BFP Sunday Poetry: Waiting for the Signal

Waiting For The Signal These pages that bring us together are the fire in the cave above the stream, no dream we move in and out of, faceless, expendable, waiting for a burst of wings to spill our pooled bones like coins over the chilled and silent ground we fell in love with so long […]

“Sky Collapses on the Passamari” – By G. Karl Marcus

Sky Collapses on the Passamari Winter sky drapes the land, like a canopy dropped by unseen hands upon a cage. Farm ground blurs between houses at an imprecise place, over the creek,  beyond my neighbors’ spruce.  Past what we can see spreads the topography of an uncertain age. Fence posts pitch and lose themselves in […]

“Fukushima, Passamari, Spring” – By G. Karl Marcus

This intriguing beautiful poem was contributed to Boiling Frogs Post by G. Karl Marcus: Fukushima, Passamari, Spring Bow-legged two-legged, leaning on his hoe peers for garlic, late beneath the plum. Cuffs unbuttoned cut the wind like wings. He veers a stretch of sky between limbs and bed, tallying spears as if a golden gauging hares. […]

“Heroes” – A Poem by Gary Corseri

This powerful, moving poem was contributed to Boiling Frogs Post by Gary Corseri: Heroes Do not call them “heroes” if they have done your killing for you. Say that they have done your bidding; say they were your “soldiers.” Say that you have trained them well: They are the oiled machinations of war, performing as […]

“A Question For The Commander-in-Chief” by G. Karl Marcus

A Sunday Poem and Picture for You  This powerful poem was contributed to Boiling Frogs Post by G. Karl Marcus: A Question For The Commander-in-Chief When a bunker buster falls in the desert and no one shows you photos of the shadows of little bodies etched on concrete walls, are the screams of insane mothers […]

Chris Floyd’s ‘The Good Corporal’

‘To the Exposers of Power & the Troublers of Dreams’ Yesterday one of our readers e-mailed me a link to a recent work by Chris Floyd dedicated to truth tellers who are commonly labeled as whistleblowers, but aptly referred by him as the Exposers of Power and the Troublers of Dreams. About three years ago […]