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Classified Woman-Information & Updates

Independent Publishing: The Best Way to Go

During the last few months I have been receiving several inquiries a day regarding my memoir Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story. You have been asking about future book signing events, and some of you want to know about it’s availability-nationally and internationally.

It seems that despite setting up a separate website for my book, for whatever reason(s) most people are unaware of the straight story on the journey it took to publish this book. I don’t blame you. There are billions of ‘things’ on the internet-how do we wade through all that information?

The short story is this: After waiting for almost a year for the FBI’s pre-publication review process, after fighting the FBI-DOJ for a year to obtain the ‘required’ pre-pub approval, and after trying to get this book published via traditional publishing channels (All of whom required direct FBI blessing and complete partisan narrative) … I said ‘the heck with it all,’ then I put together my own team of editor, proof-reader and cover-designer, and I published this memoir all by myself; independently and without the government’s approval or a single middleman. [Read more...]

My Latest In-Depth Interview: Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast Show

Truly Unplugged with Two Great Interviewers!

Two weeks ago I had a nice long interview session with two great interviewers, Guy Evans & James Wilson, with a solid independent website called ‘Smells Like Human Spirit.’ By now you all know what I mean by ‘great interviewers,’ right? Those who research their guest’s background and topic thoroughly, ask intelligent questions, let the guest talk-really talk and get truly unplugged, and don’t engage in annoying interruptions with shallow goofy comments. Oh, add to that a nonpartisan point of view, independent, passionate, commercial free (Man, I hate those commercial interruptions!) and while you are at it throw in deserved adjectives such as articulate … and, well, you’ve got what I refer to as ‘great interviewers.’

By the way, here is a side note: The above qualities fit my co-host Peter B Collins –that’s why he’s been my favorite radio host for years. As for me … hmmmm … okay, maybe partially. I do my research, I am totally nonpartisan and independent, but, a big chunky ‘BUT’: sometimes I lose my patience, I get disgusted, then I get a bit pi—ed, and, oh well, I am not able to hide and repress it, and you (our listeners) all can tell. This is where the big difference is between a real professional radio host and … ‘me.’ I am truly thankful for my co-host’s unlimited  patience with me and my listeners’ tolerance.

All right, this post is about Smells Like Human Spirit, their recent interview with me, and my unplugging (yep, when I get to talk, talk, talk, and talk):

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The New American Magazine’s William Jasper Reviews Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story

SEReviewI am truly grateful to Mr. Jasper and the New American Magazine for writing and publishing this very well-written and assessed review of my book. This review is written by a journalist and author who knows and truly understands the saga of government whistleblowers. Several years ago, in the early-mid 2000s, Mr. Jasper was one of very few true journalists who daringly covered, reported, and wrote about the facts and harsh realities involved in cases of national security whistleblowers- including me and several members of our organization (NSWBC).  As you can tell from the review below, he understands and knows what he is talking about, and that my friends, is a real rarity when it comes to the US media and those who sell themselves off as journalists. Here are some excerpts from the review:

Imagine that you have a Top Secret clearance and are privy to some of our country’s most sensitive national security information. In that capacity, you discover that some of the highest elected and appointed political leaders in the land are engaged in espionage and treason, accepting bribes and selling weapons and information (including nuclear weapons secrets) to foreign powers, including our enemies. Moreover, you learn that some of your co-workers are in league with these conspirators, covering up the evidence trail and misdirecting those tasked with preventing such security breaches.

Shocked at the blatant betrayals you have discovered, you do the right thing and report this to your superiors. It’s not only the morally right thing to do; you are duty-bound, oath-bound to do no less. Agency policy and federal law require you to do no less. Having done your duty, you expect that higher-ups in the chain of command will do theirs. But time passes and nothing changes. You press the matter with superiors only to be told not to “rock the boat.” But with so much at stake, you refuse to simply drop the issue and allow treason to continue unchallenged. Some colleagues are sympathetic but warn you that you are pursuing a futile course that will only bring retaliation, harassment, and even danger to you and your family. Undaunted, and with no other option, you jump rank and take the matter to the top of your agency. Action is swift, but not what you had expected. Instead of investigating and prosecuting the spies and traitors, it is you who are subjected to investigation, surveillance, harassment, threats, and intimidation. [Read more...]

“Sibel Edmonds’s Secrets” – Philip Giraldi Reviews Classified Woman @ The American Conservative Magazine

Sibel Conservative magazine ReviewThe anticipation is over. The review of my memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story is published in the American Conservative Magazine. You can read the entire review here. I think Mr. Giraldi has done a good job, and done so objectively-free of any bias. I am grateful. I know how hard it is to review 350+ pages filled with information and try to fit it into only so-many words (limited space), so my hat is off to him for taking on that task, producing a solid and objective review. Here are a few excerpts from the review:

“I will not even try to reconstruct all the twists and turns that Edmonds describes in her 341 pages, but rest assured that she has the ability to surprise one with new revelations, even for readers like myself who have been following her case.”

“…She speculates that that her ostracism by the Fourth Estate, and also by congressmen who were ostensibly engaged in elevating government ethics, is due to the fact that both Republicans and Democrats were parties to the criminal behavior that she describes. In one particularly delicious account of high level shenanigans she recounts how an interview with Congressman Henry Waxman’s House Oversight and Government Reform staff was stopped abruptly when a staffer asked her if any Democrats were involved. “We have to stop here and not go any further. We don’t want to know,” he intoned after she confirmed that the malfeasance was not strictly GOP.

Perhaps more disturbing, Edmonds describes a number of failures to appreciate significant intelligence that might have enabled the government to foil 9/11, all part and parcel of a pervasive underlying narrative of espionage and corruption by high level government officials, both appointed and elected. She names names at the bureau, in Congress, and also at the State Department and Pentagon, including Congressmen Dennis Hastert, Dan Burton, Roy Blunt, Bob Livingston, Stephen Solarz, and Tom Lantos. She also fingers Douglas Feith, who headed the Office of Special Plans at the Pentagon, and Marc Grossman, who was the third ranking official at the State Department. Per Edmonds, all were part of the vast criminal enterprise that stole U.S. defense secrets, diverted weapons sales through false end-user certificates, participated in drug trafficking, and engaged in money laundering and bribery.”

Again, I encourage you to read the entire review, and for those of you who have read my book, please consider posting your comment(s) there and thank Mr. Giraldi and TAM for daring the establishment, being journalistically objective, and continuing to stand up for issues and cases declared forbidden by the status quo.

Those of you who are new to this website, my case and my book, here is how you can purchase Classified Woman despite its being officially declared forbidden by the government, the establishment publishers-media and all the parasitic bottom-feeders below them:

You can visit the Classified Woman website here:

Classified Woman can now be purchased at Amazon, Kindle, Nook and directly here:

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Coming Up This Friday: The American Conservative Magazine’s Review of ‘Classified Woman’ By Philip Giraldi

CWI just got a heads up on the coming review of my book Classified Woman in The American Conservative magazine by Philip Giraldi. I am thrilled. I am honored. And most importantly, I am heartened to see channels still-not-corrupted or co-opted by the government-the establishment and its tentacles.

Now, let me be forward and forewarn you: I have no idea if the review is going to be positive, negative or something in between. I don’t have a clue on the coming content of this review. But I have to tell you, no matter what, it is an honor to have it reviewed and written by Philip Giraldi. He is a man of integrity. He’s been out there for a long time taking on topics and targets long-declared untouchable. He talks the talk, and is not afraid of walking the walk to go along with it. Thank you Mr. Giraldi and TAC for being courageous, daring, and journalistically independent, and of course, not for the first time in my case.

So yes, I am curious, excited, and a bit nervous. I will know more, together with the rest of you, this coming Friday. The review will be posted here at Boiling Frogs Post.

Meanwhile, those of you who are new to this website, my case and my book, here is how you can purchase Classified Woman despite it being officially declared forbidden by the government, the establishment publishers-media and all the parasitic bottom-feeders below them:

You can visit the Classified Woman website here:

Classified Woman can now be purchased at Amazon, Kindle, Nook and directly here:

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You can purchase your personalized signed copy for $49.95 + Shipping & Handling.

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Video- Sibel Edmonds on the US Police State with James Corbett

Boiling Frogs Post Solely Depends on ‘You’

Sibel Edmonds of joins us for a discussion on the police state in the US, the broken political system and the independent voices that are shining a light on it all. We also talk about the forthcoming Boiling Frogs Post DVD Vol. 2 and Sibel’s memoir, Classified Woman. [Read more...]

Oregon-Beyond Portland

Classified Woman on Lew Rockwell Show-Transcript

oregonI’ve been meaning to write a long post to update you on my major life-change; however, I’ve been racing against time; nonstop-since July. Here is a brief update instead of waiting for a needed break to write a comprehensive update:

First, I want to thank all your well-wishes and warm welcomes from our Oregonian supporters. For some reason many have automatically assumed Portland as my new home city. Could it be my life-long big-city-girl status (Istanbul, Tehran, Baku, Washington DC …)? Most likely ‘Yes,’ but I am happily going to prove you wrong on that one.

I chose a tiny little city in Central Oregon as my new home. Hello Central Oregon! I am surrounded by beautiful mountains, dozens of lakes-rivers-creeks. I am lucky to not face anything that even slightly resembles the horrendous traffic (round the clock rush-hour) in the DC area. I love the laid- back and friendly attitude of people (no more nasty stressed-out big city people). And I am relieved by reasonable living expenses such as affordable housing. We have a nice library and many outdoor activities for children here. For a tiny little city this place has dozens of awesome coffeehouses (some of you know my absurd addiction to good espresso/coffee).To make the long story short: I am loving it up here. Do we have anyone from Central Oregon among our irate minority friends? If yes, please let me know. I haven’t explored the political landscape here. Not yet.

Now, the move. What a ride! We sold our house, all our furniture and ‘things’ except for pictures-books and a few sentimental items (mainly my daughter’s toys). We sold our car.  We were on the road for a few weeks. We got here, and had a hard time securing a short-term rental due to the high season for tourism. We lived in 3 different vacation rentals, two of which didn’t have land-line or reliable internet connections.  We found our long-term housing, got it, and for the past couple of weeks I’ve been frantically working on furnishing it (from furniture to linens, plates, cutleries … you name it! Again, to make this brief, by October 25 we should be in our new house, and almost settled with my PC back (my lap top is 7 years old and semi-functional), my land-line and reliable internet connection in place .. basically, I will be in a place that I can call ‘home.’ [Read more...]

Classified Woman at Lew Rockwell Show

The United States of Terrorism

USTLast Thursday, one day before leaving the sin city, in our temporary suitcase-filled rental apartment, I gave an interview to Lew Rockwell on Classified Woman and much more. I say much more because despite all the chaos I was unusually relaxed and open during this interview. Part of it had to do with my interviewee; someone I respect-someone who understands, and if you listen to this show you’ll find another reason (why I chose Mr. Rockwell as one of the first recipients of advanced copies of my book).

I am sure as in almost all my interviews I am going to get ‘some’ royally ticked off. But hey, think about it, if your interviews/statements leave everyone happy, if you end up not ticking off anyone with what you put forth, … well, then you may as well run for a political office and be among those engaged in screwing our nation. Don’t you agree? Oh, by the way, that’s me in the picture according to ‘some’;-)

Anyhow, I am still in between states-currently in Arizona. The internet connection in my hotel room is pretty iffy. So I will cut this post short and let you listen to my interview with Lew Rockwell: Click Here.

Classified Woman at FireDogLake Book Salon Tonight

SEI will be at FireDogLake Book Salon this evening (Saturday, June 30, 2012). The two-hour session will be hosted and moderated by Kevin Gosztola. We’ll be discussing and taking your questions and comments on my memoir Classified Woman, the persecution and prosecution of government whistleblowers, government censorship and excessive secrecy, and more! Mr. Gosztola is one of the most respected experts on these issues. He has been covering these topics for years through sound and objective analyses and articles at FDL.  FDL has consistently supported government whistleblowers and truth-tellers, and has done so without any partisanship spin or angles. It is an honor to be there and have this opportunity.

The session will start at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern).You can register and join the discussion session here.

Signed Copy of Sibel Edmonds’ recently released memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story

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Press Release: FBI Attempts to Hold Sibel Edmonds’ Book Hostage- Illegally & Unconstitutionally

Investigation Shows Agency Used Contract to Censor Whistleblowers

PR1The following press release was issued today by my attorneys and the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC). For the full release visit their website at

Washington, D.C. April 10, 2012. Today, the National Whistleblowers Center (NWC) revealed that the FBI required employees to sign employment contracts that are illegal under Federal law. The NWC launched the investigation in response to a nearly yearlong campaign by the FBI to prevent the publication of whistleblower Sibel Edmonds’ new book, Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. [Read more...]