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Hundreds of CIA Email Accounts Deemed Permanent Records

In a significant expansion of intelligence record preservation, email from more than 426 Central Intelligence Agency email accounts will now be captured as permanent historical records. A plan to that effect was approved by the National Archives last week. In 2014, the CIA had said that it intended to preserve the emails of only 22 […]

Congress Puts US Military Sales to Turkey in Jeopardy

Congressional frustration with Turkey has reached a boiling point. After months of deferring to the Donald Trump administration and forgoing punitive measures for fear of worsening an already sour relationship with a NATO ally, lawmakers are taking matters into their own hands. House legislators last week attached a provision to a must-pass defense bill that […]

The Myth Of An Imminent Energy Transition

100 million. It’s a number that drowns comprehension; it’s more jelly beans than can fit in an average-sized swimming pool. Within a year, world oil consumption will top 100 million barrels of oil per day. Over the same time period, close to 100 million new piston-firing vehicles will be bought by petroleum-thirsty customers. I hate […]

With ‘Islamic State’ In Tatters, Al-Qaida Renews Call For Jihad

Al-Qaida’s leader has urged sympathizers to wage war against the US for opening an embassy in Jerusalem. Experts say the move is an attempt to capitalize on the demise of its main competitor, the “Islamic State.” President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “was clear and […]

Washington Talks Hit Sticky Patch as China and US Haggle

It appears to be going as smoothly as wading through treacle while pushing a wheelbarrow. In Washington, trade talks will resume after a fraught and tough opening session on Thursday. Key issues still need to be resolved, despite Beijing ‘abruptly terminating’ an anti-dumping investigation into sorghum imported from the United States. At least this was […]

Federal Overreach and American Foreign Policy Go Hand-In-Hand – Editorial

Apologists for the state often argue that criticism of the federal government must not encroach on national defense and foreign affairs. This is particularly true of Republicans, but Democrats are increasingly arguing in favor of a unitary presidency; especially as the Democrats and the GOP practically become one indistinguishable party. The bipartisan consensus claims the […]

Director of the National Security Agency: Who Is Paul Nakasone?

Paul Miki Nakasone, who has served in the Army for more than 30 years, was confirmed April 24, 2018, to be the head of the National Security Agency (NSA). A promotion to four-star general comes with the job. The NSA is responsible for gathering signals intelligence and decoding and coding information. It is the world’s […]

Military Drone Market Worth Over $13 Billion By 2024

The Military Drone Market will have a market value of more than USD 13 billion by 2024, with a fleet size exceeding 18 thousand units; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. The military drone market growth is credited to increasing investments in the drone technology by military and defense departments with […]

The City That Banned Bitcoin Mining – Video

On March 15th, 2018, the city of Plattsburgh in upstate New York issued an 18-month moratorium on cryptocurrency mining. Plattsburgh is part of a long-standing power agreement that gives the city an allotment of some of the cheapest electricity anywhere in the world, but a recent influx of cryptomining companies…

NATO Obtained Soviet Novichok Nerve Agents Through German Intelligence in 1990s

Some North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states obtained access to the Soviet Union’s so-called ‘Novichok’ nerve agents in the 1990s, through an informant recruited by German intelligence, according to reports. NATO countries refer to ‘Novichok-class’ nerve agents to describe a series of weaponized substances that were developed by the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia […]

US House Intelligence Committee Declares China ‘Pre-Eminent Threat To American Security & Values’

Having bitterly split along partisan lines in the probe over Russian influence and “meddling,” the House Intelligence Committee united in decrying the “pre-eminent threat” posed to the US by another rising power ‒ China. “China has only become emboldened and now may be the pre-eminent threat to American security, our economy and our values,” Committee […]

Spies Are Going After US Supply Chains, Intel Agencies Say

President Trump astounded many in Washington on Sunday by vowing to rescue ZTE, the Chinese manufacturer whose mobile phones are viewed as a security threat by the U.S. intelligence community. America’s own spies have been warning that China and other potential adversaries might seek to weaken U.S. security through the electronic goods and services it […]

Google’s March To The Business of War Must Be Stopped – Editorial

Should Google, a global company with intimate access to the lives of billions, use its technology to bolster one country’s military dominance? Should it use its state of the art artificial intelligence technologies, its best engineers, its cloud computing services, and the vast personal data that it collects to contribute to programs that advance the […]

Ukraine Charges Russian Journalist With Treason

A journalist with dual Russian-Ukrainian citizenship has been charged with treason in Ukraine. Authorities raided the offices of RIA Novosti the Russian state-run news agency. He is expected in court on Thursday. Moscow called Wednesday for the release of a Russian journalist detained in Ukraine for treason, and condemned Kiev authorities for what it said […]

How The World’s Oil Powers Will Seize The Iran Deal

Despite President Trump’s clear signals over the last month, his decision to leave the JCPOA nuclear deal has still managed to shock the market. It appears that the market, and most European politicians, didn’t believe that Washington would take the step to unilaterally leave the deal. In spite of intense European efforts to convince Washington […]