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Boiling Frogs Post: Filling the gaps in in-depth coverage The crisis in journalism was brought on mostly by industry consolidation and by media owners in denial about wasting billions on consultants, who recommended firing reporters and displacing serious news with puzzles and celebrity-worship, even of business and political leaders. The public must depend on the […]

Weekly Round Up for November 13

National Security Letters, the Deceitful Media & the Convergence of Interests This week we interviewed Mark Klein, the AT&T whistleblower; the interview should be posted in 3 or 4 weeks. I know you’re going to find it interesting and enlightening. Speaking of AT&T, check out our contributor Ishmael’s informative interview with Jeff Farias here. I […]

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Boiling Frogs Post Covers “What Lies Beneath” In the last thirty-five years since I’ve worked as an investigative reporter, the “main stream media” (the MSM) has become increasingly narrow in its focus.  While liberal-bashing critics like Bernard Goldberg and Ann Coulter insist that the press is manipulated and controlled by the left, most of the […]

James Bamford Endorses Boiling Frogs Post

‘Help Wake up the American public before the water gets too hot to climb out of the pot’ My congratulations to Sibel Edmonds on the launch of “Boiling Frogs”!  At a time when most mainstream news organizations are constantly following the beat of the same few drummers, there is a critical need for independent, alternative, […]

Welcome to Boiling Frogs Post

Forming the Irate Minority Club Those of you who are getting here from our old place: Good to see and have you here. Those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time: Welcome and hope to have you here regularly. And those of you who somehow stumbled upon this site because of […]