Processing Distortion: “Early NSA Whistleblower on Snowden’s Summer of Leaks”

Peter B. Collins Presents NSA Whistleblower Mark Klein

Mark Klein was among the first to expose the NSA's domestic wiretapping efforts. The former A T & T technician watched the construction of the secret switching room at the telecom's facility on Folsom Street in San Francisco, and described it in detail in his book, Wiring Up the Big Brother Machine....And Fighting It. In this wide ranging conversation, Klein displays deep knowledge of the surveillance state, and offers many candid comments. He praises Ed Snowden for his disclosures, embraces proposals to repeal the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments laws of 2008 and 2012, and calls for the FISA court to be dismantled. Klein is not afraid to call out the lies of Obama, Clapper and Alexander. While he supports a deep investigation and reform of our rogue intelligence agencies, he doesn't believe the current Congress is capable of real reform, and is especially critical of Senate Intelligence chair Dianne Feinstein.

*Mark Klein worked for A T & T for 22 years, and is retired. His book is available at

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Processing Distortion: “Exposing the Appalling Corruption, Cronyism & Cover-Ups at NSA”

Peter B. Collins Presents NSA Whistleblower William Binney & the Nation’s Journalist Tim Shorrock

NSA Whistleblower William Binney and journalist Tim Shorrock of The Nation joins us for an in-depth and riveting discussion on the illegal domestic surveillance, corruption, cronyism and cover-ups at NSA.

William Binney, who spent 35 years at National Security Agency and quit over illegal domestic surveillance, explains how inexperienced the outside contractors were in the process of spycraft, sounds a clear warning about the massive permanent collection of electronic communications, and much more. Tim Shorrock covers the profiteering by an array of well-connected defense contractors led by SAIC, the privatization of national security tasks that ballooned after 9/11, the revolving door history of top officials like Bill Black, who worked for SAIC right before he became #2 at NSA, and the role of director Michael Hayden in the promotion of Trailblazer and evading responsibility for its failure.

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Site Updates for November 23

Weekly Interviews, Article Update, & A Few Noteworthy Links

SibelsBFLogoOur Boiling Frogs Show is now officially a weekly-based Podcast interview series. The interviews will be posted every Friday afternoon. Our upcoming guests: Mizgin Yilmaz, Kristina Borjesson, Mark Klein, Pepe Escobar, and Russ Baker. We are scheduling several other exciting and informative interviews; stay tuned.

We have an updated version of Joe Lauria’s FROM FLATBUSH TO THE STREETS OF KANDAHAR here. My site statistics report says it’s been widely clicked-upon & downloaded, so check it out if you haven’t read this solid piece, and go back and re-read it if you’ve read the original piece and want more!

Noteworthy Stories & Links

Welcome Comrade Maobama

Pepe Escobar has a two-part series on Obama’s China Visit at Asia Times. For those of you who may not know; I happen to be a big fan of Mr. Escobar, his solid track record in investigative journalism, his bold and witty writing style, and his untainted and independent stand when it comes to real reporting. When you get a chance check out ‘The Best of Pepe Escobar’ at Asia Times . Here is his part I:

Welcome Comrade Maobama, Part I

As mentioned above, last week we interviewed Mr. Escobar, and will publish the interview in about 4 weeks. 

Lobbyists Boldly Craft & Insert Provisions to the House Bill

As the numbers and actions of sold out spineless representatives in Congress increase, the lobby industry’s takeover of Congress and our legislation gets bolder and bolder. Here is a recent example presented by the Sunlight Foundation:

More than a dozen lawmakers inserted statements supporting a biotechnology provision added to the House health care bill that was crafted by lobbyists for the biotechnology firm Genentech.

Wait a minute before you start waving the ‘oh the shameless Republicans,’ or ‘sold out spineless Democrats’ flag, because this ain’t partisan, as most significant problems rotting our nation are not:

The Genentech lobbyists crafted two statements — one for Democrats and one for Republicans — for lawmakers to insert into the Congressional Record. The collection of lawmakers is very bipartisan with ten Republicans and eight Democrats issuing near identical statements. (One Democrat, Rep. Heath Shuler, inserted the Republican statement.)

As for the implications? Here is a sound, important, but still micro-level conclusion on implications being cited by several sites and forums: [Read more...]