Newsbud Community Important Announcement- Back to Basics

Dear Newsbud Community Friends, This past June we finished our third year since our inception. In June 2016, with your support, my Boiling Frogs Post personal analysis-blog site expanded to a multimedia information portal with several geopolitical experts presenting in-depth weekly analyses. It was an exciting and ambitious ride. From producing documentary-formatted professional news and […]

The Latest Blinking Red Geopolitical Hot Spot Terrorism Indicators to Keep an Eye on … Now

This is Sibel Edmonds with Newsbud reporting on the ground from Turkey. This will be another quick video for those of you with a keen eye and critical mind for geopolitical indicators, games and warning signs. I am going to provide you with the most important 5 indicators telling me, as a geopolitical analyst with […]

Decoding the Art of Drinking Lion’s Milk- from Raki & Ouzo to Arak!

Sibel Edmonds introduces Turkey’s National Drink-Raki (aka Lion’s Milk!), and explains its similarities to Ouzo and Arak. From the right way of preparing and drinking this potent beverage to what type of mezes (tapas) to pair it up with for the ultimate experience: Decoding Raki! Come and join Sibel Edmonds in bridging the gap with […]

Proudly Serving A One-World Government- The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in England

Watch Episode Preview Full Video Now Open To All

Dash Spotlight: Dash Is Helping Solve Hyperinflation in Venezuela – Video

Venezuela’s economic crisis is infamous across the world. But could Dash Digital Cash be a solution to that problem?

Richie Allen Show: Journalist Claims Some Pro-Syrian Activists SPYING On Assad for Western Intelligence Agencies!

Richie Allen is joined by his guest Jamal Daoud, to discuss the situation in Syria. This is a must hear interview that delves deep into the so called ‘activists’ and ‘journalists’ who are operating inside Syria. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel ***Newsbud on Vimeo Show Notes  Richie Allen […]

Over 3,000 Google Employees Signed a Letter Demanding Google Leave the ‘Business of War’

This week over 3,000 Google employees—about 3 percent of the company—signed a letter to the company CEO Sundar Pichai demanding that Google end its contract with the Pentagon to develop AI systems for military drones. “We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” the letter reads. “Amid growing fears of biased […]

Russia Sentences Anti-Kremlin Campaigner Browder to Prison in Absentia

Moscow court on Friday sentenced anti-Kremlin campaigner William Browder in absentia to nine years in a penal colony after convicting him of deliberate bankruptcy. The U.S.-born British citizen has led a campaign in memory of his former employee Sergey Magnitsky, who went public with details of massive fraud by Russian state officials before dying in […]

Why Is The Media Promoting Antifa? – Editorial

Over the past week, the anarchist affiliation Antifa (“Anti-fascist”) has received widespread and favorable coverage in the establishment media. On August 18, the New York Times, the main newspaper voice for the Democratic Party, published a major front-page feature article, “Antifa Grows as Left-Wing Faction Set to, Literally, Fight the Far Right.” The piece, written […]

From CIA-KGB Spy Games To The New Fourth Reich America

The hottest stories from Newsbud.com in this weekly round up, plus a sneak peak of whats to come. Sign up today and join the community for access to exclusive content only available at Newsbud.com *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel

Kyrgyzstan: Showdown Deepens Between Government and Opposition

The crowd that gathered on Bishkek’s Ala-Too Square on February 27 was modest, belying the gravity of the latest political crisis gripping Kyrgyzstan. Some of the demonstrators waved the red flag of the opposition Ata-Meken party, led by Omurbek Tekebayev, who was detained by state security agents as he flew into the country over the […]

Israel Apologizes Over Embassy Staff’s Plot to “Take Down” Senior British Politicians

LONDON, Jan. 9 (Xinhua) — The Israeli embassy in Britain apologized for the mistakes made by one of its staff who had been caught on camera threatening to “take down” British senior politicians, local media reported Sunday. Shai Masot, the political officer at the Israeli embassy, was secretly filmed in an episode last year during […]

Montenegro Ready to Join NATO: Visiting NATO Official

BELGRADE, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) — Montenegro is ready to take responsibilities within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), visiting NATO deputy secretary general Rose Gottemoeller said in Montenegro on Thursday. According to the press release of the government, after meeting with Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, prior to the closing ceremony of the four-day 16th […]

Missing from Hillary Clinton’s Email: Saudis Worked with CIA to Create Terror

Hillary Clinton’s email to her current campaign manager John Podesta dated August 17, 2014 implicates Qatar and Saudi Arabia as the main “logistical and financial” supporters of the Islamic State. In the email, Clinton recommended the United States use its “diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and […]

Appeals Court Affirms NSA Surveillance Can Be Used To Investigate Domestic Criminal Suspects

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals confirms what’s already known about the NSA’s domestic surveillance: it’s not just for terrorism. The NSA collections — done in the FBI’s name — are supposed to only gather info related to international terrorism. But that requirement has been phased out. The NSA “tips” a certain amount of data […]