “incidental” surveillance of Americans who met with foreign officials. Prince told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive […]

Qatar Spent Nearly $5 Million on U.S. Influence Campaigns Following its Isolation by Saudi Coalition

Qatar has hired seven American lobbying firms and spent nearly $5 million on U.S. lobbying and media campaigns in an effort to fight its isolation by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, and others in June. The Saudi-led coalition began its economic and diplomatic boycott of Qatar on June 5 after the country’s […]

Dutch Privacy Regulator Says Windows 10 Breaks The Law

The lack of clear information about what Microsoft does with the data that Windows 10 collects prevents consumers from giving their informed consent, says the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA). As such, the regulator says that the operating system is breaking the law. To comply with the law, the DPA says that Microsoft needs to […]

Russia Wades into Saudi-Iran Rift – Editorial

The remark Wednesday by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and Presidential envoy for the Middle East Mikhail Bogdanov offering Moscow’s mediation for a rapprochement between Riyadh and Tehran comes within the week of the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz’s talks with President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin. Bogdanov was on a visit to Rabat and […]

Hacking A Power Grid In Three (Not-So-Easy) Steps

IN 2017, IT can sometimes seem like power grids are practically crawling with digital intruders. Over just the last four months, news has emerged that Russian hackers penetrated a nuclear power plant, that the same group may have had hands-on access to an American energy utility’s control systems, that another group of Kremlin hackers used […]