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Newsbud Special Announcement: The Weekly Russian Newspaper Monitor with Prof. Filip Kovacevic

In the new and original weekly show Russian Newspapers Monitor produced by Newsbud, Professor Filip Kovacevic rips through the U.S. mass media propaganda curtain of the New Cold War against Russia and examines what the Russian political elites are actually writing and reading on international affairs in their major newspapers. In an objective and impartial […]

Newsbud Welcomes Reporter and Producer Kurt Nimmo

In this brief update we talk with one of the newest additions to the Newsbud team Kurt Nimmo, we cover some of the exciting updates and a preview of things to come.

Journalists Quarantined At NBC HQ In New York City

Newsbud, along with journalists from around the world, showed up at NBC headquarters to confront NBC for their false reporting and to seek comments. Here is the summary footage from Newsbud’s Confront NBC Campaign filmed on August 4th 2016. Complete Unedited Footage Follow NewsBud on Twitter Confront NBC Campaign

Newsbud’s Call to Action: Join Us at NBC HQ in NYC to Demand Accountability & Ethical Journalism

Corbett Report: Crowdfunded Independent Media Newsbud Heads to New York to Confront NBC Over MSM Lies Newsbud & Supporters will Demand Public Explanation & Retraction from NBC on Scandalous False Reporting When:  Thursday, August 4, 20l6, at 12:00 p.m. (ET) Where: NBC World Headquarters, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 Who: Newsbud Team, All […]

Newsbud- Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run

Sibel Edmonds is joined by James Corbett and Spiro Skouras to discuss the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey. We touch-upon facts and elements that are currently being systematically blacked out by the establishment media, and analyze the main actors and agendas involved. From the CIA and Operation Gladio B to Mullah Gulen’s $20+ Billion […]

Exciting Updates & A Message from Peter B. Collins

Nineteen days to go, and we’re two-thirds of the way there! Thank you so much for your support and pledges. We’re getting close, but we still need your assistance. We will only receive funding for our project if we reach our goal of $150K by June 21. Please help by pledging whatever you can. We […]

A Message from Sibel Edmonds: Why Newsbud

Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently: An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy. A core function of media is to act as the public’s independent watchdog- to keep governments, businesses and other agenda-driven organizations in check. Yet, today, our media is owned and ruled by these very same entities- Mega […]

Newsbud: New Kickstarter Campaign

It’s the start of our new Kickstarter campaign. We have 45 days to raise $150,000, and we know we can do it with your help! Make a pledge, subscribe to Newsbud, put the word out. And please take action as soon as possible—the first few days of the campaign will be the most critical to […]

Newsbud is the Wrecking Ball Against Authoritarianism

Please do ‘Your’ share: Pledge and help us activate others to make Newsbud a reality.

Two FBI Whistleblowers Take on Unresolved Case of Suspicious Letters Targeting Oregon Sheriffs

Dr. Fred Whitehurst, the nation’s leading forensic expert, former Supervisory Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, and a whistleblower, joins FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on the highly questionable aspects of the suspicious letters targeting Oregon Sheriffs. After 7 months the case of suspicious letters sent to Oregon Sheriffs’ offices still remains unsolved. […]

Corbett Report: Pro-Constitution Sheriff Under Attack in Oregon

In 2013 Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer became one of the most visible of a score of sheriffs across the US who stood up against gun control measures proposed by the Obama administration. Last year he was hospitalized after receiving a letter containing a suspicious substance. This year he is under investigation as a potential […]

Sibel Edmonds on the Importance of Independent Media-Newsbud

Please make a pledge & help us put the word out- Together, we can! Help make Newsbud, a 100% people funded, independent, nonpartisan, online news source, a reality. We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please make a pledge and help us put the word […]

Newsbud Producer Pearse Redmond on: “Meeting the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew”

From underage prostitutes on Orgy Island to political royalty and the “Lolita Express,” the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold. Today Newsbud Team member Pearse Redmond joins us to give us the latest on the ongoing court cases surrounding the case that might still ensnare Epstein and his rich and powerful friends in an even […]

Newsbud Journalist Pepe Escobar on “Making Sense of the Syria “Ceasefire”

Please Do your share & support Newsbud- Journalism with Integrity! Stop the presses, everyone! The US and Russia have announced a ceasefire in Syria!…again. But this time it’s going to work. Except for that whole sticky question about who the ceasefire applies to and under what conditions. Confused? Today Pepe Escobar of joins us […]

NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters: Join Our Campaign for a 100% People Funded Media

Dear Friends & Supporters, We’re back! Your incredible support and generous pledges during our last Kickstarter campaign have encouraged us to try another time. Today is the day. It’s the first day of our new campaign, and we need you to help again. We have 45 days to raise $150,000, and we know we can […]