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NATO Warmongering at the Highest Pitch: Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s Recent Book & the 21st Century Colonialism

NATO: The dark god of death that every day brings the world closer to a nuclear apocalypse! Introduction: Rasmussen and Me On a warm spring evening in May 2014, when Anders Fogh Rasmussen, then secretary general of NATO, met in Podgorica with the top officials of the corrupt Montenegrin regime led by the prime minister […]

The Clash of Patriarchs: Kirill I, Bartholomew I & the Future of the Orthodox Church

Just a few months after he was enthroned as the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia in February 2009, Kirill I travelled to Istanbul to meet with Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the Ecumenical Patriarch, historically the “first among equals” in the Orthodox Church hierarchy. A mere six years older than Kirill, Bartholomew has held this […]

Why Did the Russian Spies Get a New Boss?

Russia in preparation of a much more hostile relations with the U.S. & NATO in the coming period The resounding victory of Putin-supported United Russia party in the September 18, 2016 parliamentary elections in which it won 343 out of 450 seats, helped greatly by the changes in the electoral system, will set the stage […]

The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part II – the U.S. Agents of Influence within the German Government

The Agents of the Anti-Russian U.S. “War Party” in Europe In the previous installment of my analysis of the leaked Montenegrin government files, I discussed the U.S. visit of Igor Lukšić, who was then the minister of foreign affairs of Montenegro, and his meetings with Victoria Nuland, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian […]

The Leaked Montenegrin Government Files: Part I- A Rift Within NATO Confirmed

In April 2015, Marko Milačić, a well-known Montenegrin journalist and then the director of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro, obtained a set of confidential Montenegrin government files focusing on the issues surrounding Montenegro’s membership in NATO.[i] While the leaking of these files caused quite a commotion within the corrupt Montenegrin ruling circles and was […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Living Dangerously: The Recent Arms Race in the Balkans

NATO expansion into East-Central Europe: The Proxy Re-Armament It is hardly a secret that the most vocal advocates of NATO expansion into East-Central Europe were the U.S. weapons manufacturers and their lobbyists. For instance, one of the founders of the U.S. Committee to Expand NATO, a non-profit advocacy organization, was Bruce Jackson, a vice president […]

Unfinished Business in the Balkans: Biden in Belgrade & Prishtina

Biden’s Balkan business is not only unfinished; it is unfinishable! From the very first days of the Obama administration, the vice president Joe Biden has taken over running the U.S. foreign policy agenda for the former Communist bloc in Europe. This self-appointed mandate applied not only to the ex-Soviet states, the best known cases being […]

Newsbud Exclusive- China & the Balkans Revisited

The U.S. & Chinese geopolitical agendas for the Balkans show the signs of likely future clashes In December 2014, I wrote an article on the intensification of the Chinese political and economic presence in the Balkans.[1] I discussed the Chinese relations with the Balkan states chronologically and underlined the importance of the annual “16+1” summits […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Putin in Slovenia: An Analysis

The Hidden Subtext Behind Putin’s Third Slovenia Visit Putin is no stranger to the ex-Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. In fact, in June 2001, when Slovenia was still neither an EU nor a NATO member state, it was chosen as a neutral meeting place for the first official meeting between him and the U.S. president George […]

The Russian “Hollywood”? The Orthodox Church as Instrument of Soft Power in the Balkans

The Christian church split in 1054 into the Western and Eastern branch. The Western branch with its center in Rome came to be known as the Catholic church (further splitting during the Protestant Reformation several centuries later). The Eastern branch with its center in Constantinople (Istanbul) was not able to maintain unity as long as […]

Newsbud-BFP Exclusive- What the CIA Sent Me About Its 1990s Foe Slobodan Milošević: The Gimmick of Declassification

What kinds of documents does the CIA have on world leaders? What do they involve and how detailed are they? Do the CIA assessments differ from the ones we are familiar with from the mass media? And if they do, in what respects? Are they more sober and less sensationalist? Are they free from ideological […]

Newsbud Exclusive-The Travels of NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg: An Analysis

An exposé on the expansionist agenda of NATO which shows no intention of slowing down! We travel to people and places important to us. If somebody looked at our travel itineraries over time, it would not be difficult to discover our priorities, our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and fears, the general pattern of how […]

The Alliance of Neutral States (ANS): Putin’s Anti-NATO Grand Design for the Balkans

Capitalizing on the popular dissatisfaction with the neoliberal Atlanticist political & economic status quo For about two decades, it appeared that the end of the Cold War in Europe left the Balkan states with no long-term geostrategic option except the so-called Euro-Atlantic integrations underwritten by the ideology known as Atlanticism. This option reached the peak […]

BFP Exclusive- What is Cooking in the Bosnian Pot? CIA Director’s Visit to the Balkans

The preparations for the new stage of the U.S.-Russia Cold War in S. Europe On April 21, 2016, under the cover of darkness, a U.S. military plane landed on Sarajevo international airport.[1] The mysterious guest was greeted by Osman Mehmedagić, the chief of the Bosnian intelligence agency – the Intelligence-Security Agency (OSA).[2] Mehmedagić was appointed […]

BFP Exclusive- Will the Next U.N. Secretary-General Come From the Balkans?

The Chinese support will be decisive if Türk is to prevail over the intelligence networks backing Bokova Seventy years ago, the organization of United Nations was officially founded in San Francisco, the city I live in at this time. A few days ago, I went to see the mural commemorating this event in the city’s […]