DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: The Snowden-Twitter Bullsh..

Former CIA officer and NSA contractor Edward Snowden has recently joined Twitter. While this is hardly headline news the story has gone around the world, reported on by dozens of major media outlets. A follow-up story, that Snowden accidentally received 47 gigabytes of emails as a result of joining Twitter also got enormous attention, despite being obviously untrue.

In this episode I briefly outline the reasons for my suspicion towards Snowden and demonstrate how the 47 gigabyte story cannot be true. I relate this back to the story of when and how Snowden stole tens of thousands of documents from the NSA, explaining why I find both sets of claims implausible. I round off by speculating as to the real purpose behind Snowden joining Twitter, guessing that it is some sort of experiment to see how relevant and popular the general public still believe Snowden is.

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Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- How Gladio Morphed Its Al Qaeda Brand into ISIS- A Step-By-Step Illustration

A Gladio-Mainstream Media Partnership: The Recycling & Establishment of Designed Terror Brands

Welcome to our 21st edition of Probable Cause. In this episode we discuss branding and promoting terror organization brands. Specifically, we discuss how the deep-state and its partner, the media, go about designing, creating, branding and marketing self-created terror organization brands. Even more specifically, we look into two deep-state-created terror organization brands: Al Qaeda & ISIS. With vivid examples we illustrate the re-branding of the Al Qaeda Terror Corporation into the ISIS Terror Corporation. We provide comparison between the 2002-2003 Al Qaeda media marketing archives and the 2013-2015 ISIS media marketing coverage, and establish the uncanny sameness between the two brands.

As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

Syria: Secret US-NATO Training & Support Camp to Oust Current Syrian President (Nov 21, 2011)

The Continued Blackout on West’s Secret Training & Support Camp in Turkey for War on Syria (Dec 3, 2011)

Hundreds of US-NATO Soldiers Arrive & Begin Operations on the Jordan-Syria Border (Dec 11, 2011)

BREAKING: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border (YouTube, Dec 11, 2011)

Al Qaeda Terrorists 'spread all over Europe' (2002)

The Qaeda Vipers in Europe's Bosom (2003)

ISIS Terror cell warning as Europe scrambles to handle threats (2015)

Pentagon: al-Qaeda Pursuing Bio Weapons (2003)

Islamic State Suspected of Using Chemical Weapon, U.S. Says (2015)

Laptop reportedly seized from ISIS hideout hints at bio weapons attack (2014)

ISIS is now the wealthiest terrorist organization on the planet (2014)

Drug Money Sustains al Qaeda (2003)

ISIS generates up to $1bn annually from trafficking Afghan heroin (2015)

Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Important Disclosures from Internal NSA Whistleblowers

Peter B. Collins Presents Former NSA Insiders Drake, Binney, Tice & Roark

The Snowden files have confirmed the prior and subsequent disclosures of former high ranking NSA employees that exposed internal corruption, billions of dollars of wasteful spending/contractor profiteering, and reckless disregard for our constitutional rights. In powerful excerpts from interviews with Thomas Drake, William Binney, Russell Tice and Diane Roark, you will hear what ObamaCo has refused to listen to: true accounts of NSA wrongdoing from eyewitnesses.

Tice reveals NSA surveillance of top elected officials and judges, Drake expresses his indignation over the NSA-approved talking point “more spying on Americans could’ve prevented 9/11", Binney explains why he resigned after 30 years, and Roark, who was a top staffer at the House Intelligence Committee, shares her nightmare from being targeted for retaliation along with Drake, Binney and others.

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De-Manufacturing Consent- “A Journey through the Narcoland: Money, Drugs, Lies & the Worst Face of Government Corruption”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Anabel Hernandez

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by investigative reporter and author of the bestselling book, Narcoland: The Mexican Drug Lords and their Godfathers, Ms. Anabel Hernandez. Anabel shares her remarkable story, detailing the tragedy her family endured and how it sparked a journey uncovering the hidden world of organized crime, implicating the highest levels of government.

We discuss the contents of her book, Narcoland, her discovery of the federal government's complicity in the prison escape of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who the big players really are, and where the truth leads when you follow the money. Despite constant threats to her life and currently under 24-hour protection, Anabel deconstructs the Mexican government's demonstrable lies and propaganda spin and demonstrates that the real story is not the cartels or the violence—the "mother of all problems" is government corruption.

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Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson-“North Korea: Where Should the Focus Be?”

Ryan Dawson Presents Professor Christine Hong

GPSometimes the voices for peace get drowned out by all the saber rattling and chest pounding in the press and general discourse about potential war. Are North Korea's recent actions really actions or predictable reactions to US and South Korean policies such as war games and simulated invasion drills on North Korea? As Ron Paul would point out, what if someone did that to us? How would we react? Joining me today to cover some of the history of the struggle, and the some of the less mentioned facets of war, is Professor Christine Hong from the University of California at Santa Cruz. How can we cool off such a hot spot and proxy for anti-China policies in the Pacific? Tune in.

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The Reality Principle -Episode 21

“Fukushima: 2 Years Later” with James Corbett

RPLogoEarlier this month marked the two year anniversary of the disaster at Fukushima. Despite the fact that so much time has passed, we still have very few answers to the multitude of questions and concerns that the incident raised. Joining Eric on the program this week is independent journalist James Corbett, founder of FukushimaUpdate.com and CorbettReport.com. Eric and James discuss the literal and figurative fallout from the disaster and the role of the Japanese and US governments in covering up the truth of the situation. Living in Japan, James is able to provide unique perspectives and insights into the thoughts and attitudes of the people of Japan as well as explain for listeners some of the domestic politics surrounding the issue. Eric and James also analyze the ways in which this issue is far from resolved as the world teeters on the brink of a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. Additionally, James and Eric discuss the future of energy in Japan and around the world as millions finally begin to wake up to the dangers of nuclear power and those who profit from it.

James Corbett is an independent journalist and founder of CorbettReport.com. He is a contributor to BoilingFrogsPost.com as well as a number of other news outlets. Based in Japan, James Corbett is one of the indispensable figures in the alternative media, shattering the lies and mythologies fed to people by the corporate media. Follow his work at http://CorbettReport.com

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Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 21

Marvin Gaye


This week's BFP/Jamiol pick is Inner City Blues from the soulful artistry of Marvin Gaye. He wrote the song in 1971 for his album What's Going On. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Marvin Gaye number 6 on its list of the Greatest Singers of All Time. This soulful tune is one of the reasons why. [Read more...]

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 21

What is Anarchism?

Anarchism is often thought of as synonymous with "chaos" and "disorder," which is a far cry from its original philosophy and actions. As one of the first anarchist philosophers articulated, "Anarchy is Order."

Articulating a philosophy and envisioning a society free of hierarchical organization and domination, anarchy has set itself against all established and institutional forms of power and structure. Various strands of anarchistic thought can be found through human history, dating to ancient Chinese Taoists, in ancient Greece, and through the peasant rebellions of the Middle Ages, but it was not until the late 18th and early 19th centuries that anarchism came to be defined as a distinct ideology and the word began to be used. Emerging organically in different places at different times, anarchy represents a reaction against all forms of repression and domination. It has strong rootss in Jewish emigration following the anti-Semitic pogroms of Czarist Russia, and was a major factor during the Russian Revolution. The greatest example of an anarchistic success and failure was during the Spanish Revolution and Civil War in the 1930s, when a massive anarchist movement threatened the very survival of the state, leading to foreign interventions on the part of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and the Western liberal democratic states, all of which battled against and ultimately destroyed the most powerful movement in Spain, the anarchists.

This strain of thought is re-emerging today, in different contexts and with different tactics and ideas, but it is again making itself a force to be reckoned with.

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