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Big City War: NATO Seeks Concepts For Waging Urban Conflict

NATO is asking outside contractors to pitch concepts on military operations in urban areas, admitting that the bloc’s forces are still unprepared for waging wars in big cities, including those lying close to the coast. The request, titled ‘Development of NATO Military Operations in Urban Environment Concept’, cites UN estimates which say that by 2035 […]

Confrontation Looms In A Polarized Pakistan

Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence Day amid rising political polarization as ruling and opposition political parties joust over the supremacy of parliament and proposed plans to curb the powers of the influential military and judiciary. The ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz, or PML(N), has been cast into disarray since its leader Prime Minister Nawaz […]

The Wrong Narrative in Charlottesville – Editorial

The political violence in Charlottesville yesterday was as predictable as it was futile. One person was killed and dozens badly injured, marking a new low in the political and cultural wars that are as heated as any time since in America since the 1960s. This relentless politicization of American culture has eroded goodwill and inflamed […]

Google And YouTube Have Created A Culture Of Censorship

YouTube has announced a new system to catch and flag what it calls “controversial religious and supremacist” videos hosted on the platform. The platform plans to hide these videos from wider audiences, and demonetize them to prevent their creators from earning revenue from YouTube. The move was met with widespread skepticism from YouTube content creators. […]

As Leak Probes Abound, Tillerson Promotes Diplomat Who Passed Classified Info To AIPAC

As the Trump administration widens its crackdown on unauthorized leaks to the press, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has promoted a diplomat who provided classified information to an influential pro-Israel lobbying organization that resulted in espionage charges. David Satterfield, a long time Middle East hand with extensive experience in the region, has been named acting […]

US-Led Airstrikes on Syria’s Raqqa Kill Dozens of Civilians In Three Days, Monitor Says

U.S.-led coalition airstrikes aimed at dislodging Daesh terrorist group from the Syrian city of Raqqa have cost the lives of 59 civilians in three days, a monitoring group said Thursday. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 21 children were among at least 59 civilians killed in the airstrikes since Monday, after more corpses were […]

Is The Trump Administration Censoring A New Book on Government Torture

Three years ago, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the summary of its torture report, replete with shocking details about the way the CIA once waged the war on terror. Yet it was only part of the story. Of the full 6,000-page report, only 525 pages were released to the public, and those were heavily redacted.

Turkey Warns Kurdish Leaders of Civil War Risk If They Proceed With Independence Referendum

Turkey warned Iraq’s Kurdish leaders on Wednesday of the risk of civil war if they proceed with plans to hold a referendum on independence. “In a country like Iraq, which has been through so many problems, a referendum on independence … God forbid, it could even bring it to civil war,” said Turkish foreign minister […]

Gazprom Boosts Natural Gas Exports To Turkey & Southern Europe

Gazprom has also reported extending of shipments across Europe. Exports of natural gas to Serbia were up 40.8 percent and Hungary 22.4 percent. Supplies to Greece rose by 13.2 percent, while shipments to Bulgaria were up 11.1 percent. Exports by Gazprom to non-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries have grown 12 percent in the year […]

Turkey Expands Influence In Kurdish Energy Sector

Over the past 12 years, Turkish energy companies have moved into the Kurdish energy sector at great pace in line with the sector’s rapid expansion under the semi-independent government in Erbil. Energy cooperation between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Turkish government is the single greatest factor for energy companies’ involvement in the region […]

Politicians Can’t Get Enough Energy Cronyism

Despite the breadth of the current political divide, it appears that there is at least one thing that all politicians can agree upon: energy sector cronyism. The only real dispute is over the preferred beneficiaries. Under President Barack Obama, green energy subsidies were given out like candy. The failure of solar panel company Solyndra is […]

Once Again, Rather Than Deleting Terrorist Propaganda, YouTube Deletes Evidence Of War Crimes

It really was just last week that we were discussing the problems of telling platforms like YouTube to remove videos concerning “violent extremism” because it’s often tough to tell the difference between videos that many people think are okay and ones that those same people think are not. But in that post, we also linked […]

France: Macron’s Africa Conundrum – Analysis

Africa will inevitably be central to Emmanuel Macron’s presidency, as has always been the case for French heads of state. But so far, the Elysée has had a rough start setting the scene for the new administration’s relationship with its former colonies. Macron’s most recent gaffe – his assertion that many of the challenges facing […]

Syria Open To Chemical Attack Investigation

The Syrian government will provide help for the international fact-finding mission tasked to probe chemical attack allegations in Syria, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said Wednesday. A fact-finding mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) will come to Syria in the next few days, Mekdad said during a press briefing. The […]

Journalists Fear For Safety As Netanyahu Ups War on Media

An Israeli posing as former Prime Minister Ehud Barak posted a recording of a phone call on his Facebook page in which he played a practical joke on the journalist Amnon Abramovich. In the Aug. 10 post, the impersonator, Yossi Vider, promised Abramovich a scoop in the form of a statement that Barak planned to […]