Our new BFP DVD “The Police State” is now available:

Our second BFP DVD includes The EyeOpener Police State Series with James Corbett, plus 2 bonus BFP Reports – Blackballed: ‘How the FBI Bends FOIA’ and TSA: ‘Tyrants Sucker America,’ plus an exclusive interview with BFP’s Andrew Gavin Marshall and a Jamiol/BFP Political Cartoon Gallery. Please support Boiling Frogs Post by purchasing our DVDs and […]

Boiling Frogs Post Quarterly Fundraising

Donate to Boiling Frogs Post Subscribe to Boiling Frogs Post SUBSCRIBE NOW Purchase our independently produced products Boiling Frogs Post Exclusive DVD: The CIA Series with James Corbett Signed Copy of Sibel Edmonds’ recently released memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story US Shipment International Shipment We have been doing our share. This is our […]

Make a Statement- Make the Real Alternative Your Media

We at Boiling Frogs Post, disgusted with the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, have made a statement. We have taken action. We have become the needed alternative media. Those of you who have had enough of mainstream propaganda and agenda-driven quasi alternatives can make a statement and take action as well. You can turn your back […]