Podcast Show #114: Wikileaks Party Candidate on the Quest for Transparency, Accountability & Justice

The Boiling Frogs Show Presents Dr. Binoy Kampmark

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WikiLeaks Party candidate Dr. Binoy Kampmark joins us to discuss his candidacy for the Australian Senate, the platform and main objectives of the party in seeking transparency, accountability and justice, and the needed effort to “regain dignity” in the political experiment. Dr. Kampmark evaluates the current political landscape in Australia, the media’s reaction and attitude in response to the launching of the party thus far, Julian Assange, the challenges ahead, and much more. Do not miss this riveting episode of Boiling Frogs Post Podcast Show.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark, BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a Wikileaks Party candidate. He was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge University, where he took his PhD in History. He lectures at RMIT University and writes regularly on politics, security and international affairs. Visit Mr. Kampmark’s blog site Oz Moses here.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: What ‘Free Trade’ Actually Means

“The coming corporate tyranny of the Trans-Pacific Partnership can only be defeated through a democratic movement of Transnational People Power.”

tppTo discuss “free trade agreements” or the “free market,” we must first identify the theoretical versus the functional definitions of these terms – because theoretical definitions look at what those terms should mean, whereas functional definitions look at what the terms mean actually.

The theoretical definition of a “free market” is one in which every individual actor in the realm of exchange exists in a state of equality of opportunity; where all compete with one another to produce the best products at the cheapest prices for consumers, thus the most innovative and efficient producers succeed while others fail, unregulated – and unhelped – by the state. Within “free markets,” what we call “free trade agreements” are meant to reduce barriers such as tariffs, subsidies and regulations so that market “competitors” can freely move products and goods across borders and compete in an ever-expanding global “free market.”

The functional, or technical, definition of a “free market” is one in which the state regulates the market – the realm of economic exchange and activity – for the benefit of large transnational corporations and banks. [Read more...]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: This is What Corporate Governance Looks Like

A Transnational Corporate Coup over the Democratic Process & Public Accountability

transnationalIn 2008, the United States Trade Representative Susan Schwab announced the U.S. entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks as “a pathway to broader Asia-Pacific regional economic integration.” Originating in 2005 as a “Strategic Economic Partnership” between a few select Pacific countries, the TPP has, as of October 2012, expanded to include 11 nations in total: the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia, with the possibility of several more joining in the future.

What makes the TPP unique is not simply the fact that it may be the largest “free trade agreement” ever negotiated, nor even the fact that only two of its roughly 26 articles actually deal with “trade,” but that it is also the most secretive trade negotiations in history, with no public oversight, input, or consultations. [Read more...]

The Rubber Stamping Crooked Judges of the FISA Court

rubber stampI would like you to consider the following hypothetical case: There is a court in X county of Y state with eleven judges. During the past one year 1500 cases of various big corporations vs. the people have been brought before these judges. In every single case, the judges have ruled pro corporation. In every single case. 1500 rulings favoring corporations. 1500 orders against the people. Wouldn’t you expect to see a major uproar and media coverage in this hypothetical case? Wouldn’t you expect that the judges and their lives would become intensely scrutinized? Wouldn’t you suspect some sort of bribery and or extortion in play here?

Now I want you to consider a real-life case. The place- The United States of America. The court- United States Foreign Surveillance Court. The parties- US Federal Government vs. Secret Foreign Targets inside the Unites States. The purpose- for independent and judicial judges to oversee government requests for surveillance warrants, and after carefully reviewing the requests and shown causes, make decisions to grant or not to grant warrants. Last year, in 2010, the federal police agencies brought before these FISA judges 1506 such warrant requests. Last year, in 2010, the FISA Court, every single judge in the FISA Court, eleven out of eleven judges of the FISA Court, granted every single warrant requested of them by our federal police agencies. All 1506 of them. Every single request: [Read more...]

Podcast Show #42

The Boiling Frogs Presents Dr. Aland Mizell

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Dr. Aland Mizell joins us to discuss the controversial Turkish Imam Fethullah Gulen and his rapidly expanding cult globally and here in the United States. He provides us with a rarely discussed biography of Gulen and his movement, the cult’s objective of reviving the Ottoman Empire’s glory and Gulen Missionaries expansion into Central Asia and further around the world. He talks about Imam Gulen’s charter school empire in the United States, operated under absolute secrecy, the Turkish Missionaries’ Lobbyists targeting US federal and state governments, Gulen’s CIA connections and historical joint operations, the connection between Gülen and the Unification church- aka the Moon-cult, the oath of secrecy taken by all Gulen cult members, and more. Also, in the second half of our show we are joined by Bill Thacket, a parent of one of Gulen Charter Schools' former students.

mizell Aland Mizell earned his master's degrees in political science and public administration and a doctorate in political science with an emphasis on politics and religion. Having lived and worked at an educational institution in Central Asia for nearly a decade he brings experiential evidence to his studies and initiatives. He reads and speaks several languages, adding to the breadth of his three-decades of research on Islam with a focus on the Gulen movement. He is the founder of Minority Care International (MCI), a nongovernmental organization with the mission of assisting deprived minorities, and serves as its president and CEO. Dr. Mizell is a frequent contributor to Kurdish Media, speaking on behalf of the Kurds, as well as presenting to the Kurdish American Youth Organization on the importance of education. For select samples of Dr. Mizell’s articles click here, here, and here.

Here is our guest Dr. Aland Mizell unplugged!

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