BFP Roundtable Video- Who is Putin & Why has he let his nation become encircled by NATO

Sibel Edmonds, Pearse Redmond & Tom Secker on the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Operation Gladio B

In this second episode of the new BFP Roundtable series Pearse Redmond, Sibel Edmonds and Tom Secker discuss the recent “revelation” from Putin regarding Gladio B operations in Chechnya. They start with the basic facts that Putin has laid out: intercepts obtained by the FSB show that US officials in Azerbaijan were supporting and backing Chechen rebels during the early 2000’s. The panel each breaks down the interesting timing of these revelations, which come as a series of shake-ups in and around Russia have threatened Putin’s grasp on power. Is this a threat from Putin to the West or a bone to throw to the hardcore nationalists within the Russian Federation? Later they move on to the question of who Putin is as a leader and how he has managed to let his nation become completely encircled by NATO. The group then moves on to how the geopolitical chessboard has been reoriented away from ideological battles into one based on identity and media control. They finish off by looking at how Russia Today fits into this new geopolitical landscape.

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US Government’s Soft Spot for World Leaders with Hidden Treasure Boxes

Your Secrets Are Safe with Us Until …

In May 2013 I wrote an article on USA-Installed global puppets listing their common characteristics and their similar treatment by their master pre and post installment, including their period of exile: Kyrgyzstan’s Maksim Bakiyev: Long Live Washington’s Exiled Kings! My lengthy commentary included three real-life examples: Pakistan’s Bhutto, Kyrgyzstan’s Bakiyev and Turkey’s Ciller.

The fugitive Bakiyev’s case involved corruption, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and more. However, a U.S. criminal securities fraud case against him was dismissed mysteriously- without explanation. The man (and his $300+ million embezzled dollars) has been living quite happily in the UK. In my article I cited a very similar example involving Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Bhutto and her husband, with a net worth of nearly $2 billion nicely stashed and protected in Swiss and British banks. My list of examples also included the former Prime Minister of Turkey, Tansu Ciller, and her fugitive banker husband, and of course, millions of embezzled dollars protected in master nations.

Now, why am I revisiting this topic and my year-old article? Well, for several reasons:

First, it is to emphasize our empire-building nation’s consistency- We love installing puppets with a long list of criminal and corrupt qualifications. We do. Always have, and always will. It is a foremost required qualification for their candidacy.

Secondly, the cases in that article somewhat relate to the latest headline news being circulated by our loyal pro-empire media: US to Target Putin's Personal $40 Billion Stash

…as The Times of London reports, perhaps the US has found a crucial pain point for Putin - a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

The Times of London reported Friday that the U.S. was preparing a sanctions regime that would target Putin's personal wealth, which includes a reported $40 billion stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

You see, I was wondering when the US was going to play ‘that’ card. Of course, it was not news to me. In fact, I’ve known about the card since 2002. Let me present to you a brief segment from our latest BFP Round Table episode which was filmed nine days before this supposed earth-shattering headline news:

Of course my information was limited to what I had gathered in early 2002, when Putin’s wealth stashed in Cypriot Banks was estimated at around $300-$500 million. Nonetheless, I knew that they had the card, and I was wondering when they were going to play it.

While working for the FBI I quickly found out one of the game rules that all FBI analysts, agents and language specialists who deal with counterintelligence (Monitoring of Foreign Operations & Communications) inevitably learn: The FBI subserviently has to share all pertinent counterintelligence findings with the US State Department (thus, the CIA) and the White House Security Council. They have to. They are forced to. And they do. It is a one way game, because the State Department (read that: the CIA) does not share any intelligence pertinent to any FBI investigation or operation. They never did.

Now, back to our topic: gathering juicy and usable information for our empire-building nation. We know about the NSA snooping on world leaders. Finding out about intelligence and diplomatic apparatus is one reason for these snooping operations. Another major reason is pure & simple: personal dirt for blackmail purposes, when and if the need arises. Does the French Prime Minister enjoy little boys? If so, wonderful. Let’s put that in our basket, and the next time the man dares opposing something during a United Nation’s vote we’ll bring it down upon him like a ton of bricks. Does China’s Secretary of Commerce have a nice stash in Canada? Great, we’ll certainly use that during our next round of negotiations.

It is very simple, and equally applicable to dirt collected via FBI’s counterintelligence operations. We collected dirt on many world leaders and dignitaries. For the FBI’s purposes they were useless and worthless. On the other hand, some of the garbage info we collected were greatly valued and appreciated by those above the FBI: The State Department and the CIA. The movers and shakers of our empire-building apparatus have a very soft spot for dirt like that. Dirt like that can be used dirtily and strategically. Sometimes to place soft pressure. Other times to destroy and bring down an entire administration or world leader.

So which one is the objective in this recent headline news on Vladimir Putin of Russia so very strategically timed? My guess: It is to give a little nudge - soft pressure. The details and documentation are missing, thus making it mild pressure signaling what may follow if … Also, the information is intentionally incomplete, with no mention of a mother-load treasure chest in Cypriot Banks. Our empire-building establishment actually likes Putin. They wouldn’t want to see him brought down by some real nationalists in Russia. Better to have a dog they know and are used to than an unpredictable one they don’t know much about. And they know how far just this little soft signal can go to relay the intended message: Imagine what the real exposé would do to you?The ultra-nationalist communists would have a field day with that, wouldn’t they?

The next few days are going to be very interesting. What will Putin’s response be, if any? My guess, the empire’s strategy will be: not much follow up after this initial headline creating tidbit if the message/signal is received and acknowledged. After all, the purpose is soft pressure. But then again, I could be wrong. The world, even though to a certain extent predictable, still remains largely unpredictable and full of surprises. Wouldn’t you say so?


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Sibel Edmonds is the Publisher & Editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the Memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman's Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy” Ms. Edmonds has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.

Could Russia Turn Snowden into a Bargaining Chip?

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