The EyeOpener Report- Little Brother: Hope or Hype?

Tyranny, Surveillance, Conspiracy & Resistance

We all know Big Brother; the all-seeing, all-knowing character that presides over the Orwellian surveillance society. But what about Little Brother? Is it possible to use the technology of the police state to undermine that tyranny, or is that the trap that is being set for us? Today we are joined by veteran trial lawyer and radio broadcaster Lionel of to discuss these and other issues. Don't miss this fascinating, fast-paced and in-depth discussion on tyranny, surveillance, conspiracy and resistance.

Empire, Power, and People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 72

Protesting the Cosmopolitical Corporate Order

EPPFrom the global march against Monsanto to factory workers in Bangladesh, protests against global corporations and the policies put in place by states to protect them are advancing around the world. This episode briefly identifies some of the protests and acts of resistance against the global corporate order, and looks at why this resistance must accelerate: it's only the future of the species which hangs in the balance, so better to try than to say goodbye.

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Twenty-First Century Imperialism: Militarism, Collaborators & Popular Resistance

Imperial Wars by Proxy and Domestic Decay

The configuration of 21st century imperialism combines patterns of exploitation from the past as well as new features which are essential to understanding the contemporary forms of plunder, pillage and mass impoverishment. In this paper we will highlight the relatively new forms of imperial exploitation, reflecting the rise and consolidation of an international ruling class, the centrality of military power, large scale long-term criminality as a key component of the process of capital accumulation, the centrality of domestic collaborator classes and political elites in sustaining the US – EU empire and the new forms of class and anti-imperialist struggles.

Imperialism is about political domination, economic exploitation, cultural penetration via military conquest, economic coercion, political destabilization, separatist movements and via domestic collaborators. Imperial aims, today as in the past, are about securing markets, seizing raw materials, exploiting cheap labor in order to enhance profits, accumulate capital and enlarge the scope and depth of political domination. Today the mechanisms by which global profits are enhanced have gone far beyond the exploitation of markets, resources and labor; they embrace entire nations, peoples and the public treasuries, not only of regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America but include the so-called ‘debtor countries of Europe’, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Iceland, among others. [Read more...]

The Reality Principle -Episode 9

“Rejecting Compromise, Committing to Action” Presenting David Swanson

This week Eric has the pleasure of having an in-depth conversation with blogger, author, and activist David Swanson. David and Eric discuss the mythology of the fiscal cliff and the propaganda and lies of both major parties. Additionally, they examine the delusions and self-deception of many Americans who, consciously or unconsciously, legitimize and perpetuate the status quo. Eric and David also critique American militarism and imperialism, particularly those who remain willfully ignorant as to what our "elected" leaders are doing in our name. One of the major themes of the conversation is how to organize resistance to all these forces; how to become leaders of a real movement for change that can exist outside the dominant two-party paradigm.

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Podcast Show #38

The Boiling Frogs Presents Nick Merrill

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Nick (Nicholas) Merrill joins us to recount his ‘surreal’ experience as the first American to stand up and challenge the FBI’s National Security Letters, living under FBI gag orders for the past six years, and being identified only as ‘John Doe’ in court documents. Mr. Merrill relates what made him resist the FBI order, and dicusses the unconstitutionality of these practices- government warrantless surveillance and searches, and violations of American’s liberties and privacy. He talks about the implications of the issuance of 50000 FBI national security letters per year seeking information on ordinary Americans and US businesses, our nation’s descent towards a police state, the importance of speaking out and resisting these government practices that violate our constitutional rights, our moral obligation to protect our liberties and privacy as a nation, his goals to raise public awareness on these issues, and ways to deal with them through his recently established nonprofit organization, and more!

NMerrill Nick Merrill is the founder of Calyx Internet Access and the Calyx Institute. He was the first person to file a constitutional challenge against the National Security Letters statute in the USA PATRIOT Act. After receiving a National Security Letter from the FBI, he sued the FBI and DOJ and became the plaintiff in the lawsuit Doe v. Ashcroft filed on behalf of a formerly unknown ISP owner by the ACLU against the U.S. federal government. Mr. Merrill never complied with the FBI's NSL request, and eventually - several years into the lawsuit - the FBI decided it no longer wanted the information it had demanded and dropped its demand for records. However for several years after dropping the demand, the FBI continued to prevent him from publicly speaking about the NSL, or even from being publicly identified as the recipient of the NSL. Because National Security Letters are accompanied by an open-ended, life-long gag order, Merrill was unable to be identified in court papers as the plaintiff in the case and instead was referred to as "John Doe". In 2010, after more than 6 years, Nick Merrill was partially released from his gag order and allowed to reveal his identity, although he still cannot reveal what information the FBI sought from him.

Here is our guest Nick Merrill unplugged!

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