Make a Statement- Make the Real Alternative Your Media

Support this Independent, Corporate & Corporation-Foundation Free Alternative We at Boiling Frogs Post, disgusted with the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media, have made a statement. We have taken action. We have become the needed alternative media. Those of you who have had enough of mainstream propaganda and agenda-driven quasi alternatives can make a statement and take […]

Truly Independent News- Information Is A Collective Responsibility

The Only Way to Remain Corporate-Free & Nonpartisan Every time I read lines pertaining to this ludicrous and completely illogical expectation that everything on the Internet should be free I am tempted to sit down and write a lengthy analysis of the illogical and ludicrousness of this unfortunately prevailing mentality among the new ignorant internet-dependent […]

The Formula: Inform, Organize, Action

They Say it all Starts with ‘Informing’ … Those of you who’ve been listening to our podcast series know how impatient I sometimes get when the question boils down to ‘what do we do? Where do we go from here?’ Look, I understand and agree with the general consensus out there among the intellectuals and […]

Help Us Challenge the Main & Quasi-Alternative Stream

How We Differ from the Rest & Why We Need ‘You’ If a few years ago someone had told me that I was going to start a blog, gather a team of like-minded irate partners, expand, and turn the site into an alternative news and information site with daily news, top-notch editorials, independent analyses, weekly […]

Being Proud of What We Are Not

A Few Notes on Boiling Frogs Post in Wrapping Up Our Countdown I think it is appropriate to revisit the purpose and some of the main characteristics of Boiling Frogs Post as we are getting ready to wrap up and finalize our countdown month. Usually, as we have done, organizations and various forums list adjectives […]

Boiling Frogs Post Countdown-Week 2

We Need Your Support to ‘Help Wake up the American public before the water gets too hot to climb out of the pot’ I want to thank those of you who have contributed to Boiling Frogs Post during our first week campaign. Thank You! Next, I want to briefly respond to a common inquiry I’ve […]

Sibel Edmonds’ Boiling Frogs Post: Year Two

We Need Your Support to Continue & Expand: Countdown Week 1 In October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post  with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, discussions, and interviews on issues largely censored by the media. We are entering our second year, and we need your support to […]

Boiling Frogs Post Countdown: Week 2

Please Join & Help Us Reach Our First Benchmark of 1000 Donations Update – March 3: We are one third of the way there; 700 more needed! We can do it – together. In October 2009 I launched Boiling Frogs Post with one purpose in mind: To establish a venue for investigative articles, editorials, analyses, […]