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Monthly Report-July 2009

Updates & AnnouncementsIt’s been a roller-coaster week and I expect that to continue for the next few days. My week was taken up with the latest frenzy surrounding the congressional campaign on the whistleblower protection bill. Also, I was presented with a very interesting development in a case that seems to be related to my […]

Monthly Round Up: May 10-June 10, 2009

123 Real Change- Progress Report & Notes Hard to believe it’s already been a month since I finally got down to it, joined the blogosphere, and started this blog. Originally I thought the blog would be limited to a few posts per month, mainly short commentaries on issues and topics of interest to me, and […]

TGIF Lite Post

Favorite Quotes on MSMAs you must already know I have a ‘thing’ for well-crafted, punchy, witty, deep, or sometimes ultra sarcastic quotes. I truly envy those who can deliver a loaded message, a deep philosophical thought, or a mucking criticism, in a few wisely selected words and in one or two simply but effectively crafted […]

TGIF Lite Post

Cartoons and Political Activism Editorial Cartoons, also known as political cartoons, can be powerful and effective in explaining political issues and current events. Cartoons can evoke compassion and ignite outrage. They can promote ideals and act as catalysts to propel action for change through creative use of visual art.They help shape public opinion (positively and […]