After Operations Gladio A & B Exposures, NATO Launches Operation Gladio C!

In this twenty-seventh edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Izvestia, and Pravda. He discusses the U.S-NATO ad for the Russian language speakers to participate in NATO exercises in Germany, the U.S.-German public row over military spending increases, the potential motives for the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, the Russia-Belarus special forces and intelligence coordination against NATO Gladio C covert operations, and the Russian Communist party critique of both the Western-funded Russian opposition AND the Russian government.

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Show Notes

Rossiyskaya Gazeta – March 31, 2017

Nezavisimaya Gazeta – April 3, 2017

Izvestia – April 4, 2017

Nezavisimaya Gazeta – April 5, 2017

Pravda – April 4, 2017

‘The Real News’ vs. The Real Truth

From Omission to Non-Denial Denials

On November 5 I published a piece on David Swanson’s well-made case in an interview on voting independent, with a few deservedly strong words on ‘The Real News’ sharing common characteristics with way-too-many pseudo or semi-alternative news outlets backed by the same-alphabet-soup of foundation backers and tainted by the same-divisive & destructive-partisanship. You can watch the interview clip in question and read my commentary here.

This morning I received a rant-full and long-winded e-mail from Mr. Paul Jay- the founder and host of this not very real ‘Real News’ network- filled with lawsuit threats against me, poorly-argued points, omitted facts, non-denial denials, and a few plain old lies. Per his request and happily I just posted his e-mail response in the comment section of my commentary post here. Okay, now I want to further highlight and elaborate on my factual statements and assessment of Mr. Jay and his enterprise ironically (and uncreatively) called ‘The Real News.’ In order to do this I am going to take one point at a time, put each in context, provide real examples and parallels, and let you assess each one’s validity. [Read more...]

David Swanson on ‘Voting Independent’ & A Few Words on the Real but Unknown History of the Not So Real ‘Real News’

insanityI just finished watching an excellent interview given by David Swanson on the importance of voting independent and the futility of voting between two evils every four years. Let me qualify my qualification of the interview as “excellent”: the interviewee. David Swanson was very good, articulate, and right on with his points. That constitutes 50% of the interview. The interviewer, on the other hand, was anything but objective, was antagonistic, and a propagandist who lacked logic and the ability to articulate even a very illogical point of view.

I am going to give you the link to this interview, but before I do that I want to go on record with a few words on ‘The Real News’ - its beginning, and its founder & host Paul Jay. [Read more...]

Podcast Show #67

The Boiling Frogs Presents William Engdahl

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This is Part II of our interview series on the New World Order. For the Part I interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall click here.

William Engdahl joins us to discuss the geopolitics behind the phony US war in Afghanistan, how the real purpose of US military presence in that pivotal Central Asian country is obscured, and the crucial importance of restoration and control of the world’s largest supply of opium for the world heroin markets and heroin’s use as a geopolitical weapon against opponents, especially Russia. He talks about Washington orchestrating the Egyptian as well as other regional regime changes from Syria to Yemen to Jordan and well beyond in a process referred to as "creative destruction,” Libya’s role in Washington’s greater Middle East project, the major players in the New World Order such as the Rockefellers, Soros, Washington’s National Endowment for Democracy, the New Silk Road project and pipeline politics, and more!

FWilliamEngdahlF. William Engdahl is an American-German freelance journalist, historian, and economic researcher. He has a degree in engineering and jurisprudence from Princeton University and graduate study in comparative economics at the University of Stockholm, and has been working as an economist and free-lance journalist in New York and in Europe. Mr. Engdahl is the author of several books including A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics in the New World Order, and may be contacted through his website at

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The EyeOpener: Whistleblowers & Activists Line Up to Take Back Obama Transparency Award

Exclusive Boiling Frogs Video with James Corbett

Here is an exclusive video by James Corbett with the inaugural edition of the EyeOpener, a new weekly video series produced in conjunction with Boiling Frogs Post, on Obama’s Secret Transparency Award. This news clip is a prelude to our petition, ‘Rescind Obama’s “Transparency Award” Now!,’ co-written by Coleen Rowley and me, and signed by more than 25 high-profile government whistleblowers and over 20 organizations, which will be launched tomorrow morning. We are going to need every single one of you, your signatures, your support, and your voices to get these organizations to take back the undeserved and hypocritical award. Please watch this video. Maybe watch it again. Think about it. Get angry. Share this with everyone you know. Help up disseminate this and encourage others to watch think, get angry, and take action. We are counting on you; on us.


For further information and more background on this action campaign you can read this and this.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming petition tomorrow morning, and thank you all.

Sibel Edmonds

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More on Obama’s War Against Transparency & Whistleblowers

Is It Time for Another Award for Obama?

obamaA couple of weeks ago I wrote about Obama as the worst president when it comes to whistleblowers and transparency, and the only one to actually receive an award for it. Of course I had mixed reactions and greatly varying reception. On one hand those who value transparency and our Constitution objectively; on the other hand, those who value partisanship above all and are blinded to the realities on the ground. In my writings I had made sure I included the media’s role in giving this awful president the pass despite his solid track record in being the ‘worst’ and the group of foundation-puppies who have been secretly rewarding him for his ‘worst-ness’ in return for a couple of extra bones from their masters. I believe in being fair, well, at least I try. Salon had an excellent piece by Greenwald on Obama’s record as ‘the most awful’ when it comes to transparency and whistleblowers, and here is a well-put quote on ‘awfulness’ of those organizations presenting this ‘awful’ president with an award for simply being awful toward transparency and whistleblowers…and doing so secretly:

It is not hyperbole to say that the Obama administration is waging an all-out war against transparency and whistleblowing (and the transparency groups who obsequiously awarded Obama a transparency award [one accepted in secret] are as disgraceful as the five Norwegians who awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize as he continues to do things like this). The persecution of WikiLeaks -- for engaging in the crux of investigative journalism -- along with anyone who supports it is one particularly dangerous weapon in that war. And anyone who defies or resists that war deserves, and will need, ample public support.

Bravo to Greenwald for telling it as is and Salon for actually publishing it. I encourage you to go and read the entire article here at Salon, and while you are there thank him for speaking out on these extremely troubling issues.

Also today, I came across another article at Guardian on ‘Obama: the Worst President for Whistleblowers’ echoing my own piece from two weeks ago titled ‘When it Comes to Whistleblowers Obama Worse than Nixon & Far Worse Than Bush.’ Here are excerpts from Guardian’s article:

Barack Obama has the worst record of any US president when it comes to dealing with whistleblowers, according to the Oscar-nominated director of a documentary about the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers in the 1970s.

Judith Ehrlich, whose 2009 film The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers explored the 70s leak of US government documents on the Vietnam war, said Obama had indicted five alleged whistleblowers since taking office, making him the "worst president in terms of his record on whistleblowing".

Next week, on Monday, we are going to start a public campaign targeting Obama’s assaults on transparency, the First Amendment, and of course whistleblowers, and we, the irate minority, are going to go after those who have been encouraging and awarding this ‘worst’ president for all these assaults. On Monday we’ll have a great video clip for you on Mr. Obama’s real record and the implications of being given an award, secretly that is. On Tuesday we’ll be launching a website and a petition to address this incredibly ludicrous award, and we’ll invite all of you to join us in this petition and related campaigns. Please get ready and stay tuned!

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The Mockery Award, the Fraudulent Club & the Gullible Cheering Crowds

A Serious Assault on Transparency & Government Whistleblowers

upsidedownHave you ever tried standing on your head in order to view the world upside down? What if the world stage before you turns upside-down; will you then have to stand on your head to view it right-side up? You see, we have a fraudulent institution that has been standing on its head, and has been trying very hard to get you to either stand on your head to see what they see or simply look the other way and take their word in describing a totally upside down phenomena as right-side up. Enough for riddle-like communication; let me put it all in perspective for you, ok? I’ll start with the actors:

We have a very typical Washington DC NGO institution posing as a front. As a front, this establishment NGO front sells under the pretense of being an advocate for transparency, open government, and whistleblower protections. It gets over a million dollars in grants from guess who, the establishment-from Rockefeller to Carnegie to George Soros, to pose as a not for profit organization for government whistleblowers. And it has done very well for over two decades - evident by the same grants from the same establishment that keep flowing into it; evident by creating lots of noise while ensuring no feathers are ever ruffled during the process. The Congress loves them, and knows how to do the pretense dance with them very well. The executive branch also loves them, and views them as a predictable and reliable ally that has to sometimes pose as their foe.  More importantly, they are adored by the President who pets them and gives them a bone or two for being the good loyal pets that they are.

We have a President in the White House who indisputably has the worst record in our nation’s history when it comes to the insurers of government transparency- government whistleblowers. We have a President who loves unconstitutional secrecy and baseless-imaginary presidential executive powers to quash transparency and accountability. We have a President who has an utter disdain for First Amendment practices such as peaceful protests. Okay, let me provide you a glimpse of this President’s indisputable record on Anti-Transparency: [Read more...]