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Fundraising ThermometerOur extended subscription drive is going to end at the day tomorrow, Sunday, October 16. We needed 500 new subscribers for this quarter, and so far we have not made it. We need 132 additional subscribers to meet our objective, and to carry us through this year while keeping all our publications, including our exclusive video reports with James Corbett and our weekly podcast show with Peter B. Collins, open to all. As we have said repeatedly our aim is to produce top notch articles, analyses, political cartoons, podcast interview series and original investigative video reports, and be able to offer all these unmatched materials to everyone. Some may say ‘well, we don’t always get all we want.’ I say, ‘well, at least we give it a try; give it our best.’

I believe we have given it a try and our best. We will not quit trying. We will not stop. However, if we don’t meet our goal in the next 48 hours we will have to settle for less, and that ‘less’ means limiting the viewership of our podcast series and video reports. Anyone who has a problem with that should check our appeal to our readers-viewers-listeners during the last 6 weeks. It is on record. We have tried, and we are still trying. I also invite anyone to point to a website with this level of independent and quality information, one-of-a-kind video reports and in depth podcast interviews which operates without a single corporate ad, without a dime from the corporate-foundations, and without any attachment to agenda-driven political parties. You will not find one. Not a single one. Because it doesn’t exist, it cannot exist without the will, support, and contributions from ‘the people.’ And that’s why no one really gives it a try. We do. We are. How about you?

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Fundraising ThermometerThis is the final week of our Boiling Frogs Post subscription drive. As always I want to thank all our subscribers who believe in us; have faith in what we are doing, and have shown their support in action. We want to thank every single one of you who recognize, appreciate and support a true alternative without corporate or foundation ties.

A little over two years ago I started my blog thinking of it as a channel to publish my thoughts, analyses of and reactions to the sorry state of our nation: the absurdities of our declared and undeclared- covert and overt wars, waged in our name, under the guise of ‘security’ and ‘terror;’ the butchering of our liberties and once-upon-a-time previously recognized Constitutional rights under the pretense of ‘national security’ and ‘war on terror;’ the veil of secrecy and classification draping over almost all our government actions  to cover up the truth and erase all traces of ‘reason’ and any chance for ‘accountability.’  Most importantly, I wanted this channel to counter the media’s deceptions, distortions, and their role in furthering these assaults-domestically and internationally.

A little over two years ago I started that little blog with very humble expectations: writing an article or two per month, and doing a little bit of my share in a fight in need of millions.

In a little over two years that little blog grew. It became a home not only for my few articles, but other like-minded and passionate fighters who shared the urgency of ‘we the people’, trying to do something about the sorry state of our nation, and by default many other nations. We became partners; we became a team: Peter B. Collins, one of the greatest radio talk hosts in this country, but wait, one of the very few who has always remained independent, nonpartisan and ‘true;’ Paul Jamiol, who produces and expresses our causes in illustrations and drawings in many ways unmatched by thousands of words; James Corbett, by far the most amazing reporter and producer I’ve ever known in the field of investigative video reporting; and of course contributing authors and analysts such as expert authors Elizabeth Gould-Paul Fitzgerald, investigative reporter Joe Lauria, and analysts Bill Bergman and Linda Lewis.

We have come a long way. Today with this unmatched team and with more than 100,000 of you visiting our home of the irate minority we are becoming a voice to reckon with. Of course, we know we have a long way to go, and need many more thousands to expand and hopefully counter the ignorance plague. For that we need ‘You.’

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LAEOn September 21, 2011 we broke the story of two CIA analysts at the heart of a notorious failure in the run-up to 9/11who were also involved in the agency’s scandalous rendition and torture cases, and identified them by name. The mainstream media, from the Washington Post to the New Yorker, had been sitting on this story for years, and despite all their resources and in-house legal muscle had chosen to withhold this information from the American public. The popular pseudo alternative outlets have not dared to publish a word on this story, despite us taking the lead and the associated risks of exposing these mammoth government hit-men, and despite their millions of dollars from the corporate-foundations, Soros and the like. Boiling Frogs Post is that kind of an alternative.

We brought to our readers a sobering four-part series on U.S. Psychological Warfare, 9/11 & the American Narrative, written and presented to you by distinguished investigative authors Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald. In this series we dared to delve into the real history, context and facts long censored by mainstream authors and quasi alternatives alike. By doing this, once again we managed to ruffle some feathers, and kicked our daring content up another notch or two.

We dedicated an entire month to our podcast coverage of hard-hitting facts and proven cover-ups related to 9/11, and presented to you experts and analysts who have long been outcast by the mainstream media intimidated by naked truths. We dared their ‘marginalization tactics & threats’; they lost-our listeners won.

We have been producing and showcasing our one-of-a-kind video series on topics long-considered ‘no-no’ by the establishment and their tentacles. Our partner, James Corbett, has been delving into ‘hot-potato’ cases; from Afghanistan’s White Gold-Heroin, to the CIA-News Media joint operation and partnership. With documented facts on our side we have been sawing through their thick and crusty cover made of lies. Every day, with every single additional video viewer, we are expanding the number of those in the know, and shrinking the size of their reliable majority.

They want to continue to mislead and misinform Americans on Palestine related issues and developments-we counter that with facts presented by our distinguished and well-respected experts. They want to trick the public into trusting their tentacles in order to manufacture consent-we tear apart their web, wreck their mazes, and connect the dots back to their pockets.

Fundraising ThermometerThat’s who we are. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s exactly what we want to continue to be doing. That’s what Boiling Frogs Post is about. Do you like what you see here at Boiling Frogs Post? Do you want us to continue? Would you like to finally have a media outlet free of corporate ties, foundation strings, partisan alliances, and shady partnerships?

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I don’t want to downplay the positive side of this. We have 286 new subscribers who have committed to supporting Boiling Frogs Post. We have 286 new subscribers who believe in us; have faith in what we are doing, and have shown their support in action. We want to thank every single one of them.

Now, what are we going to do? We were hoping to reach our 500 new subscribers objective and offer every single post, podcast, and video report to everyone. But we didn’t make it. That leaves us with two options:

1-    Starting this Monday, October 3, provide our podcast interviews and videos only to Boiling Frogs Post Subscribers.

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As I have said repeatedly, we want to continue this, expand this website, yet make sure we reach as many people as possible, and offer everything to everyone, with all our materials/information/articles available to all. How is it possible to consolidate both objectives? How can we sustain this website’s operations, and remain open and available to all? Most importantly, how do we accomplish all this without a single penny from corporate ads, and without a single string attaching us to those charlatan corporate-foundations?

We all know the answer. There is only one way: your contribution, commitment and support by subscribing to Boiling Frogs Post. There is NO other way. We have to do this every quarter, and we have to expand our subscription base. For this quarter we needed 500 new subscribers. We need 200 additional subscribers to meet that objective. Per your requests and our team members’ input we are going to extend this quarter’s subscription drive by two weeks until Sunday, October 16. We have been doing our share. We want to continue to do so. Please do your share and give this real alternative a chance. Please support us by subscribing to Boiling Frogs Post. Thank You.

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Podcast Show #57

The Boiling Frogs Presents Kevin Fenton

BFP Podcast Logo

Author and researcher Kevin Fenton joins us to discuss the recent case involving the CIA’s withholding of the release of audio documentary “Who is Richard Blee?” and the extensive research and findings which have resulted in the unmasking of three former top CIA officials and their role in withholding intelligence on two key 9/11 hijackers and subsequent cover-ups. He details the findings on the two key CIA analysts who were instrumental in this cover up - who were recently identified and exposed as Alfreda Frances Bikowsky and Michael Anne Casey. Mr. Fenton discusses the CIA’s Alec Station, and questions the notion of incompetence versus intentional when it comes to the events leading to and making the terrorist attacks possible on 9/11.

Kevin Fenton is an independent researcher and the author of Disconnecting the Dots: How CIA and FBI Officials Helped Enable 9/11 and Evaded Government Investigations.

Here is our guest Kevin Fenton unplugged!

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BFP Breaking News: Confirmed Identity of the CIA Official behind 9/11, Rendition & Torture Cases is Revealed

Update 1: It was brought to our attention that the webmaster at had mistakenly scanned and posted the uncensored documents containing the names of the two CIA officers. Per their request we now are removing the second CIA officer’s name. Boiling Frogs Post had independently obtained and confirmed the first name: Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, but had included the second name, M. A. C., based on the uncensored documents posted by mistake at previously. Due to the government pressure on and threats to the producers Nowosielski-Duffy we were asked to remove the references to their site and previous post…At least for now. As you can see the mainstream media and pseudo alternatives (including Raw Story) have abided by their government masters and fund-ers, and have refused to pick up the story or support the producers-reporters or Boiling Frogs Post. We rely on ‘your’ support. The story is still developing-please stay tuned.

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky: The Current Director of the CIA Global Jihad Unit

BNBoiling Frogs Post has now confirmed the identity of the CIA analyst at the heart of a notorious failure in the run-up to the September 11th tragedy. Her name is Alfreda Frances Bikowsky and she is the current director of the CIA Jihad Unit. Through three credible sources and documents we have confirmed Ms. Bikowsky’s former titles and positions, including her start at the CIA as an analyst for the Soviet Desk, her position as one of the case officers at the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit-Alec Station, her central role and direct participation in the CIA’s rendition-torture and black sites operations, and her current position as director of the CIA’s Global Jihad Unit.

The producers Nowosielski and Duffy have now made both names available [link removed] at their website. They also identify the second CIA culprit as M. A. C. We have not been able to obtain confirmation by other sources on this person yet, but we are still working on it.

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky is the person described in New Yorker journalist Jane Mayer's book The Dark Side as having flown in to watch the waterboarding of terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammad without being assigned to do so. "Its not supposed to be entertainment," superiors were said to have told her.  She was also at the center of "the el-Masri incident,” in which an innocent German citizen was kidnapped by the CIA in 2003 and held under terrible conditions without charges for five months in a secret Afghan prison. The AP characterized it as "one of the biggest diplomatic embarrassments of the U.S. war on terrorism."

Both the previous and current administrations appear to have deemed Alfreda Frances Bikowsky’s direct involvement in intentional obstruction of justice, intentional cover up, lying to Congress, and overseeing rendition-kidnapping-torture practices as qualifying factors to have kept promoting her. She now leads the CIA’s Global Jihad Unit and is a close advisor to the President.

# # # #

*For more background check out the following links:

Boiling Frogs Breaking News: CIA Goes After Producers Nowosielski & Duffy

The Still Developing Story of the Recently Issued CIA Threats to Producers Nowosielski & Duffy

Podcast: The Boiling Frogs Presents Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy

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Boiling Frogs Exclusive: September 11th Advocates’ Statement on Recent Developments Involving 9/11, CIA & Richard Clarke

Punitive Actions Are Once Again Being Taken Against the Wrong People

PressForTruthIn Boiling Frogs Post’s recent interview with Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy, Sibel Edmonds questioned the timing of former Counter-Terrorism Czar, Richard Clarke’s willingness to speak out about alleged 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar, and the CIA’s knowledge of their whereabouts after the January 2000 Malaysia “terrorist summit.”  Sibel asked Ray and John, “why now?”  We would like to note that the interview with Clarke was actually recorded two years ago, in October 2009.  As such, the “why now” question should actually be posed to Ray and John.  The real questions for Clarke should be, “why then?”  Why then and not during his testimony before the 9/11 Commission, when it would have been meaningful to the Commission’s investigation?  In addition, in his October 2009 interview, Clarke revealed pertinent insight into information sharing at high levels, which would clearly counter the misleading findings of the 9/11 Commission regarding the “failures” of communications between the FBI and CIA.
It is extremely troubling to us that the former Counter-Terrorism Czar, for both the Clinton and Bush Junior Administrations, as well as chair of the Counter-Terrorism Security Group for Bush Senior (essentially working in an anti-terrorism related capacity since about 1992), took so long to speak out about why the CIA would intentionally fail to share such critically important information with the FBI.  If nothing else, he should have mentioned in his testimony before the 9/11 Commission in 2004 that information sharing was not a problem between intelligence agencies themselves or with the Executive Branch.  Clarke was clearly well aware of how he, and the FBI, received raw data from CIA sources and had to be keenly aware that the Commission was basing many of their recommendations on this misinformation.  Clarke did not bother to clear that up during his testimony or immediately afterwards.
This is just another glaring example of how the 9/11 Commission failed.  How could the Commission have been unaware of how information sharing was actually accomplished within the agencies and with the White House?  Did they fail to ask any appropriate questions to the key witnesses?  Why did they purposely choose to relegate the extremely important fact that the CIA intentionally withheld information from the FBI to a tiny footnote (Chapter 6, Footnote 44) in their final report?  Worse yet, according to the 9/11 Commission, they allegedly have never found out who in the CIA gave the order to keep the FBI out of the loop.  They had to know that this deliberate failure to share information could only be fixed by removing the individuals responsible and not be cured by a reorganization recommendation.  Despite logic, that is what they recommended.
Furthermore, we find it truly disturbing that Ray and John are potentially being legally challenged by the CIA for attempting to bring to light information that they reportedly were able to glean from open source material for their current project.  Instead of going after a minority of journalists who are doing their job of informing the public, we would prefer to see the unnamed agents held responsible for their past actions, which according to the official story, would have led to two American Airlines Flight 77 hijackers.  If the agents had merely used the information they had to stop, search and ultimately arrest al Hazmi and al Mihdhar, the 9/11 plot may have been foiled and almost 3,000 lives may have been saved.  We find it incredulous that these agents are still employed by the CIA.
To our dismay, punitive actions are once again being taken against the wrong people.

# # # #

September 11th Advocates:

Patty Casazza

Monica Gabrielle

Mindy Kleinberg

Lorie Van Aucken

*For more background check out the following links:

Boiling Frogs Breaking News: CIA Goes After Producers Nowosielski & Duffy 

The Still Developing Story of the Recently Issued CIA Threats to Producers Nowosielski & Duffy

Podcast: The Boiling Frogs Presents Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy

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The Still Developing Story of the Recently Issued CIA Threats to Producers Nowosielski & Duffy

CIA’s Maneuver: A Case of Bluffing? Buying Time? Or Something More?

ciaLast week we broke the story of the CIA issued legal threats against producers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy on their discovery of the identities of the two key CIA analysts who executed the Tenet-Black-Blee cover-up in the case of two key 9/11 hijackers. The analysts were referred to only by first names initially, but were going to be fully named in a follow up segment. It appears the story is still developing,  but we now have further details on the case, an analysis by an expert producer, and a few comments on assessing the nature and possible implication of this move by the CIA.

I asked Mr. Nowosielski how the CIA was informed about the schedule and the content of their upcoming segment, and he provided us with the following details:

We emailed CIA Public Affairs on Thursday morning telling them of our intention to name two current agents in our journalism piece and explained the context of their use -- the things they were accused of. We also explained that their names had been deduced through open-source materials and that our sources had told us they were working from headquarters.

As for the CIA’s reaction and response Mr. Nowosielski recounted the following:

Their media spokesperson called back almost immediately. After a brief discussion, we emailed him the script for official reply. We also requested an interview with the two to ensure that we were telling the full story accurately. The reply email began "This is off the record:" and then informed us that we may be violating federal law by including those two names. When we asked him to cite the law, we were told it was the Intelligence Identities Protection Act. This and follow up calls occurred on Thurs, Fri, and Sat, until we explained that we were not recognizing "off the record" in our official interactions with the Agency. We have heard nothing further since.

My own immediate response to the way in which CIA responded to the producers can be summed up in three questions:

1- Is this one of those fairly common cases where the government agency tries its ‘bluffing tactic’ to see whether that suffices to intimidate and stop the whistleblower or reporter in question?

Because the threat is issued by e-mail, and ludicrously, it starts off by stating ‘off the record.’ When confident and on solid ground the agencies come after the targets armed with official- legal letters or even court orders. In my days, in my own case as a government whistleblower, and later as the director of NSWBC dealing with many intelligence agencies whistleblowers and  also reporters, I have experienced the government agency ‘Bluffing Tactic’ more than a few times. For example, the FBI tried to stop my interview with CBS-60 Minutes and later attempted to stop the airing of the segment, but when challenged and invited to go ahead and take legal action, they changed their mind; they went away.

2- Is this an attempt by the CIA to buy needed time to take further action against the producers through the Department of Justice?

One thing I know is that government bureaucracy takes time. It takes time to get ‘things done’ when it comes to the government. In this case, the CIA would have to bring and make the case to the Justice Department. The DOJ then would have  to go through its own bureaucracy and reviews to decide whether it could turn this into a legal action via the courts. Thus, this could possibly be a case of the CIA trying to buy more time to translate its ludicrous ‘off the record’ threat issued by a casual e-mail into a real threat with some teeth. If so, wouldn’t that mean a window of opportunity for the producers to release the information? Or not?

3- What are the real legal liabilities facing the Producers, since the names of the two culprit CIA analysts are already out in public records? Further, with other sources in addition to the public records ‘outing’ the names of the analysts who happen to be involved in possible criminal actions, what level of threat are the producers faced with?

Again, based on my own experience and the experiences of many government intelligence agencies whistleblowers, the CIA would have to first classify the already public information-documents out there revealing the identities of the two CIA analysts; classification after the fact. Next, they would have to legally pursue the other involved sources who have either confirmed or released those names. The CIA hasn’t done that. At least not yet. And what does this mean? Does it mean the producers still have the burden of abiding by the casually issued ‘off the record’ e-mail by the CIA? Or not?

BorjessonWe are still waiting for further analysis by our legal experts and other intelligence sources. Meanwhile I asked our media advisor Kristina Borjesson to give us her take and expert analysis on this case. Internationally acclaimed for her work, Ms. Borjesson has produced for major American and European television networks and published two groundbreaking books on problems of the U.S. press: Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press and Feet to the Fire: the Media After 9/11, Top Journalists Speak out. Her awards include an Emmy and Murrow Award in TV, the National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse award for Media Criticism, and two Independent Publishers Awards for her books.

Here is the analysis of this case by Ms. Borjesson for Boiling Frogs Post:

The Pitfalls of Due Diligence for Deep Journalism

When independent filmmakers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy interviewed Richard Clarke in 2009, the former counterterrorism czar dropped a bomb on camera.  Clarke accused former CIA head George Tenet and two other CIA officials, Cofer Black and Richard Blee of withholding critical intelligence from the FBI, DOD, White House and Immigration on the presence in the US of two alleged 9/11 hijackers well before 9/11.  In their film, “Who is Richard Blee?” Nowosielski and Duffy also identify two CIA analysts who participated in the cover-up.

After interviewing Clarke, the filmmakers tried for more than a year to interest media outlets in their bombshell information. “We pitched everywhere and were told no,” says Nowosielski, “We always held out hope to get funding for it to be a real documentary, which we thought [the subject] deserved.” Finally, the filmmakers settled on putting the film out as a podcast.

The CIA is now holding up the release of the recording as a result of the filmmakers doing due diligence as reporters.  It is a standard practice of good journalism to get in touch with subjects that other subjects in a print or TV news piece are talking about if the talked-about subjects are being accused of malfeasance or illegal or unethical behavior.  It is only fair to allow accused subjects to answer and/or defend themselves. It is also then incumbent upon the reporter to get to the bottom of who exactly is telling the truth—the accuser or the accused. [Read more...]

Boiling Frogs Breaking News: CIA Goes After Producers Nowosielski & Duffy

breakingnewsOn Thursday, September 8, 2011, the CIA issued legal threats against producers Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy on their discovery of the identities of the two key CIA analysts who executed the Tenet-Black-Blee cover-up in the case of two key 9/11 hijackers. The analysts were referred to only by first names initially, but were going to be fully named in a follow up segment.

Nowosielski and Duffy are working with legal advisors and we will have more on this soon. Meanwhile you can listen to our recent exclusive interview with the producers and their discovery here at Boiling Frogs Post:

Podcast Show #55: The Boiling Frogs Presents Ray Nowosielski & John Duffy 

Also, here are related interviews with Paul Thompson based on the exposé by the two producers: Part 1 & Part 2.

The producers’ website was taken down yesterday. We are in touch with them, and we will keep you informed. Please disseminate this stunning new development, the CIA’s panic, and the content of their interview. Thank You.

Sibel Edmonds

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