DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Was Guy Fawkes a Patsy?

The Gunpowder Plot is the most famous terrorist conspiracy in British history and one of the most famous in the world. The name 'Guy Fawkes' is familiar to almost anyone who speaks English, but this was a much larger and more complex event than we have been led to believe, particularly by Hollywood versions like V For Vendetta. In this episode I offer a background history of the conflict between the Catholic Church and the English monarchy and outline the competing theories and interpretations of what happened. Was this a genuine rebellion? An elitist uprising? A fake plot? An excuse for government terror? A calculated entrapment operation? All the cards are on the table in this episode.


Antonia Fraser - The Gunpowder Plot: Terror and Faith in 1605

Monteagle Letter

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Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Psychopathic Rulers & Docile-Gullible Subjects: A Symbiotic Relationship?

Welcome to our eighteenth episode of Probable Cause. In this episode we’ll be discussing psychopathy- specifically psychopathic players within the Deep State, political and bureaucratic arenas, including a few significant variables that seem to be completely disregarded or kept at bay by many publications and discussion forums.

We begin with a brief definition and description of psychopathy, and how the premise’s application to power-politics has been distorted and spun by the media. From there we move to the macro application: the psychopathic system designed to breed psychopaths, reward psychopathic behavior and punish those outside the psychopathically acceptable parameters, and how it seeps downward from the top into the bureaucratic structure and public education sphere.

We finalize our discussion with the most important element of political psychopathy that has been completely absent from mainstream discussions and analyses of this issue: The symbiotic relationship and coexistence between psychopathic rulers and their docile and gullible subjects (Parasites and hosts), and as we do that we pose our customary discussion-worthy questions. As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

The Startling Accuracy of Referring to Politicians as 'Psychopaths'

The secret of their success? How U.S. leaders from JFK to Roosevelt and George W Bush share character traits with psychopaths

Masters of Manipulation: Psychopaths Rule the World

Corbett Report– Our Leaders Are Psychopaths (Podcast)

Corbett Report- Defense Against the Psychopath (Video)

Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: “Secret Reports Reveal Secrets”

Peter B. Collins Presents Philip Giraldi

CIA veteran Philip Giraldi expands on his recent commentary about what we learn from our government’s illusions of secrecy. Terrorism has declined sharply, according to the state department; yet NSA dragnet surveillance is justified by exaggerated threats. The Senate report on torture has been suppressed for more than a year by the CIA, but we know it catalogs criminal behavior and concludes that no valuable intelligence was extracted from men who were tortured. And the notorious “Saudi memo” about the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11 recently gained new attention from members of Congress who read the complete 28-page memo, yet many who have questioned the Saudi role or other obvious flaws in the official narrative are dismissed as “truthers”. We open with comments on Ed Snowden and recent revelations, after 42 years, of the whistleblowers who broke into an FBI office, then leaked the Cointelpro documents to the media, prompting some major investigations and reforms.

Philip Giraldi is a former CIA and DIA counter-terrorism officer, member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine.

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De-Manufacturing Consent- Made in the SHADE: The Global Power Elite & Geo-Engineering

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Jason Bermas

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by documentary filmmaker and political activist, Jason Bermas. We discuss Jason's latest film, SHADE: The Motion Picture, and explore many of the issues raised in the documentary, including: the global power elite, the Bilderberg Group, geo-engineering and climate change, technology and surveillance, and much more. Also, Jason addresses some of the criticism levied at the film and answers specific questions raised by debunkers.

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Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“Washing Away the State’s Blame Shifting”

Ryan Dawson Presents Lew Rockwell

GPThough the intellectually lazy like to try to make free market "capitalism" a blame all for everything from the housing bubble to military-corporate welfare, Lew Rockwell joins us today to break down the complexities of the State, central banking, rubbish media, and Keynesian economics' malevolence and incompetence, and the government as the facilitator of cartels, protectionism, mercantilism, wars, bailouts, and corrosive financial criminal institutions.

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The Reality Principle -Episode 18

“Greece: The Political Economy of Depression” with Yanis Varoufakis

RPLogoThis week, Eric closely examines the global economic crisis and, in particular, the manifestation of the Depression in Greece. Eric is joined by economist and author Yanis Varoufakis who provides his valuable insight into the origins and character of the Depression in Greece and around the world. Eric and Yanis discuss the evolution of the crisis and the ways in which Greece has been made into a scapegoat for the economic ills of Europe. Moreover, Yanis explains how the Depression is affecting regular Greeks who now struggle just to survive. Eric and Yanis debate the issue of a Greek exit from the Euro as well as the political formation of resistance to austerity and the policies of the European financier ruling class. In particular, they analyze the rise of SYRIZA as well as the dangerous ascendance of the Nazi Golden Dawn party. Eric and Yanis also examine the historical precedents for the situation in Greece and whether or not they provide a blueprint for how Greece can return to economic prosperity.

Yanis Varoufakis is a world renowned economist, author and lecturer. He is the author of The Global Minotaur: America, the True Origins of the Financial Crisis, and the Future of the World Economy, the second edition of which is now available. Yanis Varoufakis is currently Visiting Professor at the University of Texas - Austin and Economist-in-Residence at Valve Corporation. Follow his blog at YanisVaroufakis.eu.

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Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 18

Bilderberg: Talk Shop, World Government, or a Bit of Both?

EPPCommentary on the secretive Bilderberg group - whose annual meeting is fast approaching - tends to fall into one of two polarized camps: those who claim it is a mere talk shop for global 'has-beens' who get together to discuss past glories and triumphs, and those who claim the group is a secretive global government, pulling the strings of global order from behind the scenes.

Instead of choosing one of these two positions, I propose viewing the institution in its sociological context: as a global think tank, not concerned with 'conspiracy' but with establishing consensus among ruling elites. The organization has a particular socializing function for the super rich and elite, partly a forum for discussion and debate, and partly a forum for establishing policy and grooming up-and-coming politicians. With the group's 60th meeting approaching, it is important to place the organization in its sociological context, to understand both its weaknesses and strengths, and thus, to increase the level of discourse about this secretive and powerful global organization.

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