BFP Update: Our New Partners, Video-Podcast Shows & Exclusive Report-Analysis Series

BFP Welcomes SpyCulture’s Tom Secker, PorkinsPolicy’s Pearse Redmond & Journalist-Analyst Erik Moshe

We are entering an exciting new phase here at Boiling Frogs Post. I launched this website with a firm commitment to becoming a network of truly independent authors, analysts and producers to serve the community of critical-thinking irate minorities-those who we know we can depend on for moving towards needed changes; those who truly count: ‘You.’

We have been doing exactly that since our inception, and doing so slowly but with sure steps. Our website has evolved from a one-woman small forum to a multi-faceted network of stellar and independent authors, analysts and producers showcasing one-of-a-kind reports, podcast and video programs, editorial cartoons and analyses.

I am truly honored to announce and introduce our new partners and soon-to-begin reports and multimedia programs - which will be available exclusively to BFP member activists:

SpyCulture’s Tom Secker

I am sure many of you are familiar with author, analyst and filmmaker Tom Secker and his incredible research on macro topics ranging from Gladio to significant global false flag operations. Starting the first week in May, Tom will present his exclusive podcast series on highly significant topics and controversial issues ranging from conspiracy theories to the Deep State - all paired up with much needed history, examples and contexts. The title of Tom’s podcast series: Disinfowars. Here is a brief bio for Tom, which does not begin to encompass all his accomplishments.

Tom Secker- BFP Partner Producer & Host, Disinfowars
Tom Secker is a researcher, filmmaker and the author of Secrets, Spies and 7/7.  His work focuses on the intelligence services, particularly their roles in international terrorism and popular culture.  He is based in North Yorkshire, England.  Visit Tom’s website here.

Please welcome Tom, and stay tuned for his first podcast episode coming up the first week in May!

PorkinsPolicy’s Pearse Redmond

Pearse Redmond is another name and producer many of you are familiar with. Pearse has been producing some incredible podcast shows through his site, and we have published his latest discussion series with Tom Secker and me on Operation Gladio B and related topics here at Boiling Frogs Post. He is a rare talent who combines informed critical thinking with articulate and natural delivery (and a beautiful voice as well!).

Pearse will be joining Guillermo Jimenez and me as a partner producer and host for our coming BFP Roundtable Video Series. Just like Guillermo and me, Pearse is also pro spontaneous and interactive delivery. Meaning: just as with our new podcast series Probable Cause, we are going to invite and participate in your feedback, comments and questions posted under each video episode, and structure our following episode based on those comments and questions.

We have had several episodes experimenting with the Roundtable Video series, and now I think we are ready to make it a regular and permanent feature at BFP. The format and length will be pretty much the same. In addition to our trio we will be featuring rotating guests- including our BFP partners, contributing authors and others. However, after our initial experimentation I have decided to get out of the YouTube forums and make these episodes available to BFP activist members through BFP’s own streaming video server. Of course we will post very brief preview clips on our YouTube channel and homepage in order to provide a general overview of each episode, but the full show will be available only to our activist members and supporters @ Boiling Frogs Post.

Here is a brief bio for Pearse Redmond:

Pearse Redmond- BFP Partner Producer & Host, BFP Roundtable Video Series
Pearse Redmond is an alternative researcher and podcaster based in New York City.  He covers a wide variety of topics including geopolitics, terrorism, cults, and deep-state events.  He is the host of Porkins Policy Radio, and co-host of Porkins Great Game with Christoph Germann, as well as The CIA & Hollywood with Tom Secker.  Visit Pearse’s website here.

Let’s welcome Pearse to our BFP activist community. I am looking forward to our first Round Table episode!

Investigative Journalist & Analyst Erik Moshe

A few weeks ago I began communicating with writer, researcher and journalist Erik Moshe. Erik had been following our coverage of issues at BFP and realized the synergy between the areas/topics we cover and his areas of interest. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 2009-2013, and his areas of interest and research include world history, international conflicts and cover-ups.  Erik is currently working on his first multi-part series of research-analysis on the issue of Drones: the history of the drone, where the idea came from, and what it's foreshadowing for our future. Additionally he will be analyzing the issue of Drones from a psychological perspective: Perceptions related to the use of drones in today's society, why drones are revolting to us, why we oppose them, and much more.

I am looking forward to Erik’s part I of the series, which will published at BFP very soon, and will be available exclusively to our activist members.

Here is Erik’s bio:

BFP Partner Journalist & Analyst
Erik Moshe is BFP investigative journalist and analyst. He is an independent writer from Hollywood, Florida, and has worked as an editor of alternative news blog Media Monarchy and as an intern journalist with the History News Network. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 2009-2013. You can visit his site here.

Welcome to BFP Erik!

For those of you who have not read my recent comments under our latest episode of Probable Cause: I will be continuing our podcast series, however, for the next four months, due to my quarterly contract work and some travel (June-July), on average we will have a new episode every other week. I love our podcast series, especially our discussions related to each podcast. I would love nothing more than to be able to do this full-time, multiple times a week, including bonus episodes based on ‘current events & headlines.’ Unfortunately, we were not able to meet our subscription drive-campaign goal for the last quarter, so in order to make ends meet I had to sign up for another quarterly contract involving analyses-translations. Hopefully, one day soon, I will be able to quit my part-time job and focus solely on BFP. Well, that’s one of the items on my wish list. As you all know, another major item for BFP is to be able to enroll full-time investigative journalists to do major exposé work. I still have my hopes intact- together we shall get there; hopefully sooner rather than later. Until then 😉

BFP Updates- A Brand New Video Show, an Unusual Podcast Series & a Fiction in the Works

On Point with Charlie McGrath, Sibel Edmonds’ Podcast Show & a Novel to Take on the Establishment

Things may have appeared a bit quiet here at Boiling Frogs Post, but let me assure you, behind the scenes, things have been anything but quiet. I may sometimes complain about not having some needed mellow time, but then again, I am one of those people who cannot remain mellow or quiet for more than a few days (and that is max!). I don’t like things remaining static for any extended period of time. And that applies to Boiling Frogs Post. So, what has been happening lately behind the scenes? What kind of new things are about to happen?

First, let me start with our major announcement. I want to welcome a new BFP partner and his brand new weekly video show: On Point with Charlie McGrath. I have been following Charlie’s work for quite some time at his website Wide Awake News. I have been on his show, and have been one of his fans. He has been an activist for years. He is independent. He is a critical thinker. He is passionate and driven. His delivery style is unique-original. Okay, I believe we have established my status as his fan; right? I am proud to have him join us as a new partner. He will be producing a BFP exclusive weekly video series, On Point with Charlie McGrath, which will combine his commentaries, debates, featured guests and interviews. Our first episode next week will be aired via the BFP YouTube page, and it will be open to all. The following episodes will be available to our BFP Irate Minority Members via our website.

A couple of months ago I mentioned the possibility of a new BFP podcast series produced and hosted by me (The nervous me). With all your feedback and e-mails that idea and possibility was turned into a decision- despite my resistance and procrastination. I spent tons of time on various tutorials and forums that deal with the necessary ingredients for podcast production (I utterly dislike everything technology related which translates to resistance to learning speedily). We ordered the needed equipment- hardware and software, which began arriving this week. In the next couple of weeks we’ll be setting up and testing equipment, and I will be clarifying the format and style of my coming podcast series. I don’t want just the good old straight forward host and interviewee format. Why? Because: 1- I usually find those shows boring; really boring. 2- I don’t view myself in any way as a professional elegant host (it is not my cup of tea, and I’m not talented that way). 3- Guests who view themselves as utter experts and know-it-all irritate me big time … and a bunch of other reasons. I also want to stay away from a monologue style: Not my cup of tea either. So what is it going to be? Bold debates? Possible.  I guess we’ll experiment with a few styles, and let your feedback guide us. We should have our first episode in a couple of weeks. Please stay tuned.

Now my final semi announcement:  Are you ready? I don’t know if I am, but here we go. In late 2012 I began jotting down ideas for a possible fiction book as a follow up to my book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. That’s what I called it, jotting down ideas, because the idea of actually writing a fiction, a novel, was way too intimidating for me. I think to comfortably take on that task starts with viewing one’s self as a writer, an author. I never dared view myself as such. Call it self-consciousness. Call it timidity that comes with English being my third language. Call it whatever you wish- I just didn’t, and still don’t. Nevertheless the jotting down process turned into spending time on turning the jotted down ideas into actual sentences. Then, the sentences turned into many pages which in turn formed actual chapters … and before I knew I was looking at several hundred pages divided into a dozen or so chapters. Oh No! I was looking at something that resembled a manuscript for an actual book!

To make a long story short (-er), motivated by the truth, and encouraged by the volume of my manuscript’s content, I made it my goal to turn what had started as jotting down ideas into an actual book. With that came many sleepless nights of working; writing. Sleep has always been the first thing to go in my bewildering life: motherhood (the kind that involves dozens of extracurricular activities-soccer, karate, swimming, gymnastics, art … you name it), household, job-work … But, yes there is a positive but, I made it. I actually completed my draft book two months ago. I entrusted its editing with the only editor I trust, and put it in his hands. I regrouped with the all-star team from my previous book project for creating a cover design, proof reading, interior design, website design, etc. Now we are all looking at a book, a novel, that is on its way to you - by the middle of this coming fall (late October 2014). Don’t get me wrong- we still have a ways to go, but we are talking a complete and professional book, not some jotted down ideas;-)

This is what I mean by not letting things remain static. We have our new weekly video show ready to begin in 5 days or less. I will begin my first podcast episode in two weeks or so. And by this coming fall I will begin irritating the establishment with a brand new novel (aka fiction) produced and published by a non-establishment team and channels. And with that I want to thank all of you, our irate minority members, for all your support and solidarity.

# # # #

BFP Update- A Heads Up for the Next Four-Week Period

Time Zone Changes, Overnight Trains- Boats & Buffaloes!

Starting next week I will be traveling extensively for about four weeks. My coming trip involves some work, a couple of humanitarian projects, family, and possibly a few days of down time in between in SE Asia. What does this mean for our website?

No worries. I will be posting our podcast and video reports as always. You may notice a slight change in the posting time slots- due to the 10+ hours time difference, but other than that we’ll have our Podcast Shows and EyeOpener Video Reports weekly as always. On the other hand we won’t have extensive BFP Nightly News posts- at least for the first couple of weeks until I am in a place with a reliable internet connection where I can sit for several hours, research and prepare the most important daily developments. I will try to post ‘quickies’ as a heads up if I come across major developments while on the road (and in the air, and on the boats, and maybe even on a top of a water buffalo) ;-).

You can check out a few of my past and present trip-related projects in videos below (Warning: Graphic & Disturbing Images).

Thank you for being understanding and hope to see all of you here regularly as always during this four-week period starting March 20- ending April 17.

Sibel Edmonds

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Oregon-Beyond Portland

Classified Woman on Lew Rockwell Show-Transcript

oregonI’ve been meaning to write a long post to update you on my major life-change; however, I’ve been racing against time; nonstop-since July. Here is a brief update instead of waiting for a needed break to write a comprehensive update:

First, I want to thank all your well-wishes and warm welcomes from our Oregonian supporters. For some reason many have automatically assumed Portland as my new home city. Could it be my life-long big-city-girl status (Istanbul, Tehran, Baku, Washington DC …)? Most likely ‘Yes,’ but I am happily going to prove you wrong on that one.

I chose a tiny little city in Central Oregon as my new home. Hello Central Oregon! I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, dozens of lakes-rivers-creeks. I am lucky to not face anything that even slightly resembles the horrendous traffic (round the clock rush-hour) in the DC area. I love the laid- back and friendly attitude of people (no more nasty stressed-out big city people). And I am relieved by reasonable living expenses such as affordable housing. We have a nice library and many outdoor activities for children here. For a tiny little city this place has dozens of awesome coffeehouses (some of you know my absurd addiction to good espresso/coffee).To make the long story short: I am loving it up here. Do we have anyone from Central Oregon among our irate minority friends? If yes, please let me know. I haven’t explored the political landscape here. Not yet.

Now, the move. What a ride! We sold our house, all our furniture and ‘things’ except for pictures-books and a few sentimental items (mainly my daughter’s toys). We sold our car.  We were on the road for a few weeks. We got here, and had a hard time securing a short-term rental due to the high season for tourism. We lived in 3 different vacation rentals, two of which didn’t have land-line or reliable internet connections.  We found our long-term housing, got it, and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been frantically working on furnishing it (from furniture to linens, plates, cutleries … you name it! Again, to make this brief, by October 25 we should be in our new house, and almost settled with my PC back (my lap top is 7 years old and semi-functional), my land-line and reliable internet connection in place .. basically, I will be in a place that I can call ‘home.’ [Read more...]

BFP Announcement & Site Updates: “Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall”

New Weekly Podcast Series, BFP Members Discussion Forum & More!

Our website has been expanding, our readership and membership has been growing, and my to-do list and objectives for this site has been getting longer instead of getting shorter. Such is life ... or ambition … or being driven by all the obstacles and negatives rather than throwing in the towel in disgust … or maybe all of the above. 

EPPI want to welcome Andrew Gavin Marshall to our team of BFP partners. You are already familiar with Andrew. We have been publishing his hard-hitting, well-researched and effectively written articles and analyses. And we have received many comments from our readers asking for more of Andrew.  If you are new to our website check out his two most recent articles here and here. Well, starting this week Andrew will be producing an exclusive weekly podcast series for Boiling Frogs Post titled “Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall.” This one of a kind show will present facts and macro causes you won’t see elsewhere; at least not this way-this effectively. If you’ve read Andrew’s work, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, then you are in for a treat: tons of fuel to get that critical thinking process going. By the way, here is a brief background on Andrew: [Read more...]

Quick Update: Payoff for Jordan’s Syria-Front Generosity, AntiWar.Com Status, RT Today

jordanI am looking at a fully-packed schedule for today. Peter and I will be interviewing Pepe Escobar on Syria-Turkey-Jordan. I am scheduled for an interview-analysis session with Russia Today. I have several phone calls scheduled with my sources on the latest developments in Syria. And there are tons of topics/issues/cases I want to cover and talk about that have to wait until things calm down a bit … which almost never happens.

Let’s start with Jordan. Last week we broke the story on reported US-NATO troops and operations in Jordan- on the Jordanian-Syrian border. Follow-ups to our report were carried out by only a few select international news organizations. Pepe Escobar had an excellent article on that (see here).

Today I received this report on the generous financial aid granted to Jordan by the United States.

US to Provide Jordan with $660 Million in Aid in 2012

AMMAN, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- The United States will provide Jordan with 660 million U.S. dollars in 2012 as economic and military assistance, Jordan's ministry of planning and international cooperation said Tuesday…The U.S. assistance to Jordan from 2007 to 2011 reached 2.4 billion, according to the ministry.

You see, Jordan is fairly dependent on US generosity, aka military-financial aid. And as expected, that dependency tends to ‘color’ a lot of things. Come to think of it, almost every member of the so-called Arab League appears to have similar dependencies: US financial-military aid and support to maintain and sustain their regimes’ existence. Hello, you remember our atrocious Bahrain regime, no? Oh well, they too are part of this ‘Arab League.’ So basically, these dependent puppet dictator regimes are now in charge of determining Syria’s level of dictatorship and soon–to-come final destiny. Ironic, no? Okay, I’ll have more on this when I reach the ‘calm’ period…

antiwarNext, I want you to monitor the Antiwar.Com website for a while. This once-upon-a-time excellent website has been going through tremendous not so pretty changes. Coincidentally, these changes coincide with recent mysterious appearances of their donor angels. What I want you to look for and keep tabs on: [Read more...]