Podcast Show #80

The Boiling Frogs Presents William Bowles William Bowles joins us to discuss the latest on Syria, the massive propaganda campaign that has been unleashed on the Western public, and the real motives behind a rapacious imperial power in supporting, encouraging and arming groups like the FSA and the Syrian National Council to wage war on […]

Syria: Responsibility to Protect or justifying the Right to Project Power?

The Real motives behind a Rapacious Imperial Power’s Real Objectives By William Bowles Frankly, it’s not easy defending the Ba’ath regime in Syria, after all not so long ago the Communist Party in Syria and other left groups were suppressed by the ruling Ba’ath Party, its members thrown in jail and even killed[1]. But I […]

Syria: One Country, Two Stories

‘Human Rights’ for the West is a Malleable Notion! By William Bowles The battle that has been raging in the southern Syrian city of Homs and that now seems to have been resolved with a ‘win’ for the government, though it would seem at a terrible cost in lives, is now the subject of a […]

Impotence in the Face of Impunity?

The Phenomenon of the ‘Red Tops’ By William Bowles A fellow writer tells me that she feels overwhelmed by events and I feel the same way. An awful sense of déjà  vu that we have as much chance of stopping the march to total war as they had in the 1930s. Except that this time […]