Classified Woman-Your Questions & My Answers

Bookstores, Signing Arrangement, Media Coverage & More

SESince the release of Classified Woman I have been receiving dozens of e-mails each day, and with those e-mails come many questions regarding the status of the book. As always, with my frantic schedule, I’ve been saving the e-mails to respond to later, and the to-be-responded-to e-mail trail has been getting longer and longer. So here is what I decided to: Answer the most common questions in one post.

When will Classified Woman be available in bookstores?

The short answer is: I don’t know. And here is the longer version as to why: This book is self-published. Despite its success during the very short period of its availability the corporate publishers and major distributors are still sitting on the sidelines, watching, and hoping for it to simply go away. To place this book on the shelves in bookstores takes a lot of work: Printing, warehousing, cataloguing, selling and marketing to bookstores, delivering, book-keeping and return policy implementation, accounting... In the next few weeks, depending on how we do with our online print and e-book sales, we’ll know more. I will keep you posted and welcome suggestions from those of you experienced in this area.

What is the status of government threats against this book?

My attorneys are still on top of the case. So are the government attorneys. I call this stage: the letter-waiting-letter period. A threat letter comes-we wait and assess-our letter is drafted and sent-we wait again-then another letter comes... Again, I believe the government is also watching the status of this book and the court of public opinion on it.

Why there hasn’t been a single peep in the mainstream media on this book?

That’s funny. Where have you been? You need to join, read, listen to, and watch Boiling Frogs Post!

How come you haven’t received any coverage from alternative publications such as Amy Goodman and Thom Hartmann?

I am not going to get into the philosophical discussion of what constitutes being alternative. I have written many analyses and commentaries on this. And of course, I cannot provide a definite answer since I don’t have it yet. Suffice to say that they have received their review copies, and they all know about the book. Sometimes these things take time. Sometimes it becomes a totally different ball game. If I were to guess: it is because George W. Bush is not in office any longer. You see, during George W. Bush I was welcomed more than once or twice at these alternatives. Then, something happened. George was gone, and I no longer was welcomed or needed for the game. Again, I’ll have a definite answer in the next few couple of weeks and I’ll keep you posted.

Do you have signing and speaking events coming up in California, Wisconsin, etc.? [Read more...]

Classified Woman Unplugged in a New Session with Alex Jones

From the Book the Establishment Doesn’t Want you to Read to 9/11, Perpetual War, Police State & Beyond

SEYesterday (Friday, May 18), I had another video-radio session with Alex Jones that was supposed to be for 20 minutes but went on for over an hour. I was completely (utterly-totally) unplugged. Mr. Jones has a way of opening up his interviewees. Not only that, he is not afraid of getting into the ‘real’ issues-the macro topics. Some of you may know this already, but for those of you who don’t: I get miserably bored (and frustrated) when I am asked to recap the sufferings related to the whistleblowing journey, and to talk about the minute issues of bureaucratic bungling and incompetence. Unfortunately that happens to be the norm. Fortunately, for this Jones’ session I was not placed in that utterly boring and sleep-inducing position. We got to talk, passionately talk, about the macro issues, the most important aspects of my case and whistleblowing journey, and the core problems facing our nation. Thank you Alex Jones!

Here is the video interview session with Alex Jones:

I am thankful to all of you who have been supporting Classified Woman. Thanks to you we have been on Amazon’s top selling Memoirs lists, and rank 140 of all Amazon print books. The government, the mega corporate publishers, the mainstream media ... in short, the establishment has been doing everything to bury this book. You, the readers, and I the author and independent-publisher, have been challenging them all, and so far we seem to be doing a good job of that. Please don’t give up. Together, collectively, we are setting precedence here by making ‘them’ irrelevant. Please help us get the word out there on this book- encourage those you know to join our movement. Let’s show them the power of the people. Thank you all!

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*We are still offering personalized and signed copies of Classified Woman on our homepage.

The Government, The One Percent, The Resistance & The People

Classified Woman Updates & Heads Up

SEFor the past ten years, yes-that makes it a decade already, I’ve been asked repeatedly, whether by interviewers- researchers or the general public, ‘How can we bring about needed changes? How can we make a difference? What can we the people do?’ My answer throughout this decade has been consistent-always the same, ‘Stand up and challenge this rotten system. Resist. The least you can do is to support those who stand up and challenge the system. Whether it is a lone voice in Congress or a true journalist or a whistleblower ... lend your support and stand by them.’

I have to say, for me, one of the main reasons I kept fighting back and resisting, the main factor in not giving up, was the support and encouragement I received from the people, albeit a very few-the irate minority. And today, that reason, that factor, still remains the same.

Writing Classified Woman was the continuation of my battle against our despotic government and the one percent who’ve been thriving upon it.

Publishing Classified Woman was a fight against that same government who tried, and is still trying, to censor every single word of it, and against the one percent who aided and abetted the government along the way. [Read more...]

Classified Woman Interviews: Occupied Territory with Mike Feder & Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

CWLast Thursday I was on Occupied Territory with Mike Feder at Progressive Radio Network. This was my first experience with this show and it left me impressed with Mr. Feder. No boohaha, no sound bites, no boisterous interruptions ... A highly informed and articulate host who comes prepared and tackles his subjects with diligence .

You can listen to the show here.

Also last week, on Friday, I was on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. I had an entire hour to discuss Classified Woman and beyond. I’ve been on Mr. Hancock’s show many times and truly enjoy his passion and stand on ‘real independence.’

You can check out the entire show here (I am on hour two), or, you can listen to my interview section here:

Objective: The Naked Truth, The People, Minus All the “Gunk”

A few notes on the decision to bypass the “System” in order to expose the “System”

Since the release of my book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story I’ve been getting the same question in different variations: why did you decide to self-publish your book? What made you opt for self-publishing? What was the response you got on your manuscript/book? Did you even try to get this book published in the traditional way?

I know I promised you a series of articles and stories on getting this book published. I am going to keep that promise and give you plenty of ‘backstage’ stories. I’ll be doing all that once things calm down a bit around here. Meanwhile, to give you an idea, I’ll provide you with a few excerpts and snapshots. Life is short. Who knows if we’ll all make it to tomorrow? At least this way you get a pretty good idea, and no one will accuse of me playing the ‘suspense’ game.

We Need a Government Guarantee

obj1One of the top 5 mega corporate publishers specifically sought ‘a guarantee by the Department of Justice.’ Let’s call the individual on the decision-making (for book selection) editorial board: Mega Publisher A. Here is how it went:

Mega Publisher A: It is an amazing story. You have an amazing case. It is simply amazing. BUT, considering the length the government has gone to silence you and classify everything about you, what makes you think they’d let this book see the light of day?

Me: There is this process called pre publication review. The government has 30 business days to review my manuscript, redact whatever they deem classified, and once they do that, the manuscript is free to be published. [Read more...]