Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: Deep State Sugar Daddies, Mega NGOs & Controlled Opposition

Welcome to our eighth episode of Probable Cause. During our previous episode we talked about one of several tactics used by the powers to counter viable activist movements: Use of Sheep-Dipped operatives.

In this episode we are going to discuss another widely-utilized strategy for the purpose of coopting, pacifying and neutralizing opposition groups, networks and grassroots activists: Coopting and neutralizing viable movements via deep-state-funded political NGOs. I will attempt to explain how this process takes place, why it has been a proven method for success (success for the powers; the deep state), and what happens when a movement resists the cooptation. As with the previous episode I will be providing you with a real-life example as context, and will outline the tactic through a step-by-step account.

What we are about to cover here is the real-life dead-end of many organizations that begin with very noble causes, with a small dedicated network of activists, who become viable opposition, thus, a target of suppression and cooptation.

As always, I will be providing my take based on my experience and through my own personal lens and analyses, and will pose macro questions for you to consider. And as usual our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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How the ACLU, Ron Paul and a former EFF Director helped jail a CIA whistleblower

Compliance Guide for 501(c)(3) - Internal Revenue Service

Pros & Cons of 501(c)(3) Status

Obama-Media Scandals- Only the Tip of The Iceberg: Wiretapping of US Congress & Using NGOs as Traps for Whistleblowers

Hidden Traps for Government Whistleblowers

Isn’t it ironic? After more than a decade of intensive government witch-hunting directed toward government whistleblowers and truth-tellers- who also happen to be the most valuable sources when it comes to media and journalism, the US media has suddenly become alert and apprehensive to its government’s decade-long snooping, targeting, persecuting, and prosecuting of information-transparency sources. That is, now that their turn has come. [Read more...]

The US Establishment NGOs: The Shields for Imperial Presidency

“The Lesser Visible Foot-Soldiers for the Continuity of the Establishment & Survival of Imperial Presidencies

Have you heard the latest on Obama’s Justice Department secretly subpoenaing the telephone records of AP editors and journalists, and tracking their ingoing and outgoing calls?

All Right.

Have you been paying attention to ‘another latest’ on Obama’s IRS deliberately targeting conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status in the run-up to the 2012 election? Did you know that the same IRS office under Obama released nine pending confidential applications of conservative groups to ProPublica late last year?


Did you know that Obama and his administration have engaged in more government secrecy than even the Bush Administration?


Are you aware that Obama has persecuted and prosecuted more whistleblowers than all US presidents combined, and that he’s considered the worst president in the history of the US when it comes to whistleblowers and truth-tellers?


I am sure you would also agree on Obama securing his status as one of the most anti-liberties presidents in the history of this nation-Hint: NDAA


Now I know the majority of Americans know, even those following establishment-mouthpiece media, all these facts. However, what this same majority doesn’t know is that it takes a village of sustainers, collaborators, obscurers and bottom-feeding foot soldiers to bring about, sustain, and shield an imperial presidency such as Obama’s. Let me give you a highly illustrative example extensively reported by Boiling Frogs Post two years ago: [Read more...]

Cocktail-Sipping Government Lap-Dogs Downplay the Real Attacks on Government Whistleblowers

Disgraced POGO Director in desperate attempt to save face after declaring President Obama as the most transparent President in the US History and giving him an award (in Secret) for his persecution and prosecution of government whistleblowers

cocktail1Let me start with a hypothetical scenario: There is an atrocious dictator who imprisons tortures and murders those who dare to criticize his regime. In any given week there are reported cases of dissenters who were sodomized, raped and or killed. Meanwhile, the members of his inner circle servants, in an attempt to make their king appear less despotic and atrocious, issued reports and statements on investigating how certain detainees’ toe nail polish was chipped. And, did it with a straight face. And, expected to be taken seriously and perceived as impartial investigatory bodies.

Now, allow me to present a real-life case in real-time: The corporate-lapdog media and NGOs have been running the following headline as an amazing revelation and exposé (think chipped toe nail polish, ok?): [Read more...]

FDL Takes on POGO in Support of Bradley Manning

Corporate-Funded Lap-Dog Watchdogs, AntiWar.Com, Whistleblowers & Bradley Manning

pogoLast year, in our series ‘Mega Corporate Foundations’ Lap-Dogs’ we took on pseudo-whistleblower watchdog organization Project on Government Oversight (POGO) and their consistent betrayal of legit government whistleblowers, their corporate sugar-daddies such as Soros-Rockefellers-Carnegie, and their incestuous relationship with the Executive Branch, especially the White House. You can read our coverage here, here, and here.  We also produced a video report on POGO begging the obvious question: Who’s Watching the Watchdogs: [Read more...]

Video Interview: The Realities of Whistleblowing

James Corbett Interviews Sibel Edmonds on ‘Whistleblowing’

Here is James Corbett's Video Interview of me for GRTV. You can visit James’ website for more. Please share, re-post and help disseminate this interview for the benefit of all to-be government whistleblowers. They are not going to get these facts from establishment and corporate funded whistleblower organizations, or Congress, or the US media. Thank you.

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AntiWar.Com’s Momentary Insanity or Selective Amnesia

Crucial Missing Information in Hasty Marketing of a Lap-Dog Watch-Dog

antiwarThis morning I was very surprised to find at AntiWar.Com a long marketing piece written on an infamous Lap-Dog Watch-Dog. Written by an apparently ignorant contributor, Kelley Vlahos, the piece is filled with highly selective and sugar-coated promotional misinformation. Missing from this PR piece for this corporate NGO was its $4 million backing by George Soros, Rockefeller family members, Carnegie, and numerous ‘Secret & Classified’ corporate backers. That’s not all. For a site that has been promoting itself as anti government secrecy, Antiwar.Com’s not-so-bright Vlahos conveniently blacks out POGO’s record on supporting the Obama administration’s retaliation against whistleblowers, his pro secrecy actions, and his anti transparency campaign since day one of his presidency. Let me show you the widely-watched record of this information that was intentionally left out by Antiwar.Com:

And this one:

Also numerous documented reports and article previously provided to Antiwar.Com; here are a few:

POGO: Mastering the Art of Lap-Dancing for Mega Sugar Daddies

A Watch-Dog for All Seasons

The Journey from Watch-Dogs to Lap-Dogs

The Tentacles of Megas

I have been a supporter of AntiWar.Com for many years. We have common readership with them here at Boiling Frogs Post. Granted, it’s been highly annoying to find more and more mainstream media (especially NY Times & Washington Post) generated news roundups at their website in the last few months, and less and less presentation of alternative voices. However, this one really goes beyond the level of my tolerance; as it should with many of their readers who have been dishing out $400,000 a year for them to remain an alternative. I hope their contributors will take this into consideration two months from now when they start beating the ‘help sustain us’ drum.  I know I am not going to support the next round until I see some signs of positive change…at least back to where they were before.

# # # #

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Part IV. POGO: Mastering the Art of Lap-Dancing for Mega Sugar Daddies

Follow the Money …Even when it comes to NGO Mini Lap-Dogs

lapdogWe began our series with a snapshot of Mega Corporate Foundations extending their tentacles to organizations and entities involved in government watchdog practices and grassroots activism. We summarized the classic story of the transformation from Government Watchdogs to Mega-Corporate Lapdogs. We presented to you the profile of “An Ideal Watch-Dog Lap-Dog” from the perspective of a well-known Mega Corporate Foundation-Carnegie: A Government Watch-Dog Lap-Dog that is loved & cherished by the entire government. Now it is time to take a look at the profile of a mini watch-dog lap-dog: the sugar daddies pouring large sums into their panties, how much money they get, who conducts and choreographs the lap-dance shows internally, and what they show and market as ‘performance’ to the public .

Project on Government Oversight (POGO)

Like many grassroots and government watchdog entities out there POGO started small and passionate with noble intentions and objectives: [Read more...]

Part III. A Watch-Dog for All Seasons

Carnegie Corporation: We Love POGO, So Does the Entire US Government!

JokerIn the spring of 2010 the Carnegie Corporation issued a glowing report on their favorite government watchdog Project on Government Oversight (POGO). The report was meant to justify and showcase the large grants given to POGO by the corporation over the last few years. In 2008 and 2009 alone the corporation had given over $700,000 to this pet-project (lap-dog aka watch-dog). After reading the report one can’t help but wonder at the miscalculation that went with this report’s intention. What was intended to be a glowing report ends up being a major indicator as to the real nature of this corporate-foundation funded government watch-dog turned lap-dog. Allow me to explain further:

Real government watchdogs, if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, if they are engaged in what they say they are engaged in, become the object of the government’s wrath and hatred. There is no way around this. No way. The executive branch agencies would be up in arms against them: digging their graves as ferocious and as fast as they can; overtly and covertly. And this includes the office of the United States President; the White House.

The legislative branch would be extremely wary of real government watchdogs. After all, real separation of powers ceased to exist a long time ago. Not only that; the last thing the US Congress wants is the existence of whistleblowers in their own backyard. Considering the level of corruption in Congress (think foreign lobby influence; think various methods of going around campaign finance laws; think campaign donors and conflicts of interest when it comes to the congressional decision and legislation making process) how many whistleblowers have we had coming out of congressional offices with reports of corruption, bribery, and other related misdeeds? I believe I have made the case here; suffice to say, Congress has never liked whistleblowers or genuine watchdog groups, evident by their resistance to providing real protection for whistleblowers, holding real hearings on legit whistleblower cases, and holding the executive branch accountable based on proven reports provided to them by whistleblowers.

I’ll go even further: The corporate mainstream media has never been very kind to government whistleblowers, and they usually perceive a genuine watchdog group as a real threat exposing their own cover-up or biased-filled reporting tainted by their masters in corporate and government. I mean, come on, what happens if a genuine watchdog group issues a report exposing illegal wiretapping by the government, when a giant media group, per order of their bosses, chooses to bury and sit on that same revelation? You see what I mean? The reason for the dislike goes beyond a ‘competitive’ relationship; way beyond it.

Now what should be the first thing, first inference, first conclusion, to come to mind (a rational mind that is) when one comes across a self-proclaimed tax-exempt mega corporation-funded watch-dog that happens to be adored by mega corporations, intensely liked by the Congress, truly liked by the executive branch including the White House, and very much admired and complemented by the tainted corporate media? Do you see something extremely disturbing yet very revealing with this picture? Then, with that in mind, let’s read the glowing report issued by the mega corporation, Carnegie Foundation, on their favorite watch-dog, POGO: [Read more...]

The EyeOpener: Who Watches the Watchdogs?

What influence do corporate foundation donors have over the organizations they are propping up?


Last month, the EyeOpener investigated the “transparency award” that was bestowed on Obama this past March by a bevy of government watchdog NGOs who are ostensibly advocating for more government openness. As we saw in that report, dozens of high profile government whistleblowers and organizations have launched a petition at calling on these NGOs to rescind the award in light of the Obama Administration’s abysmal record of government secrecy and unprecedented levels of whistleblower prosecution.

 In response to the petition, one of the NGOs named in our report posted a reply defending its decision to honor Obama on the transparency issue and questioning the motives of those opposing that decision. In the rebuttal, Danielle Brian of the Project on Government Oversight (POGO) wrote:

It is undeniable that the Obama administration has achieved more openness than any other recent president,” adding that “Public debate and disclosure is often healthy. But there is so much to be done to safeguard our rights and expand openness – our community just doesn’t have the luxury to waste time on distractions.”

A new investigation into the funding sources of the very NGOs who are supposed to be holding the government’s feet to the fire reveals some alternative explanations for why these organizations are so reluctant to call out the Obama administration for its egregious expansion of government secrecy.

The new series on Project on Government Oversight (POGO) and Corporate-Foundation Sugar Daddies looks further into corporate-foundations and Watch-Dogs turned Lap-Dogs. Here are the first two parts in our series:

Part I. The Tentacles of Megas: Reaching from the Government to the Emasculated Watchdogs

Part II. The Journey from Watch-Dogs to Lap-Dogs

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Part II. The Journey from Watch-Dogs to Lap-Dogs

A Classic Story of Government Watch-Dogs Turned Corporate-Foundation Lap-Dogs

moneyI am not a big fan of ‘one size fits all.’ I do not subscribe to ‘everything is either black or white.’ I usually refrain from hasty labeling and categorization based on too few facts. With that said, and with no hesitation, I am about to tell you a classic story applicable to most, if not all, multi-million dollar profitable nonprofit  watchdog organizations with mega corporate-foundation sugar daddies. It is a sad story, but more importantly, it is a highly troubling pattern successfully disguised by the corporate media and corporate-foundation backed quasi alternative media. Because without seeing this pattern, without looking at the entire picture with all the pieces in place, people tend to chase their own tails or run around like headless chickens thinking they are engaged in some kind of active citizenry. Some groups exhaust themselves by futilely targeting elected officials, whether White House or Congress. Other groups burn out chasing after corporate-run media. Other people stumble upon each other protesting and screaming about mini scandals as they pop up at a bewildering rate. It is as if the ‘real culprits’ have put out these mock targets for people to waste their time chasing, targeting, and attempting to shoot.

The real culprits, the megas, hand pick political candidates and finance their election campaigns. They own the media. They fund and control any grassroots or watchdog NGOs that exhibit the tiniest sign of success, visibility and or viability. They foresee we the people’s easily foreseeable reaction and possible restlessness or dissent, and make sure it is properly misinformed, misguided, channeled, and diverted. Thus, the small minority of active citizens continues to become exhausted, burned out, and never gets anywhere. Then, the cycle repeats itself; again, again, and again.

Okay, back to the classic story of government watch-dogs turned into lap-dogs. [Read more...]

Part I. The Tentacles of Megas: Reaching from the Government to the Emasculated Watchdogs

Who Controls Who with What

tenaclesThe mega billionaires of the mega corporations directly influence and control the mega public servants - think from presidents down to presidents’ appointees. Some aptly refer to these ‘megas’ collectively as the shadow government. The mega billionaires of the mega corporations set up mega foundations to channel, centralize and control grassroots dissent and activism in order to shield and protect their mega interests. The little watchdogs turned lapdogs and activists turned puppets run the nitty gritty errands, and do their dirty work under the pretense of activism and watchdog-ism for their mega masters while they dream of becoming mega NGOs. If we get past the illusions, all that pretense, and the entire smoke and mirrors settings, we see a mega country ruled and run by these mega elites and their errand boys making mega profits and with every passing day becoming even more mega. But that is a big ‘if.’ Because the mega tentacles of these megas have also wrapped themselves tightly around educational channels and media outlets - coercing them into producing mega lies and more illusions.

Have you had enough mega? I have. I am sick and tired of fighting megas everywhere and feeling like Don Quixote day in and day out. Whether it is elected representatives being bought out by the megas, thus mainly representing the megas, or, mini megas down the ladder in the media pumping more smoke into the atmosphere already filled with smoke and mirrors, I am sick of megas. So let’s put  megas in general aside for a while and discuss a few specific examples. Since our series deals with self-proclaimed transparency and government whistleblowers NGOs funded primarily by a handful of megas, let’s talk about these megas, their tentacles in the government and wrapped around these NGOs. Let’s talk about Project on Government Oversight (POGO) and their mega masters: Soros, Carnegie, Rockefellers and Ford.

It is one thing to have big corporations set up foundations to help with…let’s say the homeless and with setting up soup kitchens to feed the poor or maybe even funding art projects. However, it is an entirely different ball game when the corporation foundations who are heavily entrenched in high-level governmental positions start funding, thus influencing and controlling, the NGOs’ that claim to be government watchdogs. I mean come on, you have a powerful billionaire X who finances elected officials and presidents big time, who places his J, K, L, M, N men and women in the government, and turns around, funds and controls government watchdog NGOs who are supposedly watching, investigating, and reporting on that same government that is financed and managed by their master, billionaire X.

carnegieCarnegie Corporation is one of POGO’s primary donors. This mega contributed $350,000 in 2008 and $400,000 in 2010 to POGO. That’s a lot of zeros, no? Okay, at the same time, Carnegie is a major supporter of White House presidents and in return, the presidents are very grateful to Carnegie, so grateful that they like to handpick their appointees from (or maybe be given their list of appointees by) Carnegie Corporation. Let’s check out a few Carnegie-Executive Branch appointees; let’s take a look at a few Carnegie men and women in US government and other related institutions; shall we? [Read more...]

Tax-Free Corporate- Foundations: Vehicles for Transforming Vast Fortunes into Political & Social Control

Author, researcher and Global Research associate Andrew Gavin Marshall joins James Corbett to discuss the American robber barons of the 19th century and how they used tax-free foundations as a vehicle for transforming their vast fortunes into political and social control. You can listen to this highly informative interview here.

I also encourage you to check out this page at POGO and download the information. Lately information and comments posted at their site and facebook have been disappearing, and with our upcoming series it would be good to have the following list:

POGO's Foundation Contributors in FY08 Include:

Anonymous (2)
The Arca Foundation
Francis Beidler Trust
The Herb Block Foundation
Harold and Stephanie Bronson Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Cavallo Foundation Inc.
Connect US Fund of Tides Foundation
Colombe Foundation
C.S. Fund
Everett Philanthropic Fund of the New York Community Trust
The Ford Foundation
The Fund for Constitutional Government
The David B. Gold Foundation
Helfrich Family Fund
HMJS Marks Fund of The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Robert & Ardis James Foundation
The Lawrence Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
The New-Land Foundation, Inc.
Open Society Institute
Park Foundation
Pew Charitable Trusts
The Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund
Ploughshares Fund
Revenue Watch Institute
Rockefeller Family Fund
The Scherman Foundation, Inc.
William B. Wiener Jr. Foundation

A few facts and points to keep in mind:

The foundation donor information at their site is not ‘up-to-date.’ Our researchers have obtained the incredibly interesting and fairly current foundation donors information, and we’ll provide you with that data in our upcoming reports.

Please pay close attention to two ‘Anonymous’ donors listed at the top. For a self-proclaimed transparency and anti-secrecy organization it is very odd. For example, in reviewing Obama White House ties with POGO donor foundations and the ludicrous transparency award how do we include or exclude ‘anonymous’ donors and their potential conflict of or overlapping interest? You get it, right?

Remember, this is only their list of foundation donors. It does not include individual large $$$ donors and their relationship to the primary corporate- foundation donors. For example, one of their deep pockets individual donors happens to be Alida Rockefeller Messinger who is the sister of Senator Jay Rockefeller, and the daughter of John D. Rockefeller III, thus, a member of (owner of?) Rockefeller corporation funds funding the Rockefeller corporation-foundation. You see what I’m getting at, right?

Pay close attention to Soros’ Open Society Institute, Rockefeller Family Fund, Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the Ford Foundation.

Again, I highly recommend Corbett’s interview with Mr. Marshall. It will provide you with solid historical and contextual facts.

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The Centralized- Controlled Dissent & Grassroots Phenomenon

The Upcoming Corporate-Foundations & Watch-Dogs Turned Lapdogs Series

controlIn 2006 I made and announced a decision. I was not going to expand and institutionalize my National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC); we were not going to raise a single dollar from foundations, that is, corporate foundations, or wealthy donors. The price attached to doing so, the strings attached in becoming dependent on those funds and donors would have defeated the mission and objectives of NSWBC. It was a firm and absolute decision; one I’ve stuck with to date.

In April 2009, in one of my weekly round ups, I included a disturbing report showing that the antiwar movement in the US demobilized as Democrats, who had been motivated to participate by anti-Republican sentiments, withdrew from antiwar protests when the Democratic Party achieved electoral success.

Earlier this month I coauthored a petition asking five self-proclaimed transparency organizations to publicly take back their “transparency award” to Barack Obama. The release of the petition was followed by articles on Project on Government Oversight (POGO) questioning the real reason(s) and agenda behind their ludicrous and highly damaging act.

Now, what do the above facts have in common?

Well, it comes down to asking the question ‘why’ rather than multiple what’s.

In 2005-2006 I had close and intimate encounters with the convoluted and typically dirty world of corporate foundations and partisan agendas forming and ruling political government watchdog and related institutions. Last March I tried to give you a little glimpse of how these dealings, compromises (more like sell outs), and typical ‘smoke & mirrors’ creations work by providing you with one personal example out of many. You start getting a little bit of visibility as a grassroots coalition, and ‘they’ come to you dangling the carrots-the badly needed funds to do more. Initially, they don’t ask much in return; maybe a few of their guys and gals on the board of directors they want you to set up, or, a gentle request to tone down certain criticisms of a certain congressman from a certain party. All that in the initial stage.

The same phenomenon applies to funding and publicizing antiwar movements. The ones at the top, the ones with the funds, the ones with the publicity and organizational resources, are the ones that decide when atrocious illegal wars need opposing, and when equally or more atrocious wars need not. [Read more...]

Rise Up To The Occasion… It Could Very Well Have Been You!

Every Single Person, Every Voice & Every Signature Counts


Have you ever pulled over your car on a highway shoulder to be a Good Samaritan and help a driver of a broken car desperately in need of assistance? Have you done it despite the heavy traffic, and a remaining long commute to get home after an exhausting long shift at work? Do you remember thinking ‘hope someone, some day, will do the same for me or my loved one’?

Have you ever found a wallet or a cell phone, and then taken the time and effort to locate and contact the owner? Have you done it despite a hectic schedule, having a long to-do list, and in the midst of daily crisis and demands? Do you recall thinking ‘hope someday, someone, will do the same for me?’

Have you ever been before a federal court judge, with your rights being taken away one by one, your entire biographical existence being classified one after another, and during all this, your entire legal team and advisors being removed from the court room in order to make the screwing of your Constitutional rights completely secret and unobserved? I have:

A federal court in Washington yesterday took the rare step of closing an entire oral argument to the public in the case of a former FBI translator who says she was fired for complaining about security breaches. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit announced that today's 30-minute argument in the case of Sibel Edmonds, a Middle Eastern language specialist fired in 2002, will be conducted behind closed doors. The court gave no reason for its decision.

The unsettling story of whistleblower Sibel Edmonds took another twist on Thursday, as the government continued its seemingly endless machinations to shut her up. The U.S. Court of Appeals here denied pleas to open the former FBI translator's First Amendment case to the public, a day after taking the extraordinary step of ordering a secret hearing. 

I am not going to recount that incredibly awful experience as far as the butchering of our Constitution and liberties goes. Instead I want to briefly recount a minor detail with a major effect on me. [Read more...]