Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 110

Japan: Back to Empire? Japan has had quite a unique relationship with the United States, which helped spark the development of the Japanese empire in the 19th century, and the two large economic powers became major trading partners. Japan left a legacy of destruction and violence across much of Asia, creating fears and memories which […]

The West Marches East, Part 1: The U.S.-NATO Strategy to Isolate Russia

A little historical context to help elucidate the current clash of gangster states In early March of 2014, following Russia’s invasion of Crimea in Ukraine, the New York Times editorial board declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “stepped far outside the bounds of civilized behavior,” suggesting that Russia should be isolated politically and economically […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 109

Globalization’s ‘Game of Thrones’ In the popular television show – and the books it was based upon – we are witness to the internal politics, passions and power-plays of the main ruling dynasties of a fictional world, vying for power, going to war, conniving and controlling, killing and cooperating in a Machiavellian manner. The modern […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 108

Georgia: Prelude to Ukraine? In 2008, the small Eastern European nation of Georgia invaded the breakaway province of South Ossetia, bombing Russian peacekeeping forces in the process, and prompting a Russian military invasion of Georgia itself. This war was the result of years of US and NATO moves to the east, building relations and increasing […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 106

NATO, the IMF & the ‘New Imperial Age’ in Ukraine At the end of the Cold War, a ‘new world order’ was announced alongside declarations of ‘the end of history’. The United States – and with it, state-capitalist ‘democracy’ – reigned victorious over all other forms of social organization. The object, then, was to expand […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 105

Anarchy, Socialism and Free Markets In this rant of Empire, Power and People, I try to begin a discussion on the subject of anarchism: beginning with discussing some fundamental principles of anarchist thought in questioning and legitimacy of all power structures. From there, ideas of socialism and free market “libertarianism” are discussed and critiqued. If […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 102

Methods of Research for Financial Markets How does one go about researching and trying to understand the complexities of global financial markets and the economic and monetary order? Where does one even start? In this episode, I explain my research project – the People’s Book Project – and how I have been doing my research […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 101

Central Banks, Foreign Reserves & the Role of the U.S. Dollar There has been a great deal of commentary about the seemingly inevitable decline of the US dollar, and its replacement as the international reserve currency. This may be inevitable, in the sense that all through history, no single currency has remained as the central […]

Global Power Project: The Group of Thirty & the “Good Discussion” They’re Still Having

The Group of Thirty (or G-30) describes itself as “a private, nonprofit, international body composed of very senior representatives of the private and public sectors and academia,” which “aims to deepen understanding of international economic and financial issues, to explore the international repercussions of decisions taken in the public and private sectors, and to examine the choices […]

Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 99

Trading Away the Future This week, the 159 nations of the WTO are meeting in Bali to try to push through the long-stalled Doha Round of trade talks aimed at establishing a global trade agreement. Simultaneously, efforts are moving quickly ahead on two ‘mega-regional’ trade agreements: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – involving some 12 countries […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 98

The Future of Philanthropy Philanthropy – or more specifically philanthropic foundations – have had an enormous and largely unacknowledged position of influence in modern society, aimed largely at securing ‘social control’ (i.e., protecting the social hierarchy) through efforts of social engineering (i.e., promoting reform, policies, programs, ideologies and institutions aimed to adapt the existing system […]

World of Resistance Report- Part 1: The Global Awakening

The evolution of the long road to world revolution The world today is in the midst of the most monumental social, political and economic upheavals in human history – a state of continual protests, uprisings and what may be considered inevitable revolution on a global scale. Power that had been centralized for roughly 500 years […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 97

Consulting for Oligarchs What is a global consulting firm? What are the most influential firms, and what is it that they do? Consulting firms work for clients that include governments, banks, corporations, international organizations and think tanks. Taking the example of one such prominent institution – the Group of Thirty – we can see that […]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 96

Central Banking and the Madness of Markets What is the purpose of central banks? How do they function, whose interest do they serve? How have they evolved over the years? Commonly referred to as ‘lenders of last resort,’ they are now also known as ‘market makers of last resort,’ once subjected to the ‘fiscal dominance’ […]

The Debtor’s War: A Modern Greek Tragedy

Welcome to the Most Completely INSANE Point in Human History: The All-or-Nothing Early on Thursday, 7 November 2013, Greek riot police stormed the offices of Greece’s main public broadcaster, which had been under a five-month occupation by workers who opposed the government’s decision to shutdown the broadcaster, firing thousands and destroying a major cultural institution. […]