BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials-August 25, 2011

Iran Sues Russia for Reneging on Missile Sale, Who’s Who in the World of Super PACs, Amnesty for the Indefensible, China Launches Communications Satellite for Pakistan, A Huge Housing Bargain …But Not for You, Quake Risk to Reactors?, The Old Media are the Real Enemy, Yemen Airstrikes Kill 36, Leaked Cable: McCain Promised Qaddafi to […]

BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials-August 24, 2011

With CIA Help, NYPD Moves Covertly in Muslim Areas, Pepe Escobar: Disaster Capitalism Swoops Over Libya, Sweet & Lowdown: Libyan Liberation, Richard Haass Urges ‘Occupation’ of Libya to ‘Maintain Order’, New Leaks Reveal Insider Tips on S&P’s US Credit Downgrade to “Privileged Clients”, Does Qaddafi’s Fate Await Assad?, US Gives Green Light to Turkey to […]

BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials-August 23, 2011

US Threatens Eritrea Over Support for Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorist, Afghan War will Continue for Foreseeable Future, Ridiculous FBI List: You Might be a Domestic Terrorist if…, The Empire at Dusk, Pepe Escobar: Welcome to Libya’s ‘Democracy’, Airport Screening Policy: Repression or Discretion?, Welcome to NATO’s New Colony, Libya, Bernanke’s Worst Nightmare, Biden Offers US Support […]

BFP Select Nightly News & Editorials-August 22, 2011

Libyan Deaths-Media Silence, Health IT Revolving Door, Standard & Poor’s and Bilderbergers, The True Cost of the Bank Bailout, Obama Bans War Criminals…Except Our Own, Libya: Gaddafi’s Son Arrested During Al Jazeera Interview, Kosovo: NATO’s Violation of its UN Mandate, Wiki War: 3500 Unpublished Leaks Destroyed Forever, Confronting the Military Industrial Complex: The MIC at […]

The Impulse to Secrecy: The Glomar Response

Distorting & Undermining Institutional Accountability & The U.S. legal system By William Weaver The impulse to secrecy is now the dominant trait of federal government.  Public access to information is disappearing faster than the Amazon rain forest, and a recent case is an important example of how this impulse distorts and undermines crucial institutional accountability […]