Boiling Frogs Post: The Coming Chapter

What we have been doing & what we will be doing

sibelIt’s been a very busy month for Boiling Frogs Post. The ‘busy’ includes what you’ve been reading, watching and listening to here, and also what’s been taking place behind the scene invisible to you all. Let me start with what we have been doing before I get to where we are headed:

-We moved BFP to a new Hosting company.

-We upgraded our server package and monthly hosting services.

-We are in the middle of making our website Mobile Compatible, to enable you to get to the site on the go.

-We have purchased several software packages and Plug INS to be used for our upcoming video-audio services and Database management- operations.

It may sound pretty simple for those of you who are tech and website savvy, but let me tell you, it has been anything but smooth and easy for me. The following words come fairly close to describing the process for tech-challenged me with limited resources: frustrating, agitating, at times bewildering, and sometimes even depressing! You are looking at a woman who still doesn’t own any of the current jazzed up mobile devices. My simple cell phone was made in 2005, and my very rarely used laptop is at least 6 years old. Do you get the picture? No IPhone, no IPad or whatever else is out there the names of which I don’t even know. Okay; okay.

puzzleOn the positive front here is what I have been planning and working on with my partners:

Two weeks ago I added our BFP Select Evening News & Editorials feature, and you have seen it 5 weeknights for two weeks. That too expanded a bit to include nightly select videos, nightly quote and funnies. I have to admit I love doing it. Is it time consuming? Yes, but definitely important and worth it.

We now have a partnership agreement with James Corbett to produce exclusive video reports for BFP. You have already watched 4 test videos on FBI Secret Files; Corporate Foundations; Obama Transparency Award; and the Murdoch Scandal. Again, it’s been a pleasure working with James, a partner who I respect, who is highly professional, an excellent investigative researcher and writer, eloquent, articulate, nonpartisan, and 100% independent.

We just published our 50th Boiling Frogs Podcast interview. I’ve had a meeting and several discussions with Peter B Collins on how to present these 60-minute solid interviews weekly without commercials-advertisement, and expand from there.

We now have two incredible researchers and analysts, Julia Davis and Bill Bergman, who will contribute to BFP regularly. And of course, we have had the honor of having our award-winning Paul Jamiol contribute fabulous and original political toons regularly to BFP for almost two years.

We are also planning to add a members’ interactive news and discussion forum, where members can post news related items and other political discussion topics on our areas of interest such as: Our hypocrisy-ridden foreign policy, police state practices and news, civil liberties and related activism, government whistleblowers, 9/11, etc.

To sum it up, for our coming Boiling Frogs chapter, we are planning to offer you exclusive weekly video reports and podcast interviews, an interactive members’ forum, weekly editorial-political cartoons, select nightly news-editorials-video round up, weekly investigative research and analyses, and other articles and commentaries.

Now, the question of how are we going to make these plans-objectives possible? [Read more...]

Part IV. POGO: Mastering the Art of Lap-Dancing for Mega Sugar Daddies

Follow the Money …Even when it comes to NGO Mini Lap-Dogs

lapdogWe began our series with a snapshot of Mega Corporate Foundations extending their tentacles to organizations and entities involved in government watchdog practices and grassroots activism. We summarized the classic story of the transformation from Government Watchdogs to Mega-Corporate Lapdogs. We presented to you the profile of “An Ideal Watch-Dog Lap-Dog” from the perspective of a well-known Mega Corporate Foundation-Carnegie: A Government Watch-Dog Lap-Dog that is loved & cherished by the entire government. Now it is time to take a look at the profile of a mini watch-dog lap-dog: the sugar daddies pouring large sums into their panties, how much money they get, who conducts and choreographs the lap-dance shows internally, and what they show and market as ‘performance’ to the public .

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Like many grassroots and government watchdog entities out there POGO started small and passionate with noble intentions and objectives: [Read more...]

Podcast Show #49

The Boiling Frogs Presents Julia Davis

BFP Podcast Logo

Julia Davis joins us to discuss her experience with the Department of Homeland Security as a federal officer, her discovery and reporting of serious security lapses within the department, and the unprecedented magnitude of retaliation and abuses she suffered as a whistleblower. She talks about the recently screened documentary on her plight, The Terror Within, how the DHS spent their money on aerial surveillance with a Blackhawk helicopter and a fixed-wing airplane, warrantless surveillance, wiretaps, sneak and peek burglaries, Internet monitoring and On-Star tracking of her and her family, the mainstream media, and more!

JuliaDavisJulia Davis is a National Security/Anti-Terrorism Expert, Investigative Journalist, former Customs and Border Protection Officer and a National Security Whistleblower. Julia is a member of the Academy of Arts & Sciences and Screen Actors Guild. She serves as an Advisory Council member for the Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Fame. Julia earned a Master’s degree as an Aviation and Spacecraft Engineer, she is fluent in four languages and graduated with honors from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). Julia wrote the screenplay for an award-winning feature film, authored teleplays for TV Series/ documentaries and is an accredited film and television producer. Her investigative reports, news articles and photographs have been prominently featured by various publications and news outlets.

Here is our guest Julia Davis unplugged!

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A New Documentary: The Terror Within

A new documentary film regarding whistleblower Julia Davis, who worked as a federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security: The Terror Within

“The Terror Within” details the unprecedented magnitude of retaliation and abuses of the PATRIOT Act in the case of Julia Davis. The documentary will show American taxpayers how the DHS spent their money on aerial surveillance with a Blackhawk helicopter and a fixed-wing airplane, warrantless surveillance, wiretaps, sneak and peek burglaries, Internet monitoring and On-Star tracking of the Davis family.

When people hear this story for the first time, they are in disbelief that something like this could happen in America. It shouldn’t, but it did. The truth is indeed stranger than fiction. You might think that events of this magnitude happen only in the movies – until it happens to you,” said Julia Davis.   

You can watch the trailer here.

This site depends exclusively on readers’ support. Please help us continue by contributing directly and or purchasing Boiling Frogs showcased products.

POGO Refuses to Rescind Obama’s Transparency Award

Blowing the Whistle on Those Who Falsely Claimed to Act on our Behalf

By Julia Davis

WhistleIn response to the petition from numerous groups and whistleblowers, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) authored a blog on POGO’s website. While POGO’s response doesn’t contain any earth-shattering revelations, some of the attempts to justify the “Transparency Award” recently given to President Obama warrant a response.

POGO recently pondered whether they should buy a 30-second video spot on the CBS videotron in Times Square. They asked whistleblowers for feedback about the billboard. Unfortunately, they didn’t ask for feedback when it really mattered - prior to bestowing a Transparency Award upon President Obama. Now, in light of the mounting pressure to rescind this award, POGO dismissively refers to our opposition as a mere “distraction”.

Looking Forward, Moving Backward

POGO disingenuously claims that the Bush administration is at fault for the ongoing investigations and prosecutions against whistleblowers, undertaken by the current administration. In POGO’s blog describing the conversation with President Obama on the day when he received a “Transparency Award”, Danielle Brian wrote: 

"I noted, however, that the current aggressive prosecution of national security whistleblowers is undermining this legacy… The President shifted in his seat and leaned forward. He said he wanted to engage on this topic because this may be where we have some differences."

POGO claims that the ongoing prosecutions of whistleblowers simply happened to “ripen” just in time to be pursued by this administration. Such an assertion rings hollow in light of this administration’s decision not to file charges against the Bush regime under the guise of “looking forward and not backwards”, stating that this is “a time for reflection, not retribution". Apparently, this serene forgiveness applies to those responsible for war crimes, torture, and illegal spying, but not to the whistleblowers.

Contrary to POGO’s deeply flawed arguments, it is within this administration’s discretion to decide who gets prosecuted. These decisions have been chilling so far. Lucy Dalglish, Executive Director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said:  "The whole point of the prosecution is to have a chilling effect on reporters and sources, and it will." While such prosecutions are ongoing, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press,, Project on Government Oversight, OMB Watch and the National Security Archive saw it fit to endorse these actions through a Transparency Award. By definition, an award is something that was earned, is deserved and encourages more of the same. That is hardly the message our supposed transparency advocates should be sending.  [Read more...]