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Reports of Sangin’s Fall Are ‘Complete Fabrication,’ U.S. Military Insists

U.S. officials are disputing reports the Taliban have retaken a hotly contested region in the opium-rich Helmand valley, saying local security forces made a planned, deliberate withdrawal from the Sangin district center after months of heavy fighting left their facilities in ruins. “It is a complete fabrication,” Navy Capt. William Salvin, a spokesman for the […]

Is Tillerson Skipping NATO for Russia a Crisis? (No.) – Editorial

Is Tillerson committing treason skipping a NATO meeting for Russia? A diplomatic crisis? The end of the alliance? A favor to Putin? No. It’s just a scheduling decision. Senior government leaders are often called on to be in more than one place at a time. They make choices. Not everyone agrees with those choices. Sometimes […]

Whistleblower Says UK Police Worked With Hackers To Access Activists’ Email Accounts

Here come even more revelations of surveillance abuse by UK law enforcement. To date, various law enforcement agencies have been exposed as participating in very broad readings of very broadly-written anti-terrorism laws to spy on journalists and activists. The latest abuse detailed by The Guardian concerns the surveillance of activists by UK law enforcement on […]

Eurasia can find a way to get rid of the Dollar – Video

The most optimistic development on the world stage that I have seen in decades is what’s coming out of Eurasia, especially out of China and the Eurasian Economic Union, led by Russia and other countries, that is to build a grid… [READ MORE]

OPEC In Trouble As Saudis Becoming Weary Of “Free Riders”

From casual observation, one might be forgiven for referring to the OPEC production cut in place since November 2016 as the “Saudi production cut.” That’s because Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s leading producer and de facto leader, has reduced its crude production by the biggest margin, shouldering the bulk of the burden for the rest of OPEC […]

Exposing Shabby Intelligence – Editorial

There is a perception among some of the public and within the alternative media that America’s burgeoning national-security state is a monolith, a collective entity pursuing its own interests regardless of what is good for the country or its people. From both progressives and conservatives who mistrust the government, I often hear comments such as, […]

India Says US Sanctions Won’t Affect S-400 Deal With Russia

Indian Defense Minister has said there is no uncertainty involved in purchase of S-400 air defense systems from Russia since Moscow has been a long standing and trusted defense partner. New Delhi (Sputnik) – Defense Minister Arun Jaitley said this in parliament in his reply to a question on the S-400 deal following news reports. […]

Pakistan to Attend Moscow Moot on Afghanistan: FM

Pakistan will participate in the next month’s international conference on Afghanistan in Moscow, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday. Russia will hold the conference on April 14 that will be the third of its kind in five months. Russian Foreign Minister said this month that 12 countries, including the U.S. and four Central Asian states, […]

The Next Must-Watch TV Show Is Russia’s Version of ‘The Americans’

It’s 2017, and the new Cold War is in full swing. The West is winning, for now. U.S. sanctions have impoverished Russia. But the two sides are poised at a critical juncture. The Russians have come up with new technology to drill for gas that could send their economy skyrocketing again, putting the West on […]

Pentagon Worried About Chinese Investment in US Startups: Report

The Pentagon is worried about new American technology firms turning to Chinese companies for investment on potential military applications, The New York Times reported. Chinese firms are sending money to U.S. startups, include rocket engine manufacturers, companies that design sensors for autonomous naval ships and printers that make flexible screens that could be used in […]

Keeping the Myth and the Islamic State Alive – Editorial

Joint Syrian-Russian-Iranian operations against foreign-funded and armed militant groups across Syrian territory have incrementally dismantled and frustrated the fighting capacity of groups including the so-called Islamic State, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, and a myriad of other fronts coordinated and arrayed from abroad against Damascus. With the Russian intervention in late 2015, considerable air power was […]

Turkey Demands Answers From Russia After Soldiers Shot Dead Near Syria

Turkey summoned the acting Russian envoy Thursday after a Turkish soldier was shot dead by cross-border fire from a section of Kurdish-held Syria where Russian forces were present. Turkish troops reportedly responded to the fatal sniper fire by firing back into Syria’s northwestern region of Afrin, where Kurdish militants such as the People’s Protection Units […]

NYPD Filmed Occupy And BLM Protests Over 400 Times Without Authorization – Report

A Freedom of Information Act request has uncovered evidence that the New York City Police Department not only surveilled protests with recording devices, but was unable to prove they followed standard procedure in doing so. NYPD’s presence at various Occupy and Black Lives Matter protests has been contentious in some communities, even more so due […]

6 Russian Servicemen Killed in Shootout With Chechen Militants

If you want to understand why Russia sees extremism as a top national security threat, look no further: Six Russian servicemen have been killed and several more injured in a militant attack on a Russian National Guard base in the Chechen Republic. The incident took place near the Chechen village of Naurskaya, 70 kilometers north-west […]

Dynamics Of Russian Power In Moldova – Analysis

Is Russian influence in Moldova expanding or declining? The real picture is mixed. This article argues that over the last ten years Russian influence has ceased to be exclusive, forcing Russia to adjust to a new situation in which it is only one of several players. Yet, Moldova remains on the periphery of the Western […]