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Wall Street-ers Top Obama Re-election Supporters… more than 2008, 'Israeli Style' Airports in Ex America, The Development of 'Privacy Killing Technologies', Libya Transitional Council Rebels in Total Disarray, Mongolia Military Trains with US- Buys Fighters from Russia, US Grows a Tree of Tension with Iran, Video: War by Other Means & More!


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 “The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting.”-Charles Bukowski  

International Newsworthy

Mullen Demands Pakistan Launch a Military Offensive Against North Waziristan

Egyptian Army Clears Tahrir Square with Force

Libya Transitional Council Rebels in Total Disarray

China Blames Pakistan for Harboring Uyghur Terrorists

Russia Accuses US of Fueling Georgian 'Revanchism'

Mongolia Military Trains with US, Buys Fighters from Russia

US Grows a Tree of Tension with Iran

Turkey: Military Resignation Strategy Backfires

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Sunday Noteworthy Articles & Reports

US Mega Corporations & Bilderberg, The Strange Silencing of Liberal America, The Eight Outrageous Costs of the War on Terror & More!

I have a few note-worthy articles and reports for this Sunday.

bilderbergSince we have been covering Mega Corporate-Foundations I am going to begin with a well-researched and nicely-written report on Bilderberg and US Corporations by Gavin Marshall at Center for Research on Globalization:

Bilderberg 2011: The Rockefeller World Order and the "High Priests of Globalization" 
By Andrew Gavin Marshall, Global

The fact that the major American foundations – Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford – were so pivotal in the origins of the Bilderberg Group is not a mere coincidence. The foundations have, since their founding at the beginning of the 20th century, been the central institutions in constructing consensus among elites, and creating consent to power. They are, in short, the engines of social engineering: both for elite circles specifically, and society as a whole, more generally. As Professor of Education Robert F. Arnove wrote in his book Philanthropy and Cultural Imperialism:

Foundations like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Ford have a corrosive influence on a democratic society; they represent relatively unregulated and unaccountable concentrations of power and wealth which buy talent, promote causes, and, in effect, establish an agenda of what merits society’s attention. They serve as “cooling-out” agencies, delaying and preventing more radical, structural change. They help maintain an economic and political order, international in scope, which benefits the ruling-class interests of philanthropists and philanthropoids – a system which... has worked against the interests of minorities, the working class, and Third World peoples.[8]

These foundations had been central in promoting the ideology of ‘globalism’ that laid the groundwork for organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group to exist. The Rockefeller Foundation, in particular, supported several organizations that promoted a ‘liberal internationalist’ philosophy, the aim of which:

was to support a foreign policy within a new world order that was to feature the United States as the leading power – a programme defined by the Rockefeller Foundation as ‘disinterested’, ‘objective’ and even ‘non-political’... The construction of a new internationalist consensus required the conscious, targeted funding of individuals and organizations who questioned and undermined the supporters of the ‘old order’ while simultaneously promoting the ‘new’.[9]

The major foundations funded and created not only policy-oriented institutes such as think tanks, but they were also pivotal in the organization and construction of universities and education itself, in particular, the study of ‘international relations.’[10] The influence of foundations over education and universities and thus, ‘knowledge’ itself, is unparalleled.

You can read the entire article here.

The New York Times published an appalling report on our war in Afghanistan. Before you read the article recall the following: the Afghanistan government happens to be our puppet government installed by us; the Taliban has no military headquarters like the Pentagon, no tanks, warplanes, no nuclear or modern bombs, no organized military…Think of caves, pitchforks or maybe a few old and outdated Kalashnikovs; think a third world country with a GDP of less than $15 billion. So we’ve been bombing the hell out of this third world country-their mud houses and caves, with our own government in charge there, and we keep bombing. We keep escalating our bombing. Those bomb inventories need to be reduced so that the megas can produce and sell more bombs (to our government in return for billions of our tax dollars). For every bomb dropped, for every piece of equipment deployed, a handful of megas make millions of dollars. OK? [Read more...]