DisInfoWars with Tom Secker- How to Avoid the Abyss

In the following on from the last episode I had a casual late night chat with Guillermo Jimenez of De-Manufacturing Consent. We picked up on some of the ideas and comments on the previous episode and fleshed them out, talking about our own experiences of trying to maintain sanity while investigating the insane. The core topics in this conversation are the importance of skepticism, intuition and having a sense of humor.

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Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Uniting for a Revolution … and the Morning After

Welcome to our second experimental episode of Probable Cause. On this episode we will be delving deeper into our previous topic: clarifying which meaning of the word revolution we are basing this discussion on, using the Iranian Revolution of 1979 as an example and context to illustrate why revolution is not an end unto itself, discussing the upsides and pitfalls of uniting for a revolution both in the short and long term, and much more!

In our previous episode I provided a very brief account of my own direct experience with the Iranian Revolution of 1979. For this episode I will get down and dirty with more details and highly personal experiences, and challenge the USA version of the Iranian Revolution. I’ll talk about the Iranian dissenters during the Shah Regime: the intellectual elites, the workers’ movement, the nationalists, the centrists, and the ultra-religious right. I will tell you how the dissent went from simmering to percolating and boiling, and then reaching the point of radical revolution, and how and why differences were put aside for the common goal during the initial stage. And finally, I will give you the account of what took place the morning after … immediately after the initial objective was fulfilled-the regime change. Get ready, you will be listening to a version that is vastly different from the Hollywood movies and hostage-taking news footage and videos shoved-down your throat by the US media.

We will revisit our previous questions, and then some more. Just like last time, our next episode will be based on your reaction, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Processing Distortion: “Cruise Missile Liberals with Weapons of Mass Distortion”

Peter B. Collins Presents Gareth Porter

Dr. Gareth Porter carefully breaks down the unclassified summary of the Obama administration's "evidence" that the Syrian military is responsible for the reported chemical weapons attack on August 21 in the Damascus suburb of Adra. We start with the shifting US positions on UN weapons inspectors, and the lack of evidence for any of the strong assertions that Kerry offered with a string of introductory "We know" clauses, followed by innuendo and circumstantial evidence. We also talk about the purported interception of Syrian communications and the listening post on Cyprus at Mt. Troodos. Our discussions included the wide range of estimated fatalities, the grisly videos that do not show victims vomiting (a clear sign of sarin), the reports of chemical weapons in the hands of opposition cells near the town of Ghouta and more!

Dr. Gareth Porter is an investigative historian and journalist on U.S. national security policy who has been independent since a brief period of university teaching in the 1980s. He is the author of four books, the latest of which is Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam. He has written regularly for Inter Press Service on U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran since 2005. Dr. Porter was both a Vietnam specialist and an anti-war activist during the Vietnam War and was Co-Director of Indochina Resource Center in Washington.

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Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 2: The Shuffling of the Generals

Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski on the recent Shuffling of Generals, Iran & More!

GPKaren Kwiatkowski retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, who worked at the pentagon and is familiar with how sinister some operations work away from the public eye, gives her 2 cents on the recent shuffling of the generals. Have the Neocons launched a post Romney plan B? Will Karen being running for congress in 2014? How likely is war with Iran really? Tune in!

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The Reality Principle -Episode 2

“Pipelines, Politics, and People" with Steve Horn

RPLogo“A century ago, oil was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water.” – James Buchanan

There are countless factors that contribute to the geopolitical reality of today's world. None are more influential than the issue of energy which lies at the heart of some of the most complex and difficult issues facing nations all over the world. By examining the core issues related to energy - exploration, delivery infrastructure, environmental impacts - one begins to get a clearer picture of just how power operates and the degree to which nations (and empires) are in perpetual competition over resources and influence. What is at stake is not merely the resources themselves, but rather control of the flow of those resources to the competitor and to the world market. Wars, alliances, and large-scale investment are all predicated on the politics of energy, making it a fundamental part of geopolitical balance of power

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Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 2

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Soothing the Best

Welcome to Soothing the Beast. All week we work, stay involved, fight and just try to survive and come to grips with everything in this world around us. We need a break and that's what this segment is all about. At Boiling Frogs Post when Saturday night rolls around it's time for "Soothing the Beast" with some music. So every Saturday night (make that on a lot of Saturday nights) we're going to take a break and listen/watch a music video. Some nights our pick for the night will be low key and other times raucous or somewhere in between. No matter where it falls, it'll be an escape that we all really need. So check it out, feel free to comment and most of all take a deep breath and enjoy.

This week's music pick is all about keyboard, vocals, guitars and drums. This song has a great beat and I love her voice. Give it up for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals performing "Treat Me Right" from their album Nothing But The Water ... PJ

For those of you who aren't familiar with Grace and her band, check out Grace Potter at Wikipedia.

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