The EyeOpener Report- Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B, Xinjiang Operations, Paris Shooting & Much More

Sibel Edmonds joins us today to discuss a range of issues, from terror operations in Xinjiang to Gladio B in Belgium and her reaction to the Paris shooting. We also talk about pseudo-alternative media, George Soros, and her new podcast, Probable Cause, and what she is hoping to accomplish with it.

Delving into State Secrets: James Corbett Interviews ‘Me’

‘US-NATO-Chechen Militia Joint Operations Base’

Here is an exclusive interview I gave to James Corbett on my recent article, “US-NATO-Chechen Militia Joint Operations Base.” We discuss the American financing, funding and protection of Islamic terrorists in Central Asia, the history of Turkish links with the CIA, the heart of my whistleblower story and the State Secrets Privilege, and the real endgame for the competing world powers in the Caucasus.

You can listen to the interview here at Corbett Report.

As you know I am a big fan of my partner James Corbett and his brilliant work. If you are not familiar with him check out his website here for great podcast interviews, video reports and analyses. He now has an extensive collection of his interviews available on DVDs, and you can check them out and purchase them here.

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