BFP Roundtable Video- Who is Putin & Why has he let his nation become encircled by NATO

Sibel Edmonds, Pearse Redmond & Tom Secker on the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Operation Gladio B

In this second episode of the new BFP Roundtable series Pearse Redmond, Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker discuss the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Gladio B operations in Chechnya. They start with the basic facts that Putin has laid out: intercepts obtained by the FSB show that US officials in Azerbaijan were supporting and backing Chechen rebels during the early 2000’s. The panel each breaks down the interesting timing of these revelations, which come as a series of shake-ups in and around Russia have threatened Putin’s grasp on power. Is this a threat from Putin to the West or a bone to throw to the hardcore nationalists within the Russian Federation? Later they move on to the question of who Putin is as a leader and how he has managed to let his nation become completely encircled by NATO. The group then moves on to how the geopolitical chessboard has been reoriented away from ideological battles into one based on identity and media control. They finish off by looking at how Russia Today fits into this new geopolitical landscape.

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Pepe Escobar: 9/11 Excuse for NSA – Gift That Keeps on Giving

De-Manufacturing Consent-The New Media Revolution: Citizen Journalists & the Battle of Ideas

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Abby Martin

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent: Guillermo is joined by the founder and editor of Media Roots and host of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin. Guillermo and Abby discuss a wide variety of issues and news stories, focusing on the psychological and sociological effects of media in the digital age. We discuss the power of media from across the spectrum, as both a form of societal control and a revolutionary tool. We examine the "dinosaur media" and its inevitable extinction, the new wave of citizen journalism, the problems with "doom and gloom" sensationalism, and the need for true independent alternatives.

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Boston Terror: Preparing for the Police-Martial Law State

Abby Martin-Breaking the Set, RT

Video-My Interview with Top TV Journalist Abby Martin @ RT

In the Midst of Intense Pessimism - Causes for Optimistic Pauses

optimismI know lately I have said it many times, but I am going to say it again: We are surrounded by so many intense pessimism-inducing realities; perpetual wars-Iraq, Afghanistan, constant-droning of Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria and more; accelerating police state practices- NDAA, TSA, persecution of truth-tellers, censorship, secrecy and more;  intensifying public apathy … you name it. So this is one more reason to take a pause of optimism when we come across a real reason deserving of an optimistic pause. This is what I try to remind myself as often as I can. It is very hard. Sometimes it is like a clash of realism with idealism, and sometimes it feels like an act of gullible-ism. But you know what? It is real. Those moments that are deserving of some level of optimism do exist-however rare.

I used to keep my rare moments of optimistic pause all to myself. But then, I realized the selfishness of it. After all, I don’t keep all those pessimism-inducing reality factors all to myself. I come here and share them with you-share the misery. So why not share my few moments of causes of optimism? Right? Please don’t take this as a mushy, corny, or a new milder version of me. Trust me: I am NOT getting milder (despite the creeping years adding to my age).

One of the major optimism-inducing factors for me is seeing the increase in the number of outspoken irate minority members who have not given up. Not only that, they are expanding our base; they are becoming more visible. Slowly but surely they are making their voices heard by more and more people. One example: my partner James Corbett of Corbett Report. Look how far he has come. Take a look at the number of people who are regularly tuning in to his brilliant truth-telling reports. Check out the impressively increasing number of viewers for his video reports. Now that gives me a moment of optimistic pause.

Another great example is Abby Martin at RT. Not only is she brilliant, informed, articulate, and very outspoken (and beautiful), but that she is one of us: a tireless member of our irate minority circle. Whether it is the accelerating police state practices, or ever-expanding perpetual wars, or still-unanswered and unaccountable 9/11-the needed trigger for bringing about the perpetual wars and the current police state status, she has been pounding-tirelessly. Not only that: she is becoming more and more visible and audible. Now that gives me a moment of deserved optimistic pause.

In the midst of all the pessimism-inducing realities on the ground, let’s pause and enjoy a moment (however brief) of optimism. Here is my latest interview session with Abby Martin @ RT:

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William Engdahl: ‘US secretly pushing for Islamic fascist regime in Egypt’

My Brief Interview on RT- For War with Syria: Need Ignition? Let’s Just Make it Up, Cook it Up, Set it Up!

'NATO, Turkey seek pretense for attack on Syria'

Yesterday I was on RT for a brief interview on the recent developments in the long-ago-planned US war on Syria. As I mentioned during the interview, Boiling Frogs Post was one of the first news sites reporting on those long-ago-conceived and planned operations targeting Syria:

11 months ago, in November 2011 I reported on the Secret US-NATO Training and Support Camp in Turkey to Oust Syria’s Assad.

On December 11, 2011, Boiling Frogs Post broke the story on US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syrian Border.

In mid-December 2011 we had a brief analysis of Turkey’s Sudden 180 Degree Turn on Syria

In December 2011, we had a follow-up on US Government-Mainstream Media collusion in obscuring all reporting on Syria here.

And this is one of my RT interviews on Syria from last year: Click Here

Anyway, These links provide some background for what I emphasized during my interview with RT yesterday, and here is the video clip:

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War on Whistleblowers: Manning & Assange Just Test Cases

Classified Woman on RT- Interview by Abby Martin

RT Video: Steve Kohn on Sibel Edmonds’ Book & Obama’s Persecution-Prosecution of Government Whistleblowers

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Russia Today: Obama’s Record as the Worst US President against Government Whistleblowers

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Video: My RT Interview on the Arab League in Syria & More