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Newsbud Exclusive- The Fed’s Supposed Balance Sheet Tightening: Few Options Left, Tight Rope Walking & Presumed ‘Creative Destruction’.

What will happen as the US Federal Reserve decides to pull away the domestic stimulus punch bowl? How capable are they to do so, considering true economic weaknesses in the system? Will their actions truly be for the good of the US and wider global economies, or is it all part of a much wider, […]

European Bank Failures: When Do They Go Globally Systemic, and Who Decides?

(USD 1 = .87 Euro) The 2007 – 2009 Financial Crisis was not a one-off historical event, and it was most certainly global in scope.  Yet the means deployed to quell and contain it by the world’s central and private banks, as well as their corresponding governments and other regulatory bodies, ultimately served to kick […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Latent Economic Risks Are High & Rising

A 372-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 seemed to only register a fractional blip on the concern map of many an analyst and government-compliant economist.  Volatility is present, sure, yet for the most part it was rendered innocuous structurally, being rather blamed on acute political concerns involving Donald […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Oil on Gold: The Demise of the Ponzi Petrodollar via a Sustainable Multi-Commodity Eastern Alternative

Much of the US dollar’s global hegemonic status as both perennial transnational reserve currency, most common means of value storage, means of exchange and even economic weapon, is based upon a nearly half-century old collusive political arrangement made between the Nixon administration and the Saudi Arabian government involving the necessary monetary means of pricing, trading, […]

Numerical Hat Tricks & Interventions: ‘Official’ government statistics vs. U.S. economic reality

The true state of the American economy in a post-2008 Financial Crisis world is not what it is depicted and sold as being by the U.S. Government and the sycophantic mainstream corporate financial press which remains mostly obedient to its dictations.  Credible statistics for such vital economic indicators as the “official” rates of unemployment, inflation […]

Newsbud Exclusive- NATO’s Currency War against Turkey: Comparative Resistance & Solutions

Turkey is being attacked by Anglo-American finance as punishment for Ankara’s perceived noncompliance with NATO’s geostrategic goals.  Despite Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), under President and once Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, running a successfully growing emerging markets economy for nearly a decade and a half while enduring multiple scares, Turkey’s economy is now […]