Charlottesville and the FBI’s Connection to White Supremacists

The so-called alt-right and the New Right are trying to draw a line between themselves and the white supremacist movement as the establishment media continues to conflate the two. On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we take a look at the possibility the recent political violence in Charlottesville and elsewhere around the nation is being masterminded by the state in Hegelian Dialectic fashion to undermine and discredit both opponents and supporters of President Trump. Since the 1960s, under the FBI's Operation COINTELPRO, both white supremacist groups and groups on the Left have been infiltrated and controlled by government agents, informers, and provocateurs. The increasing violence since the election of Donald Trump fits the pattern. Congress is now denouncing the violence and this will ultimately result in repressive legislation that will stifle political opposition. It’s another step in the emerging police state and the imposition of authoritarian rule.

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Show Notes

Lawmakers slam Trump's latest defense of Charlottesville response

After Backing Alt-Right in Charlottesville, A.C.L.U. Wrestles With Its Role

Deep State: How a Conspiracy Theory Went From Political Fringe to Mainstream

A.C.L.U. Says F.B.I. Funded ‘Army’ To Terrorize Young War Dissidents

CIA, FBI Plots to Kill Enemy Agents Reported

DHS says FBI “possibly funded” Terrorist Group

Fbi Funds Right Wing Violence

Undercover FBI agent is head of KKK group in South Carolina Confederate flag protest

To Katch a Klansman: FBI Informant Behind Recent KKK Fliers in Raleigh

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

Prefabricated Fascists: The FBI's Assembly-Line Provocateurs

Neo-nazo Rally Was Organized By Fbi Informant

Understanding State Responses to Left- versus Right-Wing Threats” The FBI’s Repression of the New Left and the Ku Klux Klan

FBI operative Hal Turner says government urged him to make violent statements

Pike Committee Reports

Hidden Loopholes Allow FBI Agents to Infiltrate Political and Religious Groups

The Return of COINTELPRO?

FBI Documents Reveal Secret Nationwide Occupy Monitoring

Newsbud Special Report- State Secrets: Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’

Newsbud presents major new revelations by former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. Edmonds, known as the most classified and gagged person in US history, takes on the US Congress and the culprit media in one of the most significant and longest ongoing political/criminal cover-ups involving the FBI, a notorious political mob in Chicago, a well-known elected official and her convicted criminal spouse. Further, she renews her public call for joint testimony under oath before the US Congress. Do not miss this in-depth exposé shedding light on just how notoriously corrupt criminals are given immunity and untouchable status, not only by the US government, but also by the Deep-State collaborators- the US media.

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Show Notes

Sibel Edmonds’ State Secrets Gallery

Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

Sibel Edmonds’ Under Oath Testimony

Sibel Edmonds’ Deposition: Transcript & Video

Chicago! Not the Musical, but the Action-Suspense Docudrama!

Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen Nabs George Bush PR Queen

Schakowsky is Most-Frequent Flier Among State's Congressional Delegation

Schakowsky: 23 Privately Funded Trips Since 2007

‘Kosher’ Schakowsky: Still AIPAC’s Number One Darling

Robert Creamer Visited Obama’s White House 340 Times

Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Senior Democratic strategist resigns after video surfaces showing his staff planning to incite violence at Trump rallies and discussing paying mentally-ill people to disrupt GOP events 

FBI Raids, Concept Charter Schools, and Rahm

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s Husband Indicted

Rep. Schakowsky's Husband Charged

Bob Creamer: Truth, Justice ... and Fraud

An Inconvenient Patriot

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert accused of hiding sex abuse of former student

The People’s Campaign: The Real Hastert Case- All in One Place

Democracy Now: Sibel Edmonds & David Rose on Dennis Hastert

Why is FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Boiling over Former Speaker Hastert’s Plea Deal?

Did Foreign Governments Blackmail Denny Hastert?

Did You Know: The King of Madrasas Now Operates Over 100 Charter Schools in the US?

The Sanitized Gulen Coverage Continues…

Turkish Intel Chief Exposes CIA Operations via Islamic Group in Central Asia

BFP BREAKING NEWS: Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & NATO-CIA Operation Gladio B-Caucasus & Central Asia

Graham E. Fuller: Where Were You on the Night of July 15?

De-Manufacturing Consent- Continuity of Agenda: 20 Years of War in Iraq

Democrats & Republicans United in Continuity of Agenda!

On September 10, 2014, Barack Obama became the fourth consecutive US President to announce the bombing of the country of Iraq.

Whether it's a conservative former head of the CIA; a freewheeling, smoothing talking womanizer from Arkansas; a bumbling Bonesman with a fake Texas accent, who was actually raised in Connecticut; or the nation's first black President who inspired legions of gullible young Americans with the promise of hope and change ... Despite their varied personal backgrounds and their purported ideological differences, both Democrats and Republicans in power have demonstrated a remarkable continuity of agenda.

When it comes to the issues that really matter: foreign policy, the national security state, perpetual warfare, the curbing of civil liberties along with the expansion of the police and surveillance state; it has not mattered which figurehead fills the oval office in the last 20 years.

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A Former President Suggests Self-Censorship; What Does That Mean for America?

A Different America is Being Created

By Linda Lewis

Recently, at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago, Trish Reagan asked former President Bill Clinton to share his thoughts on domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) for Bloomberg TV.

Clinton defended the NSA programs as necessary, saying, “I don't see any alternative to trying to track all of these groups around the world that are trying to basically wreck the ordinary operations of life in America or kill a lot of people, and so far I'm not persuaded that they've done more harm than good." [Read more...]

RUSSIA’S MOTIVES IN SYRIA: Another Side of the Story

Moscow's 30-year struggle against encroachment into its sphere of influence by militant Islam

By Joe Lauria

motivesRussia's unyielding support for Damascus throughout the 16 months of Syria's escalating crisis has earned Moscow strong condemnation from Washington and other Western governments, but the reasons for Russia's implacable position have never been fully explained by Moscow or its critics. 

Washington's latest tension with Russia over Syria came last week in a face-to-face meeting between President Obama and President Putin. The week before U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Russia's assertion that it sold only defensive weapons to Damascus “patently untrue.” That was after Clinton had accused Russia of shipping attack helicopters to Syria to crush the rebellion, a charge denied by Moscow.  The New York Times then reported that Russia was only returning repaired helicopters sold to Syria decades ago.

In February, Susan Rice, the top U.S. diplomat at the U.N., used undiplomatically strong language to say the U.S. was “disgusted” by Russia's veto of a Security Council resolution that would have condemned the Syrian crackdown. The tough talk appears designed to embarrass Russia, especially after the recent upsurge in fighting and a string of grisly massacres blamed on Moscow's client.

But until now Russia's motives for defending Damascus have remained largely a subject of speculation, with the U.S. media seemingly disinterested in exploring it.

Russian officials say their position is based on an adamant opposition to regime change, particularly if it is led by Western military intervention, as in Libya. Moscow's support for the Syrian regime has not changed though it has recently inched away from President Bashar Al-Assad leading it. [Read more...]

US Presidential Elections: Dog & Pony Show, or, A One-Man-Owned Cock Fight

You Only Get to place your Bet while the Cock-Owners Take it All

cockfightI was overseas during the most intense stage of the 2008 US Presidential Election; thankfully. However, I was not completely spared from this ludicrous ‘politics the American way’ even outside the country- think CNN international, think Wall Street international edition … basically think the inability to escape it all thanks to the globalization of the news, more like Americanization of the global news. The around the clock coverage of elections a la USA was booming in the background, more like foreground, of every single international (Western) hotel and resort, tourist hangout cafes and bars, and airport lounges. And I heard many comments from ‘outsiders’ on the ridiculously long, expensive, and show-like phony distraction called Presidential Election USA. Of course, deservedly, many of those comments were ‘snarly.’ Some were plain witty and truthfully hilarious-muckraking a la Brits.

I almost never disagreed with the outsiders’ assessment of and take on our painfully long, money-driven and for-show-scripted presidential election season. However, I slightly differed in one characterization:

Many referred to our uber costly and glitzy presidential race as ‘A Dog & Pony Show.’ I certainly saw, and still see, the appropriateness of this characterization of our presidential race: A Dog & Pony Show. But I had, and still have, my own characterization that applies equally well, and actually goes even deeper: A One-Man-Owned Cock Fight.

A Cock Fight is a contest in which gamecocks usually fitted with metal spurs are pitted against each other. Here is a bit more expanded description: [Read more...]

Mr. Obama, How About Sanctions – No Fly Zone – Observer League for Uzbekistan?

Let’s Make This Principled & Consistent; Let’s Go to War with All!

Uzbek1Our nation is famous for many things. Things that it is known for. Things that in one way or another represent it. Things that become synonymous with America or being Americans. Our foreign policy and our presidents are no exception. If you were to ask the recipients of our foreign policy there would be one adjective they’d all agree upon. Unanimously. There is one common and unanimously agreed upon ‘thing’ when it comes to US foreign policy and practices: It is called Hypocrisy. Granted there are slight variations here and there, but the never changing and ever present hypocrisy always remains.

Read the newspapers and watch the coverage of international news broadcast on our networks and cables. There it is. Glaring hypocrisy. Every single day. Hundreds of times a day. Listen to presidential and state department briefings and statements. There it is. Filled with it. Shameless hypocrisy. Check out our congressional records. Day in and Day out. Ever present. Consistent hypocrisy.

I could set up a whole new website to track US foreign policy hypocrisy examples, and it would be filled with them, tens of pages a day, and hundreds of instances. You don’t even need to have a well-developed hypocrisy-detector. It is so bold and obvious even way below-average processing minds can detect it! I am very serious.

uzbek2This morning I found at least 32 bold examples of our hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy, practices and rhetoric. And I was not even looking for them. They were everywhere: mainstream, pseudo-alternative streams, semi-alternative streams … You name it! I wanted to pick one and showcase it. I could have picked any of them: Bahrain, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey … Basically any of our ‘intimate allies’ in ‘this and that’ part of the world. You name it. However, I exercised a bit of self-restrain and settled for one. And, here it is [All Emphasis Mine]: [Read more...]

Updates & Weekly Round Up for March 14

‘What’s up with the Boiling Frogs?!’ and A Few Noteworthy Articles

I want to start this update with a major ‘Thank You’ to those of you who’ve been helping us with our fundraising campaign. Last Thursday we made it to 500 donations supporting Boiling Frogs Post and the team. Those of you who’ve been wondering about the absence of new posts: Please check out my fundraising message, and read it again. A lot of hard work and time went into the first four months of BFP operations in order to establish the purpose, mission, and a track record for what this site intends to be.

In order to produce solid articles, editorials, analyses, and in depth interviews we need our readerships’ support. Without that we cannot afford to spend the required time and resources. We all have personal, family, financial, medical…obligations to fulfill. I do. Our team member journalists, analysts, radio host, and researchers do. As you can see, this is not one of the gazillion sites where headlines from here and there are posted with the addition of two-liner rants. Neither is it a place where personal gossip and chats form the general site content.

A thoroughly-researched, carefully written and edited editorial piece such as this one takes me an average of 12 hours, and far more is required for more complex investigative analyses. In addition to one hour of interview conducted, Peter B Collins and I have to take the time to research and read the articles and books (including the reviews) written by our guests, coordinate and schedule the interview, and afterwards edit and publish. So this is work; a fair amount of work requiring a fair amount of time. Like some of you, I am a parent; a mother to a 19 month old handful. Like many of you I have to help support myself and my family. This applies to all our team members.

Now back to our fundraising campaign. We are about to begin our 4th week, and we hope to reach the needed level to pursue this site, and do so in full force. I certainly hope that we do. What if we don’t; at least for this round? Well, then I will have to do as much as humanly possible with very limited resources and time. We may start offering Podcast interviews every other week, instead of every week. We will still have editorial pieces and other articles, but not as many or as frequent as we’d like. Or maybe in a few months we’ll have to offer this site only to those who’ve been and are willing to be supportive. I don’t know. At this point I’m hoping that we make it, and we’ll continue from where we left off for as long as we can, for as long as we have your support.

Noteworthy Articles & Links

Here is decent coverage of the ongoing power struggle in Turkey by Spiegel:

Is Erdogan Strong Enough to Take on the Generals?
Daniel Steinvorth

The Generals Last week's arrest of military brass amid allegations of a plot against the Turkish government have dealt a serious blow to the country's secular elite. But some are asking if Prime Minister Erdogan has bitten off more than he can chew.

Four-star General Cetin Dogan, 69, has a fondness for luxury. Shortly before his retirement, the army veteran, who until five years ago was the commander of the First Army of the Turkish armed forces and a feared hawk, bought a three-story beach villa in the resort town of Bodrum on the Aegean Sea, where he intended to spend his golden years.

But that vision is not likely to materialize, at least not for the foreseeable future. Last Monday, police officers with Turkey's counter-terrorism force TEM searched Dogan's dream house. The general himself was arrested in Istanbul, where he was taken away in handcuffs. No one had ever treated him like that before.

Ibrahim Firtina, 67, was also taken by surprise. The heavyset four-star general, with his bushy, Leonid Brezhnev-style eyebrows, was the commander of the 60,000-member Turkish Air Force, the pride of Anatolia, for four years. Like Dogan, he too was considered a member of the country's top military brass, an untouchable "pasha."

That was until last Monday, when police rang the doorbell at his villa in Ankara. When the pasha opened the door in his robe, his wife called out: "What do they want from you?" "You are under arrest," one of the officers said. "You have half an hour to say goodbye. Please take only a few essentials with you."

Arresting 'Golden Boy'

At about the same time, a special task force paid a visit to Özden Örnek, 67. The retired commander-in-chief of the Turkish navy, a man who was considered highly talented from an early age, a high flyer his wife affectionately referred to as "Golden Boy," was worshipped like a demigod while in office. Even after going into retirement, Örnek was fond of wearing sparkling, white uniforms in public. The police officers took him into custody while he was having breakfast. "Excuse us, Admiral, but we must arrest you now," they said politely.

As many of you are aware, significant cases and developments like this never have any coverage here in the US; thanks to the State Department. And when I say ‘significant’ I don’t mean only as a domestic issue in Turkey. These recent cases on Ergenekon have significant international implications, especially for the United States. Here is a fairly decent summary of Ergenekon for those of you who are not familiar with it: Link.


Speaking of Turkey and related matters, the following articles are on the latest developments involving passage of the Armenian Genocide resolution in the US Congress:

U.S. vows bid to halt Armenian genocide measure

ObamaMar14 The Obama administration on Friday sought to limit fallout from a resolution branding the World War One-era massacre of Armenians by Turkish forces as "genocide," and vowed to stop it from going further in Congress.

Turkey was infuriated and recalled its ambassador after a House of Representatives committee on Thursday approved the nonbinding measure condemning killings that took place nearly 100 years ago, in the last days of the Ottoman Empire.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, facing questions about the issue while traveling in Latin America, declared Congress should drop the matter now."The Obama administration strongly opposes the resolution that was passed by only one vote in the House committee and will work very hard to make sure it does not go to the House floor," she said in Guatemala City.

We should go ahead and add this to a very long list of Obama flips since taking office. Remember how Obama vowed to support the measure during the campaign, netting considerable support from Armenian-Americans as a result. Well, like everything else he had vowed, since his election he has reversed his stance on this issue too, and now vehemently opposes it. Surprised? I didn’t think so! [Read more...]