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Nato ‘Ready to Welcome’ Saudi Arabia and Oman

Nato is “ready” to welcome Saudi Arabia and Oman into its co-operation initiative with Gulf countries, according to a senior official. The initiative, launched at the military alliance’s 2004 summit in Istanbul, focuses on regional security co-operation in areas such as counter-terrorism and counter-proliferation. With the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar already members of the […]

Russia Plans $50 Billion Investment In Iran’s Oil, Gas Industry

Russia is getting ready to invest US$50 billion in Iran’s oil and gas industry as the two countries continue to seek closer ties, just as the United States is looking to cut as much Iranian crude oil exports from the market as possible. “Russia is ready to invest $50bn in Iran’s oil and gas sectors,” […]

School Of The Americas: Training Torturers & Secret Police For US-Backed Dictators Since 1946 – Editorial

For the past 69 years, many of the most notorious U.S.-backed South American dictators, along with their secret police and torturers, have learned their dark arts from a secretive American training facility. Located in Fort Benning, Georgia, the facility changed its name from “School of the Americas” to “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation” in […]

Greece Expels Russian Diplomats Who ‘Tried To Bribe Greek Officials’

In a rare moment of downturn in relations between Athens and Moscow, Greece has expelled two Russian diplomats and refused to accredit two more, reportedly for “undermining Greek national security”. Greece was not among nearly 30 countries that expelled or refused to accredit over 150 Russian diplomats in March, in an act of solidarity with […]

Taliban Closes 75 Schools In Logar, Set On Fire Two Others

Taliban has closed 75 schools in Logar province – 76 kilometers in south of Kabul – in reaction to government forces’ night raids in the volatile region. The Ministry of Education said the move has deprived tens of thousands of students from education. Some of the schools closed by the Taliban are located in Mohammad […]

Mountains Of Trash Piling Up On US Shores After China Stops Taking It

Mountains of trash have been collecting at US recycling facilities shores after China stopped accepting “contaminated” materials from facilities across the country. Last year, China accounted for over half of the scrap metal purchases exported by the United States, while for decades they have been buying up US recycling by the ship-full after US sorting […]

How Russia, China Use Nuclear Reactors To Win Global Influence

Russia and China are using nuclear power projects to build spheres of energy dependence, and the United States is unprepared to respond. In April, Turkey broke ground on its first nuclear power plant, which the government says will help meet the country’s rapidly growing demand for electricity and increase its energy independence. In reality, the […]

This Think Tank is Pushing Regime Change in Iran—and the White House is Listening – Editorial

The Trump administration is threatening America’s European allies with harsh sanctions—among them, exclusion from a principal component of the global financial system—should they decide to keep doing business with Iran. In early June, Sigal Mandelker, a previously obscure Justice Department and Homeland Security official now serving as acting deputy secretary of the Treasury Department, spoke […]

Rogue CBP Agent Decided To ‘Drain The Swamp’ By Tracking Down A Journalist To Sniff Out Her Sources

The DOJ has decided it can safely threaten First Amendment protections, so long as it’s done in the pursuit of leakers. The Trump Administration has leaked like no other, prompting AG Jeff Sessions to triple-up on former president Obama’s war on whistleblowers. Omelets/eggs broken, I suppose, if the end goal is dialing back leaks to […]

Attacks in Azerbaijan Raise Accusations of Islamist Extremism, Government Skullduggery

Two policemen have reportedly been killed in Azerbaijan’s second city, Ganja, following an assassination attempt several days earlier against the mayor. The government has blamed Islamic extremists for both the assassination attempt and what they called “riots” that led to the officers’ deaths, and have suggested that they were abetted by hostile foreign forces. But […]

Feature: Israeli Military Aims For Cyber Superiority Amid Big Data Age

We are on the cusp of great things,” Nurit Cohen Inger, new chief data officer for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua. Inger is tasked with forming a strategic plan for how big data will be utilized in the IDF and how to incorporate as much Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

Liberal Outside Spending On The Rise

Twice as many liberal groups have spent at least $100,000 this midterm cycle than four years ago. So far, 54 liberal groups have reported at least six-figure spending on expenses such as buying TV ads, mailing fliers and robocalling. In the 2014 midterms, only 28 groups identified as liberal had reached $100,000 in total spending […]

How Fintech is Turning China’s Cities Into Cashless Societies

In 2025, will Tencent be the biggest company in the world? Or will it be Alibaba? Tencent’s story, just like modern China’s, is one of superlatives and big numbers. Founded in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen in 1998, Tencent launched its first product, the QQ instant messaging service, a year later. QQ today has […]

North Korea Asked Israel For $1 Billion To Stop Giving Missile Technology To Iran

North Korea offered to stop selling missile technology to Iran and other enemies of Israel in exchange for $1 billion in cash from the Jewish state, according to former senior North Korean diplomat who has now defected. The account of the offer can be read in Password from the Third Floor, a book published earlier […]

By Exploiting and Mismanaging Public Pensions, Wall Street Has Cost Taxpayers $600 Billion Over Last Decade

In a frenzied bid for higher profits in the decade following the 2008 financial crisis, Wall Street pension fund managers have siphoned as much as $624 billion from Americans’ retirement savings—and, as a direct result, taxpayer coffers—through a vicious combination of high fees and foolish investment strategies, according to an analysis published Thursday by Yahoo […]