Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 112

A Lost Generation on the Rise?

EPPThe World Economic Forum, major banks, international organizations, global consulting firms and other institutions have been increasingly identifying the "lost generation" of global youth as one of the primary threats to global elite interests. This generation - my generation - are over-educated, under-employed, with high expectations and few opportunities. It is a generation that have been pivotal in protests, uprisings and revolts from Egypt to Turkey, Brazil, Spain and Greece, to Chile, Mexico and Quebec. It is a generation that elites have already written off as "lost," and who have yet to realize that they have been written off. When they do realize this, the threat will indeed become very real.

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Podcast Show #112: NSA Whistleblower Goes on Record -Reveals New Information & Names Culprits!

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Russ Tice

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In this bombshell episode of the Boiling Frogs Post Podcast Show NSA whistleblower Russ Tice joins us to go on record for the first time with new revelations and the names of official culprits involved in the NSA’s illegal practices. Mr. Tice explains in detail how the National Security Agency targets, sucks-in, stores and analyzes illegally obtained content from the masses in the United States. He contradicts officials and the mainstream media on the status of the NSA’s Utah facility, which is already operating and “On-Line.” He reveals the NSA as a Deep State that targets and wiretaps US political candidates for its own purposes. We discuss the latest controversies involving the NSA, PRISM, Edward Snowden, and the spins and lies that are being floated by the US mainstream and pseudo-alternative media. Do NOT miss this revelatory interview.

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Here is our guest Russ Tice unplugged!

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